Your Latest Obsession: Forever 21’s Bats and Cats Collection


Longtime Catwoman fan here. I’ve read the comic books, accept Michelle Pfeiffer as my one true Selina Kyle for her portrayal in Batman Returns, and will never, ever forgive Halle Berry’s twisted version of my favorite thieving feline in 2004’s Catwoman. Also, the name of my blog, Catsparella, was inspired, in part, by the fact that I was reading Catwoman and Vampirella at the time I was trying to come up with a name. (Editor’s note: What about Julie Newmar?!)

Forever 21, which has been killing it in the cat fashion department this season, just released a darkly inspired line that pays tribute to my favorite cat, and, oh yeah, Batman, too.

The Bats & Cats Collection is sleek and sexy, featuring leggings, sweaters, hats, pajamas, and accessories that will make you pop against the dreary streets of Gotham City. Although I admittedly enjoy the Batman items as much as the Catwoman ones, I still managed to pick out some of my favorite feline-themed pieces, that show real cat power.

1. Cropped Catwoman Sweater

In 2002, Catwoman underwent a transformation, in which she ditched her figure-baring purple catsuit in favor of the more utilitarian look we know and love today. In that spirit, this sweater is for the ultimate Catwoman comic book fan who isn’t afraid to show off her badassery.

As much as I love it, the cropped top is not for the faint of heart (like myself), who aren’t quite ready to bare their belly in the name of cat fashion. Also, if you’re looking for warmth, search elsewhere: This fashionable top also features cutout elbows, which might lead people to believe that your kitty got to the arms before you did.

2. Spiked Cat Ears Headband

If only Selina Kyle knew that transforming herself into a cat was as easy as popping on a cat ears headband and calling it a day, then one of my favorite scenes from Batman Returns never would have happened.

The car ears headband trend, which exploded in earnest earlier this year, is still going strong as cat lovers bring their love for felines out of the closet and display it proudly where it belongs: on their head. I even recently (finally) got a pair that I was completely obsessed with … until they gave me a splitting headache. These chic ears, which are also available sans studs, are the perfect feline compliment to any outfit, or a dope way to give your Halloween cat costume that little extra edge.

3. Cat Ear Eye Mask

Unlike my cats, Charlie and Priscilla, who can basically sleep through anything, the hint of a light from the television set or other electronic device is enough to prevent me from drifting off into a much needed catnap.

If I were to go the eye mask route, of course I would trade in a boring old style for cat-inspired design. This somewhat seductive mask — sure to scare cats and significant others alike when they wake up in the middle of the night and take one look at you — also features gold studded accents around the ears, a nice and glamorous touch.

4. Cool Cat Spiked Top

I’ve noticed that at Forever 21, a sweater is rarely just a sweater, as is the case of this MEOW top, which just like a kitty cat, has hidden claws of its own. What it covers up in length it makes up for in cutout shoulders with spiked trim.

This is kind of silly, but is there really a better word than “meow”? I mean you could put “Woof” on a sweater, sure, but it just doesn’t have the same effect.

5. Here Kitty PJ Pants

Even jewelry thieves need to have a Netflix night in now and then, and it’s not hard to imagine that Catwoman, the ultimate cat lady herself, could resist vegging out in these flannel black cat bottoms.

The pants, which are also available as boxer shorts, are completely covered in an adorable cat print that is catnip to a girl like me. After all, what better way to pretend that you actually are Catwoman than by wearing the cat’s pajamas?

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