What Happens When You Google "Cutest Picture in the World"

 |  Jun 4th 2011  |   30 Contributions

If you do a Google search for "cutest picture in the world," the first one that comes up is of a cute kitten. Is anyone surprised? Of course the cutest picture in the world would be of a kitten!

Oh hai. I\'m the cutest, am I not?

[Image via Polls Boutique]

This cutie's name is Memebon. She's a little bit more grown up now, but she's still just as cute! If you want to see more of her, you're in luck! She and the rest of her kitty family (they're all cute, of course) have a whole website.

Here's a more recent picture of her from their blog. See? Just as cute!

I will never outgrow my cuteness!

[Image via Memebon's blog]


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