Top 10 Feline Fashion Trends of 2015


It seems as though cat-themed fashions are more prevalent this year than ever before, which says a lot about how popular cats have become. The thing I’m most excited about is that these feline-focused fashion statements go far beyond just cute and kitschy T-shirts. You can show your love of cats by wearing all kinds of clothing and accessories that are stylish and sophisticated. It’s easy to add just a touch of kitty-worship to your wardrobe, or go all out and let the world know that you love cats! I’ve rounded up my favorite feline fashion trends of 2015, arranged here from head to toe.


1. Cat ear headbands

Cat ear headbands are a new fashion accessory that I’m starting to see everywhere, and I love them! Many are very subtle and some are extremely elegant. Look for styles ranging from simple wire frames to delicate lace, fuzzy faux fur, and even totally blinged out. Wear them for a casual get together with friends or for a dressy evening out. The best part — one size fits all!

Above, left to right: Elegant Gold and Crystal Cat Ear Headband from Magical Making Studio, $14.20; Sexy Black Lace Cat Ear Headband from Love at First Blush, $35; and Glitter Cat Ear Headband available in 30 different colors from Fae London, $15.78.


2. Cat eye glasses

I’ve been in search of the perfect pair of cat eye glasses to add to my eyewear wardrobe, and there are so many to choose from! This vintage-inspired eyeglass frame style will never go out of fashion! If you don’t need glasses, you can always get them with clear lenses just to make a fashion statement, or you can have your prescription lenses added; of course, they make great sunglasses, too!

Above: Super Cat Eye Fashion Frames from Amazon, $4.50.


3. Cat scarves

Long, flowing scarves make the perfect fashion accessory. You can wear them with jeans or a little black dress. I always grab one of my cat scarves when I’m going out just in case it gets chilly. Look for stylish cat designs and, of course, feline animal prints!

Above, left to right: Cat Print Scarf, available from Triple T Studios, $9.99; and Leopard print wrap shawl from Amazon, $12.99.


4. Cat jewelry

Every day I find more and more sleek and stylish cat jewelry, and I want it all! And we’re not talking about cutesy little girl jewelry, no way! These pieces are hip and modern, designed for today’s cat lady. (See more of my cat jewelry finds here.)

Above, clockwise from left: Sterling Silver Tribal Cat Head Pendant designed by Dazzling Paws Jewelry and available from Hauspanther for $32; Cat Paw Ring from Triple T Studios, $24.99; and Outlaw Kitty Stainless Steel Earrings from Watto Distinctive Metal Wear, $20.


5. Cat dresses

Some of my favorite fashion finds are in the cat dress category, especially in the rockabilly and pin-up fashion arena. Looking to really make a statement? Check out the adorable selection of cat-print dresses available.

Above, left to right: Katnis dress from Voodoo Vixen, $112; Simone dress from Heart of Haute, $156; and Choupette dress also from Voodoo Vixen, $67.


6. Cat-themed temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are all the rage, and you can find tons of cool kitty-themed artwork in a variety of styles. They’re very easy to apply and most last three to five days.

Above, clockwise from top left: Hand-drawn cat illustration temporary tattoos from Hello Harriet, $17 for a set of 7; Cat Lady temporary tattoo from Tattoorary, $6; Tribal Cat Face temporary tattoo from Cattoo Design, $5 for 2; and Red Yarn temporary tattoo designed by Gemma Correll for Tattly, $5 for 2.


7. Cat nail decals

Nail decals are just as fun and easy to wear as temporary tattoos, and if you add a clear topcoat they’ll last even longer. They come in lots of different styles, from illustrations to photos and small graphics to full-nail wraps. You can go wild with these because they’re quite inexpensive!

Above, clockwise from top left: Cat face nail wraps from Js Utopia, $7 for a set of 10 decals; Black Cat nail decals from North of Salem, $4.99 for 56 decals; Cute kitty face nail decals from Azzai, $2.99 for 21 decals; and Green-eyed peeking cat nail decals from Marzia Forever, $4.90 for 40 decals or $5.90 for 60.


8. Cat stockings and leggings

Cat-themed leg wear is showing up everywhere, it seems. Look out for sheer stockings or tights with cute kitty designs as well as leggings with prints that range from subtle to outrageous.

Above, left to right: Black Cat Pantyhose, $2.64; Crazy Cat Art Print Leggings, $12.99; Tattoo-like Cat Face Print Nude Pantyhose, $4.19; and Hipster Cat Leggings, $11.90.


9. Cat socks

To keep your tootsies warm, don’t forget the cat socks. There are endless styles of cat socks from knee socks to crew socks to anklets. (Check out my extensive cat sock round-up here.)

Above: Cat’s Meow Striped Socks from Triple T Studios, $6.99.


10. Cat shoes

And finally, finish off your outfit with the perfect pair of cat shoes! Creepers, boots, heels, flats, and Mary Janes, there’s something for everyone!

Above, top row left to right: Floral Kitty Sneaker Boot, $59.97; Mondo Kitty Cat Creepers, $90; Striped Kitty Heel, $48.97. Bottom row, left to right: Galaxy Kitty Flats, $65; Black & White Kitty Mary Janes, $70; Many Kitties Mary Janes, $80. All from T.U.K.

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About the author: Kate Benjamin is the founder of the popular cat style blog She specializes in helping people live stylishly with cats. You may have seen her on Jackson Galaxy’s show My Cat From Hell. Make sure to check out Kate and Jackson’s book, Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!) and look for their new book, Catify to Satisfy: Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat-friendly Home, coming soon!

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