13-18-Month-Old Kitten: What to Expect


As your cat goes through adolescence and comes into her adult personality, you might notice some behavior changes. A kitten that was a cuddler might become more aloof, while a kitten that spent more time peering out the window than bothering with you may become your new lap warmer. This is completely normal and your cat’s behavior will continue to morph as she matures.

As your pet approaches his second year, keep a close eye on his size and if he begins to look like he swallowed a football, talk to your vet about a diet and nutrition plan that will help bring him back to a healthy weight.

Here’s what you should be thinking about with a 13-18-month-old kitten:

┬╗ What to Expect From the Next Few Years of Your Cat’s Life
Like humans, cats continue growing and changing throughout their lives. As your cat goes through her adolescence and comes into her adult personality, you may notice some behavior changes. Your cat reaches her social maturity at around 2 years of age. Here are some things to expect »

┬╗ How to Introduce a New Cat to Your Resident Feline
How you handle the introduction of a new cat can make or break the relationship the two cats you have, so it’s crucial that you plan and execute the introduction in a way that keeps the tension as low as possible. Here are some steps for a smooth introduction┬á┬╗

┬╗ How to Cure a Clingy Kitty
So, you’ve got one of those “velcro cats” and you never get a moment alone in her company. Even when you’re in the bathroom, you may see that pair of beautiful golden eyes staring at you while you brush your teeth or use the toilet. Of course you love your cat and you enjoy spending time with her, but you’d like a moment of privacy once in a while, too. Here’s how to cure your clingy kitty┬á┬╗

┬╗ Five Tips for Taking Good Photos of Your Cat
Cats are notoriously difficult photo subjects. An action shot of a cat usually reveals nothing more than a blur. A portrait can result in the infamous “laser eyes” phenomenon. And when you’ve got the camera out, half the time they simply refuse to even look in your direction. But you can take good photos of your cat with a little planning and patience. Here are some tips to help┬á┬╗

┬╗ How to Introduce a Dog to Your Cat
Despite what you may believe, cats and dogs can and do get along. Dogs are pack animals and will usually adjust well to life with a cat. Some cats who can’t tolerate other cats may do better with a dog. Here’s what to consider before bringing a dog home┬á┬╗

┬╗ How to Give Your Cat a Massage
Massage has the same beneficial effects for cats as it does for humans: It brings relaxation, lowers blood pressure, and releases brain chemicals that result in a positive state of mind. Massage can also help you get to know your cat’s body so that you will notice quickly if any strange lumps and bumps develop. Learn how to give your pet a massage┬á┬╗

┬╗ Four Tips for Humans on Good Feline Etiquette
Cats have boundaries and expectations for interaction. This may seem like a no-brainer, but few people seem to understand that there is a right way and a wrong way to introduce oneself to a cat. If you approach a cat with good manners, your relationship will be off to an excellent start. See our short primer on kitty etiquette »

┬╗ A Primer on Feline Leukemia
The feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is responsible for more cat diseases than any other bacteria, virus, parasite, or fungus. FeLV suppresses the immune system and makes the cat susceptible to a broad array of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. About a third of cats infected will develop virus-related cancers. Get some fast facts about FeLV »

┬╗ Cat-speak Dictionary: Scent Marking
Scent marking is a vital part of feline communication. It helps to define territory and serves as a way for cats to introduce themselves to one another. Learn about the three basic types of scent marking »

┬╗ How to Introduce New Human Family Members
From your cat’s point of view, the introduction of a new person — whether it’s a housemate or a romantic partner — is truly alarming. This new person is intruding on his territory and taking over his space. Furniture that was his may be off-limits now, and he may be getting less attention with the addition of your new housemate. Take these steps to make this transition easier┬á┬╗

┬╗ Five Reasons to Keep Your Cat Indoors
Many people think it’s natural to let their cats go outdoors. Unfortunately, an indoor-outdoor cat’s lifespan is on average several years shorter than that of an indoor-only cat. Here are five very important reasons to keep your cat indoors┬á┬╗

┬╗ Fresh Air Without Danger: A Guide to Outdoor Enclosures
If in spite of all you’ve heard about the dangers of outdoor life you still want to let your cat enjoy fresh air and sunshine, consider buying or building an outdoor enclosure. A properly constructed enclosure will allow your cat the benefits of outdoor excursions without the risk of disease, injury, predators, or getting lost. Learn how to introduce your cat to the great outdoors┬á┬╗

┬╗ Fresh Air Without Danger: A Guide to Outdoor Enclosures
If building a cat enclosure is too much for you to handle, but you still want your cat to have a taste of outdoor life, try training her to walk on a leash. Here’s how to train your cat to walk on a leash┬á┬╗

┬╗ Tips for Moving House with Your Cat
Cats like familiarity and routine, and they get very stressed about disruptions to that routine. Moving house is stressful for people, but it’s even more so for your cat. Here are some ways to keep your cat safe and help her adjust to a move┬á┬╗

┬╗ How to Teach Your Cat to Use the Toilet
Toilet training a cat is a step-by-step process consisting of making small changes to the location of the litter box and only continuing to the next step when your cat is totally comfortable with its current situation. See our toilet training tips for cats »

┬╗ How to Retrain a Fabric-Eating Cat
Some cats have a habit of eating or sucking on fabrics. This may seem cute at first, but after your kitty has turned your favorite sweater into Swiss cheese, you probably won’t be so happy about it. Fabric eating can also cause potentially life-threatening health problems like gut obstructions, so you’ll want to get your cat out of the habit as quickly as possible. Here’s how to do it┬á┬╗

┬╗ How to Build a Good Relationship between Cats and Kids
One of the scariest sights your cat may encounter is a small child running down the hall in her direction yelling “Kitty! Kitty!” with his little fingers outstretched to grab a fistful of fur. In order to keep your cat, and your children, from being traumatized by their first encounter, you need to take some important steps. Here’s how to get started┬á┬╗

┬╗ What to Do If Your Cat Gets Lost
One of the most terrifying things a cat caretaker can experience is the realization that their cat is missing. First and foremost, stay calm. Here’s what to do if you ever find yourself in this situation┬á┬╗

┬╗ Preparations You Must Make Before Taking Your Cat Abroad
Even traveling within the country with your cat is pretty complicated. But if you add in the details you need to take care of when traveling abroad, the whole idea can seem pretty daunting. Here are some things you need to do before traveling internationally with your cat »

┬╗ A Primer on Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is a disease that attacks a cat’s immune system and lowers a cat’s resistance to bacterial, fungal, viral, or parasite infections. The feline immunodeficiency virus is similar to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), but both viruses are species-specific: humans can’t catch FIV and cats can’t catch HIV. Read this primer on FIV┬á┬╗

┬╗ A Guide to the Feline Sleep Cycle
Every cat from the smallest house-moggie to the mightiest lion sleeps most of the day. In fact, cats spend about 85 percent of their time sleeping or resting. Forty percent of a cat’s day is spent in regular sleep, 15 percent in deep, or REM, sleep, and 30 percent resting or sitting. Read about the three different kinds of cat sleep┬á┬╗

┬╗ How to Help a Fat Cat Lose Weight
Vets estimate that 40 percent of cats are obese. Many people think fat cats are cute, but obesity is just as dangerous for cats as it is for humans. Excess weight contributes to arthritis and heart problems, and leads to a fourfold increase in the chance of developing type 2 diabetes. Here are some general tips for helping your cat lose weight »

┬╗ Allergic to Cats? How to Keep Your Cat and Your Health
About 15 percent of people in the US are allergic to cats. If you find yourself involved in a relationship with one of these people, or if one of your children is allergic, you may find you have to make some very difficult choices. But rest assured, you don’t necessarily have to give up your cat even if someone in your home is allergic. Read about how to keep your cat and your health┬á┬╗

┬╗ Seven Fantastic Feline Fiction Finds
If you’re looking for a story with a feline hero, we have some great works of fiction to add to your reading list. Here’s a list of some great fiction┬á┬╗

┬╗ Nine Signs of Grief in Cats
For a long time, people believed that cats were loners who didn’t need any other creatures in their lives. While some cats may be content living a solitary life, others form deep and lasting attachments to other cats and people. When a cat loses a friend, he can go through a grieving process just as real as any human’s. Just as people have different ways of showing their grief, so do cats. Here’s how you can tell a cat is grieving┬á┬╗

┬╗ Cat History: The Origin of the Species
Cats have been involved with human society for almost 4,000 years. But the history of the cat goes back much farther than that. The earliest known feline, Proailurus (“early cat”), a bobcat-sized creature that weighed about 20 pounds, roamed Eurasia and Africa more than 34 million years ago. Read more about the origin of the cat┬á┬╗

┬╗ Remember Your Cat in Your Will
Few people want to think about when they’re going to die. But if you have a cat, it’s really important to have a plan in place for taking care of your cat should you be unable to do so. Here are some things to consider┬á┬╗

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