Toxoplasmosis: The Good, the Bad, and the Dog Poop


Hello my LunAddicts! Right now I’m on vacation with my family and I wanted to tell you about the famous TOXOPLASMOSIS. Five years ago when my momma brought me home and the FURST thing grandma told my momma was “OMG cats carry a disease that make you abort babies!” So here we are five years later my momma is pregnant and healthy. I think is my duty to inFURm you about what is true and what is a Total Dog Poop.

The truth is that we can carry the parasite Toxoplasma gondii and we get it by hunting stuffs that are infected or if we are in contact with another infected cat (the parasite is in our poop). So if your furchild got tested as kitten and she doesn’t hunt and is always indoors, the chance of her getting infected are very very VERY slim.

The bad news is if a pregnant woman gets infected, it can result in cysts in the fetus’ brain, and can lead to developmental abnormalities, miscarriage or stillbirth. Pretty serious stuff!

The TOTAL Dog Poop parts about Toxoplasmosis are the following:

1. It is TOTAL Dog Poop that you can’t keep your furchild while pregnant

OR if you want to get pregnant! Last time I checked we don’t have that kind of power, or you don’t think I would it use it fur keep my momma child-purrsons free?

2. Petting or living with your cat won’t make you sick!

Unless you are into eating cat poop!

3. Is TOTAL Dog Poop that purrsons are more susceptible to get infected by living with us

The truth is that most purrsons get infected by eating raw meat, doing gardening and fur lack of good hygiene.

4. Is Dog Poop that if we get infected we will be infected FURever

Actually you can find the nasty parasite only for seven to 21 days after getting infected; PLUS the parasite in the poop only can get transmitted to purrsons after 48 to 72 hours! Conclusion: If you clean the kitty box every day, you CAN’T get infected! Even if you kitty have the nasty parasite, also after three weeks we are toxo clean again.

5. And is a TOTAL Dog Poop that Toxoplasmosis make a woman sterile

Be too overweight or super skinny, ovulation purrblems, tubal blockage, pelvic inflammatory disease, age-related factors, endometriosis, etc. can make you sterile but NOT TOXOPLASMOSIS!

The EVIDENCE speak fur itself and as you can see the probability to get infected by Toxoplasmosis is the same fur the purrsons that don’t have kitties as furchilds. So next time somebody tell you a ignorant comment about this topic, send them to this article. Actually to leave your furkid while pregnant could result in depression FUR REALS, I know my momma would because I’m her baby and also everyPAWdy knows that we reduce stress! Our purr is healing and magical!

Thanks everypawdy fur read my column and share it. As always remember to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and furriend me here in Caster! Fur help me find homes fur Purrsians cats please visit my website. Have a great weekend and don’t FURget to always Dress Fur Impress!

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