Cat Breeds

Discover information on all purebred cat breeds and hybrid cat breeds.



ABYSSINIAN KITTENS — Home of national winner. Ruddy, reds, blues and fawns. Raised underfoot. Judy, Sun City West, AZ; 623-398-8573;

EL QAHIRA ABYSSINIANS — Kittens from our CFA national and regional award-winning Grand Champions. Rae Ann Christ, Chicago; 847-742-8738;

ABYNORMAL ABYSSINIANS — CFA ruddies and reds. Entertaining, loving kittens and adults. Raised underfoot. Kevin/Andrea, Northern Indiana; 574-784-2479;


Procurl Harem cats.


MELODYGARDEN — Shaded and ticked tabby kittens. Great personalities. Health guarantee. Carol Johnson DVM/PhD, So. Cal; 805-375-4270;;


BALINESE KITTENS — Long guarantee. Carol Johnson DVM/PhD, So. Cal; 805-375-4270;; and shorthair. All color points. Lovable and social. Located in Kalamazoo, MI. Call Patty, 269-345-9144;


ADORABLE CLARKSTONE BENGALS — Top lines guaranteed. Fair prices guaranteed. Peoples’ Choice Award. TICA’s Outstanding Cattery Award. 830-609-4601;

BENGALAND — SGC bloodlines. Show, pet-quality kittens available. Multiple international winners. TICA Outstanding Cattery/TIBCS. Hugh/Peggy Price, Pennsylvania; 717-243-8972;

MIMICRY CATS — Specializing in Bengals/Chausie/Savannahs. Striving to copy the wild look. California; 916-484-3751; 530-586-1841;;

RAGANWOOD BENGALS — Missouri cattery that specializes in raising loving Bengal kittens for family pets in brown, snow and silver. 816-454-4303;;

METASTAR BENGALS — “Poetry in Motion.” Magnificent internationally acclaimed Bengals; marbled/spotted/rosetted; standard/shorthair and longhair/cashmeres. 215-915-2881;;

ACAPPELLA BENGALS — Specializing in award-winning bloodlines, lots of glitter and sweet temperaments. Raised underfoot in our Texas home. 830-625-1520; cell: 830-494-1672;;

PIXEL PERFECT CATS — Sweet temperament, great personality, rosettes and glitter. Supreme Champion bloodlines, TICA registered and health guaranteed. Maryland; 443-223-6480;

SNOW TUNDRA BENGAL — Small cattery with 15 years experience. Health/temperament is our first priority. Hermina, Maine; 207-449-1031;

STONESRIVER BENGALS — Bengal kittens in Tennessee. Small in-home cattery. Well-socialized. TICA/TIBCS. Health guarantee. 615-267-0329;;


PURR-CUSSION AND WORLD CLASS BIRMANS — Seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, tortie, lynx. Carolyn/Dick Prucha, Wisconsin: 608-719-9042;;

LAUREL GLEN SACRED BIRMANS — Since 1992. Healthy, CFA registered kittens and adults available in Pennsylvania.;

KITTENS KITTENS KITTENS! Reds, seals, torties, blues. Birmans available in Ohio. 937-372-7066; 972-814-0642; 513-532-7903;;

BIRMANCATZ — TICA kittens available. Health guarantee. All colors including lynx points. Small East Texas cattery. 936-829-4635;;

BEAUTIFUL TORIELLE BIRMANS — CFA Cattery of Distinction. Seal and blue points. Kittens and adults. Ellen Weber, Great Neck, NY; 917-273-1158;




KLA BRITISH SHORTHAIRS — Looking for forever homes for home-raised kittens and retired show cats. Shots and vet health certificate come with all cats. CFA/TICA registered. Blues, bi-colors, whites, lilacs. 712-251-1505;;

OUACHITA BRITISH SHORTHAIRS — CFA. Grand Champion bloodlines. Pet/show, socialized, veterinarian raised. Will ship. Arkansas; email for information:;

INNOCENTIA — Affectionate and home raised. Blues and whites. Immunization/health guaranteed. Will ship from Detroit, MI. 877-228-7868;

TGFC CATTERY — Specializing in blues. All championship lines. Wonderful dispositions. Great references. Sacramento, CA; 916-290-2435; 916-364-7404;


CIMARRON/WOBEGONE/CRAZY BAY — Traditional Burmese since 1969. Health and purrsonality guaranteed. All colors. D. Lucek/K. Tenerowicz, northwest Chicago; 847-788-9758;

KIT’N’KABUTAL — ACFA/CFA. Sable only kittens. Healthy, loving personalities. Traditional. Lap cat. Occasional Tonkinese. Shipping. Nancy Bisterfeldt, 715-745-4144;;

KINCSEM BURMESE — CFA. Adorable little executives to reorganize your life. Health guarantee. Judith Kollmann, 810-715-2367;;

BIJOUX — Burmese, Bombay and European Burmese. The ultimate lapcats. Excellent for children. Healthy, loving kittens available now. Wonderful disposition. Outgoing, never shy. Will ship. Maryland; 410-937-9262

PANDORA CATS BURMESE AND BOMBAYS — Supreme Grand Champion bloodlines. Health guarantee. 606-831-9284; 606-324-3668;;;


CHANSON BLEU CHARTREUX — CFA kittens raised with care/attention. Steve and Judy Belden, 603-763-5600;;

JOUVENCEBLEU CHARTREUX — (Circa1975) Exquisite cuddly supraplush bluebears who say their prayers! We’ve gone global, breeding European and all other foreign bloodlines. We export. Never imitated…always authenticated! 630-776-8333; 630-293-4033;

LECOMPAGNON CHARTREUX — Lovable blue companions just for you from national- and regional-winning lines. CFA registered. David Hadley, 614-885-6119;;


TENDER CLAWS CATTERY — Most colors, kittens to retired. Michigan; 586-420-4259; 586-477-0641;;;

TEXAS REXES — Raised by a veterinary technician. CFA. Health guaranteed, raised underfoot. Rhonda, 817-300-5226;;

KAYLEE CORNISH REX — Kittens available. Kaitlyn and Kathy Pritchard, Spotsylvania, Virginia; 540-582-2614;;


MELLOWMARK CATTERY — Kittens/adults available. Specializing in TICA Sphynx, CFA Devons and some outcrosses. Reasonable prices. We ship. 402-244-5480;

KITTENS FROM GENETICALLY TESTED PARENTS — Somali also. Health and temperament guaranteed. Come with welcome home kit and courier service available.;

DEVON REX HEAVEN — CFA/TICA Grand Champion lines. Health guarantee. All colors. Kittens/young adults available. Will ship. 479-970-2391;

KURAKATS — Exclusive Devon Rex. Lovable kittens well-cared for in a clean, healthy environment. 336-877-2248;


JEWELS NILE EGYPTIAN MAU CATTERY — CFA/TICA registered. Small family home cattery. Vet checked/vaccinated. Ontario, Canada;;

ARIETTA CATTERY — Home of the best Egyptian Maus and Singapuras. Excellent quality, health and temperament. CFA/TICA. 609-314-0252;

SUMMERMAGIC EGYPTIAN MAU or Maine Coon reduction. Show, breeder and pet; cats and kittens. All ages. Adults at reasonable price. Northeast Ohio; 330-610-0717;

BELLE HOLLOW EXOTICS — Egyptian Maus and Savannahs. Fabulous spots. Quality, gentle, loving companions. 828-524-6943;;


MAYONAKA EUROPEAN BURMESE — CFA/ACFA. State-licensed cattery, passed all inspections. USA rescue rehome breed coordinator. Allene Keating, Kansas; 785-594-6424;;


LION HOUSE — Outstanding type in Exotics. Most colors. Super, people-oriented cats/kittens. Sue Fraser, Lancaster, CA; 661-945-3255;

DIEHL CATTERY — Exotics and Persians. CFA. Pet, breeder/show qualities. Cannot ship pets. Evelyn Diehl, Nashville, TN; 615-255-9135;

CARAVAN CATTERY — Exotic Shorthairs and Persians. Solids and bi-colors. PKD-negative cattery. Georgina Wood, 707-994-9071;;

A LOVE 4 PAWS EXOTICS and Persians. Most colors. Bred for personality and health. Breeding to the CFA standard; 949-233-9853;;

MADAME NU EXOTICS — Since 1973. CFA/TICA. Grand Champion lines. Bi-color, tabby, solid, colorpoint. 315-687-6871;;


SOESTHILL HAVANA BROWNS — Home of CFA’s highest scoring Havana Brown! Anne Edwards, 573-364-6583;;


CANYON SHADOW HIGHLANDERS — Highlander (TICA) and Highland lynx kittens available. Polydactyl, curled ears, short tails equals beautiful and family friendly. Call 602-909-0041;;

THE HOME OF THE HIGHLANDER — A foundation cattery. With happy, healthy, family-friendly kittens. Arkansas; 479-243-0221;


MCDUFF — Breeding to the CFA Persian standard. Kittens/adults available. Dorothy McDaniels, Michigan; 248-714-9337;;

TULEBURG CHOCOLATE HIMALAYANS/PERSIANS — Breeder/show kittens available, in chocolate and lilac, bi-colors and calicos. California; 707-823-3010;;


KIDDLYN — Outstanding JBTs since 1985. All colors, shorthairs/longhairs, blue/odd eyes. Health/personality guaranteed. Worldwide shipping. 303-325-5033;;

GINCHIKA — Twenty-five years of healthy, happy, quality Japanese Bobtails. Southern California; 714-408-8834;;

KURISUMASU — Elegant, enthusiastic and extra sweet long/shorthairs. All colors. More than 200 CFA Grands. Marianne Clark;;

CAT-CHI CATS — Japanese Bobtail comedians in fur coats. Spayed, neutered, vaccinations prior to adoption. Raised underfoot. Beth Graham: 304-535-8404; cell: 703-801-1086;

JEWELS OF MINE JAPANESE BOBTAILS — Sweet healthy kittens out of Grand Champion imported lines. Registered with CFA, TICA. Louise Hill, 919-742-0221; jewels;


KARMACOONS — Healthy, large, sweet, loving temperaments. CFA, champion/Grand Champion bloodlines. Cattery of Excellence. Debi Kiley, central Florida; 407-365-8257;;    

MAINE COON KITTENS — CFA registered. Hand raised. Known for intelligence. Wildcat look and blues. Will fly. 859-881-8333;

MTNEST MAINE COONS — TICA/CFA registered. Healthy, loving kittens. International/ regional winners. Solids/ tabbies. Southeastern Pennsylvania; 610-827-1895;

ADORABLE KITTENS — Most colors. GC/BW/NW/NRW. Deposits/payments OK. Cattery of Excellence. Toledo, OH; phone calls preferred: 419-472-5551;;

MIRACLE MYST MAINE COONS — Large, gorgeous CFA kittens. Raised underfoot with dogs. Most colors. Ft. Lauderdale, FL; 954-444-2779;

MAINELYCLASSIC MAINE COONS — CFA/TICA. Kittens available. Breeder of Supreme Grand Champions. Regional-/international-winning lines. Solids, smoked and ticked tabbies. 252-940-4444;

WWW.MAKANACOON.NET — Grand Champion-sired, pet/show kittens raised underfoot w/dogs. CFA/MCBFA. HCM Doppler screened. Pat Taylor, Virginia Beach, VA; 757-495-6222;

MCRUFF MAINE COONS — TICA/ACFA/CFA. Healthy kittens/young adults available. Grand Champion lines. Illinois/New Mexico; 217-357-5741;; www.mcruffmainecoon;

LUCKYPAWS — Healthy, loving, large kittens from SGC lines. Five-year health guarantee. Near Jacksonville, FL; 904-282-8190;

FURKATS MAINE COON CATTERY — National winning lines. Serving Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio for 30 years. CFA / MCBC member. Cell: 859-282-0836;;

CDREAMS MAINE COONS — Grand Champion lines. ACFA’s Best Kitten for 2007 and 2008! Written health guarantee. 608-332-3234;;

MARYLAMBS — CFA, TICA registered. Health guarantee. Home raised, affectionate kittens since 1999. Mary, eastern Pennsylvania; 610-681-6664;

TREMETHICK MAINE COONS — Breeder of Grand Champions. Large, gentle, raised underfoot. Located in Virginia. 804-861-3812;

MAINE LVRS CATTERY — CFA national award-winning lines. Family raised underfoot. Health guarantee, HCM tested, FeLV neg. Michelle, Ohio; 440-221-0021;;

TRADITIONAL, CHARMING, AFFECTIONATE MAINE COONS from Maine. Variety of colors. Some polydactyls. 207-650-1388;;

AMERICA’S OWN CAT — A beautiful Maine Coon kitten could be your new best friend. Home raised. CFA GC/RW lines. 814-677-5050;

KIBBUTZKATS MAINE COONS — International champion lines. CFA/TICA. Reds, browns and silvers. Gloria Rowson, Richmond, VA;

NATIVE ROOTS MAINE COONS — Kittens for sale. Get your Maine Coon from the state of Maine. Polydactyls available. 207-650-4365;

ANGTINI MAINE COONS — Large, tabby kittens. Raised underfoot. National-/regional-winning lines. Linda Murphy, Painesville, OH 44077; 440-223-5316;


FUZZY-FOOT MANX — CFA. Pet/show kittens. Whites, bi-colors, tabbies. National-winning lines. Great temperaments. Healthy. Cathy, 913-645-9799;;


WEE KITTY CITY MUNCHKINS AND MINUETS — TICA registered. Arkansas home raised. Will ship. Reasonable prices. PayPal. 501-327-8734;


NORDICTALE, COMPANIONS FOR LIFE — Raised as loving family members. CFA regional-winning bloodlines. Brook Cole, Ohio; 513-477-5919;;


PURRFURDOTS OCICATS — Affectionate, healthy, home-grown kittens. CFA since 1986. Nice selection. Reasonable price. Shipping. Trudy Hoffman, Waynesboro, PA; 717-762-7222;

CALUMET CATS OCICATS — CFA-registered kittens/young adults. Champion/Grand Champion bloodlines. Health guaranteed. Pet/show quality, most colors available. Michigan. 810-765-5782;;

DYNAMICAT OCICATS — Pet/show quality, kittens/adults available, various colors, Grand Champion/championship bloodlines, CFA registered. Health certificate. CFA/TICA Cattery of Excellence Award current. Florida; 810-919-5859;



ELOISA CATTERY — CFA healthy kittens. Chinchillas, shaded, silvers/goldens. Eloise Addicott, upper Marlboro, Maryland; 301-538-7300; 301-574-5518; Texas; 830-537-4408;

JOVIAL PERSIANS AND HIMALAYANS — CFA. Loving, healthy, beautiful kittens. Health guarantee, vaccinated. Mark Vitale, Newburgh, NY 917-710-8296; jovial;

MISTEERIVER PERSIANS — CFA. Bi-color, tabby, solid. Kittens/retirees available. Lovingly home raised. Pet, breeder, show. Illinois; 630-416-8749;

MAGGIE ANN’S PERSIANS — Solids and bi-colors. Pet kittens/adults available. Reasonable. Health guaranteed. CFA. East Peoria, IL; 309-699-3773

OLYMPUS PERSIANS — Also American Bobtails. Cats/kittens, all colors. Genetics/health guaranteed. Reasonably priced. 171 W. Airport Rd., Lititz, PA 17543-9260; 717-569-6226

KITTYTALES PERSIANS/HIMALAYANS — CFA. Most colors. Family-friendly, darling kittens. Health guaranteed. Darlene, southern California (Murrieta); 951-816-0972;;

MADISONDOLL PERSIANS — CFA/DNA PKD/FIV/FeLV negative. Shaded silvers plus. Health guaranteed. Shipping available. You’ll fall in love! Binghamton, NY; 607-773-0114;

PINK PALACE CATTERY — CFA. We ship. Grand Champion lines. Health guaranteed. Smoke, smoke bi-color, tabby and bi-color. 615-754-5679;;;

WINDY VALLEY PERSIANS — Small cattery, family raised. CFA registered. Specializing in solids, bi-colors and tabbies. Murrieta, CA; 951-600-9634;;

PRECIOUS GEMS PERSIANS — Breeding Persian cats as beautiful as precious gems. Vet checked and guaranteed. CFA registered. 417-720-1554;

CARRIECATS PERSIANS — Exotic Persian kittens. CFA and TICA. National and international cattery. Veterinarian guaranteed. 708-259-2555;


PETERBALD KITTENS — Raised inside my home. Registered, shots, guaranteed. Retired adult


FALCONEYE — Foundation RW SCG. TICA Registered. Exotic, spotted long-short coat. Straight, lynx tuft ears.Home raised. Will ship, health warranty, references. 904-501-2291;

WILOWTREE PIXIES — Love that purrs. Pet/breeder/show. Bobcat look. TICA registered. Health guaranteed. Jackson, TN; 731-616-4940;

LIVING LEGEND PIXIEBOBS — Featured on Animal Planet Cats101. Best in the East. DNA and kid tested, veterinarian approved. Shari Fedewa, 407-923-5055;

KITTENS AVAILABLE NOW! Evergreen. Strive for quality, not quantity. Old Northwest lines shipped anywhere in USA. 360-460-4703;

SNOWCAP PIXIEBOBS — Home of Carol Brewer, the breed founder’s last breeding cats. Wild look, dog like. Guaranteed. 503-680-1946;;

WAR CLOUD EXOTICS — We raise large, exotic-looking Pixiebobs. Awesome companions. Located in northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. 815-420-8155;


FELISOPHIC FELINES — Sweet temperaments. DNA tested, FIV/FeLV negative. CFA/ACFA registered. Sonya, central Arizona; 480-529-9478;;;

RAGAMUFFIN KITTENS AND ADULTS — CFA/ACFA; Unconditional 5-yr health guaranty. 480-650-4638;


GRACEFUL DOLLS — Beautiful, healthy, playful Ragdoll kittens. TICA/CFA. All colors/patterns. Independence, MO; 816-796-8824;;

VANILLABELLE RAGDOLLS — All colors and patterns. Supreme Grand Champion bloodlines. Sweet blue-eyed beauties. 606-831-9284; 606-324-3668;;

OHIO’S PURRFECT CHOICE RAGDOLLS — Registered, home raised. Pet, show quality. Excellent bloodlines, very affectionate. All guaranteed. Akron, OH; 330-628-8147; 330-431-7171;

ANGELHEART — Handled from birth, large, healthy, well-socialized kittens raised w/love. DNA tested. Reg. TICA/CFA/ACFA. Burlington, WI; 262-767-9001;;

MIDWEST RAGDOLLS — Purebred Ragdoll kittens home raised with kids and dogs. Veterinarian owned. Health guaranteed. 630-803-4405;

LEXES DOLLS OF TUCSON — Exceptional bloodlines. Large, beautiful, home raised, TICA registered. All colors and patterns. Kittens available. Health guaranteed. Arizona; 520-748-9163;

CLARKSTON RAGS — TICA registered. Quality kittens. Health guaranteed. 864-943-1746;;

ROCKINBLUES RAGDOLLS — SG Champion lines. Two-year health guarantee. Kittens available. All colors. Alabama; 251-230-1522;;

BRIGHTSTONE RAGDOLLS — Where hand-raised, adorable/cuddly kittens are waiting for you! Health guaranteed. SGC bloodlines. Long Island, NY; 516-599-1708;

RAGDOLL KITTENS AVAILABLE — All colors and patterns. Supreme Grand Champion bloodlines. Sweet blue-eyed beauties. 606-831-9284; 606-324-3668;;

ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS — Ragdoll kittens available at Pam’s Dollhouse. TICA, two-year guarantee, shots, neutered. PD103. Family raised in small New York cattery. Kate, 585-409-7313;

LORDS N LADIES RAGDOLLS — All colors/patterns. Health guaranteed, DNA testing, FeLV/FIV tested. Raised holistically. TICA/CFA/RFCI/RI/RAG/RFW. MA; 781-665-8955;


MAUDDIB CATTERY — Over 30 years of breeding! CFA/TICA registered. Kittens available! Bred for temperament. Excellent coat! Southern Ontario, Canada; 519-469-8656;

ROXANASTASIA — Home of CFA national/regional Russian Blues. Helene Schneider-Hester, Rockville Centre, NY; 516-536-8210;;


LOOKING FOR SAVANNAH KITTEN in Maryland? We raise our kittens underfoot w/both parents/other cats, children and adults. 301-356-3090;;

BELLE HOLLOW EXOTICS — Savannahs and Egyptian Maus. Fabulous spots. Quality, gentle, loving companions. 828-524-6943;;

A1 SAVANNAHS — “The Original Founder of the Savannah Cat Breed.” Large and leggy cats with extreme wild look. 580-718-0011;;

JEWELS OF THE NILE — Kittens/adults available, 75 percent through SBT year-round. Allison Navarro, New York; 267-315-1714;;

UNSET EXOTICS — Specializing in excellent quality, reasonably priced Savannahs. Small home cattery in southwest Florida. Karen, 239-691-6496;

SPOTTED LOVE — Small in-home cattery, raising quality Savannah kittens. Leonard, San Diego, CA; 858-513-1777;;

C AND C SAVANNAHS — Kittens up to SBTs. Top bloodlines. Savannah-to-Savannah breedings. Callie, 618-643-3930;;


Quiettimes Cattery.

MEGAFOLD — Long/shorthair. Fold/straight ears. Show, pet quality. CFA. Shipping. Raised underfoot. Washington and California; 509-751-0132; 562-537-7232; green;

PURRFECTFOLDS SCOTTISH FOLDS — CFA. Champion bloodlines. Pet/show, well-socialized, veterinarian raised. Will ship. Arkansas; email for information:

DESERT SUN SCOTTISH FOLDS — CFA registered. Apache Junction, AZ; 480-983-4416;;


JADACATS SELKIRKS — Specializing in superior quality doll-faced Persians/Exotic Shorthairs, too. ACFA/CFA. 45 plus years raising/showing experience. 417-860-7064;


Traditional Cat Association.


CLOWNTOWN CATTERY INC. — Siamese, Balinese and American Shorthair. All colors. Bred for health. CFA registered. Howard, 602-717-4830;;

ACATAMI AWARD SIAMESE — CFA. National and breed winners. Lilacs, chocolates, seals, blues. Ancestral longevity. Reincarnative qualities. Sibyl Zaden, P.O. Box 69530, W. Hollywood, CA 90069; 310-659-8602

TRADITIONAL SIAMESE APPLEHEAD PETS — Yesteryear’s elegant charmers. Health guaranteed. 434-821-4555;;

X-QUISIT SIAMESE — CFA kittens and adults occasionally available. Mary Vincent, Clearwater, FL. For that very special companion call: 727-446-7308;

FLEUR-JEAN SIAMESE — CFA. Kittens occasionally. All colors, reasonably priced. Pet, breeding, show, champion lines. Will ship. 940-648-3577.

LINNY’S SIAMESE — Points, lynx points. Registered. Stud service. Purrfect purrsonalities. Health guaranteed. We don’t ship our babies. Fleetwood, PA; 610-944-3609; 610-506-7109;

MINGHOU — Siamese and Oriental. TICA and CFA registered. Health plus genetic guarantee. Pat Muise, 508-395-6000;


MUNCH RANCH — Siberian kittens available. TICA/CFA registered. USDA licensed and shipping available. Most colors available, including blue-eyed colorpoints, silvers, golden, solids and traditionals. Larry Munchrath, Texas; 903-887-6378; lmunchrath@netzer

HYPOALLERGENIC SIBERIAN KITTENS — Quadruple GC lines. Superb quality/personality. Many colors/markings, lynx point, blue, copper eyes. Health guaranteed. TICA. 404-451-3788;

DEEDLEBUGS SIBERIANS — Our cats are known for their kind temperaments, exceptionally low-allergen qualities and variety of colors.;

#1 CROSHKA SIBERIANS — Hypoallergenic, large/beautiful, longhaired kittens. USDA licensed. Breeder since 1994, health guaranteed. Registered. Will ship. Kathy Wade, Georgia; 678-859-2657;;

CICA SIBERIAN CATS — Top-quality Siberians. Original Russian lines. Silvers, brown tabbies, blacks. Maria Pavloszky, 317-726-1482;;

FOLIE A DEUX SIBERIANS — Focusing on tabbies and bi-colors. Home raised, health guaranteed. Iris and Bob Zinck, 781-483-3007; email preferred:;

TORMODKOT CATTERY — Siberians/Norwegians. CFA registered. Strong, healthy, highly socialized kittens; European Grand Champion lines. Several colors. 509-306-1201;


SOMETHING VERY DIFFERENT — Singapura kittens, nurtured in my small-scale home cattery. Loved from day one to be ready for you. 919-742-3120;;


KAHALI SOMALIS/ ABYSSINIANS — All four colors. Pet and show quality. Excellent temperament, health/type. Worldwide courier service.;


SUNDANCENBARE SPHYNX CATTERY — Striving to bring quality Sphynx to you. Healthy CFA kittens; 801-699-0691;;

ACROBATKITTY SPHYNX AND BAMBINOS — TICA registered. Kittens are raised with children and have one-of-a-kind personalities. 724-422-7698;

A SPHYNX IN FLORIDA — Home raised underfoot. Personality plus. Pet/breeders/show. Home of regional winners, Supreme Grands. Reasonable prices. 727-482-3205;

MAGICALPURR SPHYNX, BAMBINO, ELF CATTERY— CFA/TICA registered. Champion bloodlines. Health/temperament are top priorities. 559-392-0921;;;


TONKA TALES — Very playful, loving and social. Health guarantee. Will ship. Carol Corl, Toledo, OH; 419-836-1438;

WENLOCK TONKINESE — Regional/national winners. CFA registered. Kittens by reservation. Vaccinated, with health certificate. Michigan; 248-349-1588;;

MINE FALLS TONKINESE — Affectionate, family-raised kittens. All colors. Occasionally young adults. New Hampshire; 603-889-1103;

INNOCENTIA — Affectionate and home raised. All colors. Immunization/health guaranteed. Will ship from Detroit, MI. 877-228-7868;


ALUREN TOYGERS — Kittens usually available in white and brown. Pat, New Jersey; 856-358-2455; 856-305-8147;;


ANTIOCH TURKISH ANGORAS — Health guaranteed, kittens raised underfoot, occasional adults. Ohio; 740-817-2000;;


KHAN: A MAINE COON — Semi- ctional biography of a real Maine Coon, seen through his eyes and stoic heart. Learn in these pages why everyone who knew him loved him so very much. At Amazon or -258778057484770/


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NO BORED CATS — Play Video Catnip. Two-hour DVD. Fun bird, squirrel, chipmunk action. Kitty’s entertainment satisfaction guaranteed. 800-373-9137;


CAT PODS — The economical way to shelter outdoor cats. Available in sizes to t one cat or multiple cats.


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SAFE/EFFECTIVE ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS for pets. Chemical free, heals skin, anti-anxiety, ea/tick repel- lent, ear issues.


DON’S GREETING CARDS — Beautiful gift cards for any occasion, with incredible photography. 620-688-1800


SLEEPING CAT SHAPED CREMAIN URNS —  Painted to match your feline. Stoneware, hand-crafted in Asheville, NC.; 828-215-6006

EVERLASTING VERMONT GRANITE PET MONUMENTS — Airtight caskets, urns. Free brochure: Everlasting Stone, P.O. Box 995-CF, Barre, VT 05641-0995; 800-882- 6686; now shop


CONTINUING CARE — Assure your pet’s future if you are no longer here. Contact Assisi Animal Foundation for information. 815-455-9411;;


AMERICAN CAT ASSOCIATION (ACA) — Since 1897 registering cats; all colors, patterns. 11482 Vanport, Lakeview Terrace, CA 91342; 818-896-6165;;

THE INTERNATIONAL CAT ASSOCIATION (TICA) — Largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats: P.O. Box 2684, Harlingen, TX 78550; 956-428-8046;;;;


ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR — Let me help you con- nect with your pets! Rescues free. Proceeds go to See and call me at 413-301-3007 or email to arrange a meeting through Skype, phone, FaceTime or in your living room (if you’re in the Massachusetts Pioneer Valley)!

ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR, INTUITIVE MEDIUM — for pets and people. Correct behavior issues, health issues, grief support, contact the other side, lost pets found. 520-349-3909;