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Cat-tastic | Holiday Gift Guide


Kitty Twist'R

kitty twist’r cat litter disposal system

Kitty TWIST’R® OUTSMARTS ODORS™ in 4 ways: self-sealing lid isolates dirty litter, activated charcoal absorbs odors, patented twist technology™ seals in odors, and a 7-Layer Bag traps odor molecules. Each bag is easily lifted out the top and thrown away when full. Cat lovers can now breathe easier. Kitty TWIST’R® Refill Bags and Charcoal Sachets sold separately.

Cat lovers favorites since 1986

Make them purr with a gift selected from dozens of exclusive, fanciful feline designs, created by cat loving artists. You’ll find an amazing range of styles with sizes (up to 3X). ships all orders super fast! Complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Pure Bites

PureBites® Cat Treats

Go ahead, turn the bag around and look at our Ingredients! PureBites® RAW Freeze Dried Salmon Cat Treats are made with only 1 Ingredient. 100% Pure Human Grade Wild-Caught Sockeye Salmon Made in the USA. Available online and at Pet Specialty Retailers Nationwide. Suggested Retail Price: $4.99

Vetericyn Plus

Total Cat Facial Care

Vetericyn Plus® Feline Antimicrobial Facial Therapy helps jumpstart healing and prevent infection in cat acne, cuts, & mouth sores. Use it to remove irritants and clean discharge in and around eyes and nose, reduce inflammation, and soothe the itch & irritation associated with allergies.


Armarkat Classic Cat Tree, Model A7204

A hanging tunnel, basket, and hammock are combined in this slender yet tall (72″) cat tree. Covered in silky beige faux fur, it’s easy to assemble with tools and step-by-step instructions included. Holds 60 lbs., or 3-4 happy kitties. Your purr-fect holiday cat gift! Go to and enter comp20 for discount.

Nationwide for Cats

Protect your suburban cat with Nationwide

Nationwide offers a variety of pet health insurance plans for every pet and every budget, starting at just $35/month. It’s coverage for pet people by pet people.

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iKuddle Auto-Pack Litter Box

No more scooping. With a tap of button, iKuddle cleans itself, packs the waste for you, and eliminates odors.

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America’s Best Corn Cob Cat Litter by Vetbasis is clumping and scoopable, excellent odor control, great for multiple cats, made in USA. Now available on Chewy.  Look for super specials during Cyber Week at  Try some today!

Viagen Pets

during this season of hope and joy

Provide Joy To The Cat Lover In Your Life This Holiday Season With The Gift of Genetic Preservation.

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upgrade your cat litter

PrettyLitter is the revolutionary health-monitoring kitty litter that changes color to alert you of potential illness before you might even notice symptoms. Ultra-lightweight with unparalleled odor control. Shipped hassle-free to your door every month.

Modern 3 Tier Cat Stack

Innovative Modern 3 Tier Cat Stack

Stackable, nestable, moveable and storable. Carpeted stack is easy to assemble and disassemble with unique connection corners. People love Happystack® for the style, cats love to climb, sleep, scratch and play in their personal refuge. Enter Code “HS10” for 10% off Holiday special.

Sleepy Pod


A Familiar Space Makes Travel Less Stressful: The Sleepypod transforms from a pet bed to a carrier and even a crash-tested car seat. It helps reduce travel anxiety because a pet is always traveling in its everyday bed.

Dr. Elsey's Cat Food

feed protein, not plants

At Dr. Elsey’s, we know the right diet goes a long way, that’s why we created cleanprotein™— inspired by the protein levels found in your cat’s natural prey. Available in Chicken and Salmon Kibble and 9 canned varieties.

Feeder Connect

Personalized feeding for happy pets

Integrated scales let you accurately weigh each food serving, plus used with the Sure Petcare app, monitor how much your pet eats and identify changes in feeding behaviour, which may indicate a change in your pet’s health. The Microchip Pet Feeder Connect works with your pet’s existing microchip, to prevent other pets stealing food.

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A flower bed…literally! Prevue Pet Products Flower Power comes with two plush dangling toys, a jumping/lounging platform and plenty of scratching posts topped with an incredibly luxurious flower bed.

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The revolutionary AquaPurr is the only cat fountain you never clean! By flowing water from your faucet there’s no need for filters. Your cat triggers the sensor for fresh, cool water from the AquaPurr spigot anytime they want it. Use promo code 9CS1 for $20 off. Ends 1/31/2019

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Everything for the Cat Lover!

If your looking for that PURRfect gift for the holidays, visit where you will find fun and exciting products for all the cat lovers in your life.

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Purr Doobie- a Catnip Joint Plush Doll

Fun chew toy for cats, full of catnip and cotton. Animal friendly design with safety in mind. Made with non toxic fabric, no strings and no loose parts. Excellent gift for a favorite and deserving cat!

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New Bengal Tiger Kit-Cat Klock®

Kit-Cat Klocks® have been USA Made since 1932 by the original company. Kit-Cats continue to spread smiles with their famous wagging tails and rolling eyes. The new Bengal Tiger Kit-Cat is ready for adoption.

Doyen World

“Happy Play, Charming Display!”

DôyenCat FunBox is a modern twist on traditional cat scratchers by combining the iconic DôyenCat shape with fun, whimsical, décor inspired designs and stand-in cardboard cutout to elevate to the next level of Instagram fames.

Animal Biome

A Healthy Gut Can Change Your Cat’s Life

Give your cat the gift of health with a KittyBiome Gut Health Test. Receive personalized dietary & nutritional recommendations based on the bacterial composition of your cat’s microbiome. A useful tool to help guide your cat’s everyday digestive health! Use code CATSTER19 at checkout for 15% Off.

Heirloom Toy

An heirloom toy!

The award-winning wheelyMOUSE is a fun, entertaining way to encourage gross motor skills and foster unplugged play and it makes a GREAT GIFT! Parents and Grandparents loving seeing kids riding the wheelyMOUSE.

Meowtel The #1 Cat Sitting App is the #1 cat sitting app that connects busy cat parents with trusted and insured cat sitters. Let us bring the purrfect hospitality to you this holiday season! Use code CATSTER15 for $15 off your first reservation.


basepaws cat dna test

With Basepaws DNA test you can learn about your cat’s health, traits and breed. It is designed to complement your cat’s healthcare.







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