Stylish Cat Socks to Keep Your Feet Toasty This Winter


My sock drawer has been looking a little drab lately. It’s time to replace the basic black and white with something that’s got more pizazz! Socks are such a fun accessory — you can show them off, making them the focus of your whole outfit, or you can wear them as a little secret that shows only when you cross your legs. And cute socks always make a great gift, because generally one size fits all.

I took a look around for some fun cat-themed socks to add to my wardrobe and I was blown away by the options! I found cute cat socks, and cool cat socks, and crazy ones, too. I just may need to expand into another sock drawer after I do a little shopping! Check out what I found:

Knee socks are a favorite of mine. They’re fun to wear with boots, showing off just a little at the top, or put them with a short skirt and some flats to make a bold fashion statement. Here are some stylish knee-high options you may want to add to your leg ware collection:

  1. Grey, Black & Yellow Knee High Cat Socks from Sock It To Me, $10 a pair
  2. Cameow Cat Knee High Socks from Sock It To Me, $11 a pair
  3. Pink & Black Cat Striped Knee Socks from ModSock, $10 a pair
  4. Le Chat Noir Knee High Socks from ModSock, $10 a pair

For your everyday cat sock wardrobe, consider one of these adorable pairs of crew socks. Fun colors and bold graphics will add the perfect splash of style to any outfit. With so many to choose from, you can easily have a pair for every day of the week!

  1. Bold Black & White Graphic Cat Crew Socks from Philcos, $5.95 a pair
  2. Neon Cat Socks from Urban Outfitters, $8 a pair or three pairs for $20
  3. Feline Fashion Cat Print Socks from Modern Minute, $13.90 a pair – several colors available
  4. Kittenster Crew Socks from Socksmith, $11.99 a pair
  5. Pink & Black Catnip Cats Crew Socks from K. Bell, $7.99 a pair
  6. Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Crew Socks from Socksmith, $7.50 a pair; also available in blue
  7. Meow-ka Dot Crew Socks from ModSock, $8 a pair; choose from pink or black

These days, anything can be printed on fabric, including detailed photos, so of course cute cat photos have started appearing on everything, including socks! Real-life cat faces can now adorn your ankles and legs! Some companies, like will even let you upload a photo of your own cat and print a completely customized set of socks. How awesome would it be to have your very own cat on a pair of socks? If that’s too much work for you, there are lots of fun photographic cat socks available featuring gorgeous furry faces ready for you to choose from. Here are a few:

  1. Cuddles Socks from Flight Apparel, $10 a pair
  2. Silver Tabby Cat Print Crew Socks from Forever21, $3.90 a pair
  3. Persian Cat Face Crew Socks from Forever21, $3.90 a pair; choose from black or light pink background

Now, take that cat photo and add a burst of rainbow colors (and maybe some pizza!) and you’ve got a completely psychedelic cat sock experience! The possibilities are endless, but you probably need some fashion chutzpah to pull these off.

  1. Kitten and Pizza Slice Socks from Gnarkitten, $14.95 a pair
  2. Technicolor Roaring Kitten Socks from Gnarkitten, $14.95 a pair
  3. Evil Space Cats Socks from Fresh Elites, $26 a pair

And finally, we have the ankle sock. These adorable little socks are sweet and sassy! Some are topped with lace, others have embroidered designs. With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find one you love!

  1. Cat Ankle Socks from ASOS, $10.42 for a three-pack
  2. Across Your Path Ankle Socks from ModCloth, $9.99 a pair
  3. Cat Cartoon Ankle Socks from Fashion Warm, $12.49 a pair; available in several colors of calico or tabby
  4. Tuxedo Cat Ankle Socks from Raku Wear, $11 a pair; available in a rainbow of color options
  5. Lace Kitty Socks from Ogood, $10 a pair

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About the author: Kate Benjamin is the founder of the popular cat style blog She specializes in helping people live stylishly with cats. You may have seen her on Jackson Galaxy’s show My Cat From Hell. Make sure to check out Kate and Jackson’s new book, Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!).

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