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10 Cats, Proud of Who They Are

The kitties in these photos are celebrating what makes them different and wonderful.

 |  Jan 21st 2013  |   6 Contributions

Cats are pretty diverse animals. Related to lions and tigers and other big felines, cats come in numerous sizes and colors. Some have long hair, some have short hair, and some have no hair at all. Some have stripes, some have spots, and some wear little tuxedos (complete with little white gloves).

We love about cats because they don't care what we look like. They accept us as we are, and as long as we are good to them, they will love us, and we will love them. Cats are awesome no matter what they look like, and they remind us that we're all awesome no matter what we look like.

So here are 10 cats who are happy to be who they are, no matter what that is.

Photo by mailliw

So wear your mustaches with pride.

And sit up nice and tall.

Stick out your chest.

Look to the future.

Photo by netzanette

Take a chance and take a walk on the wild side whenever you can.

Photo by MarkyBon

Your character is carved from your scars.

Embrace your differences.

Photo by rogiro

And be proud of where you come from.

Photo by kraai65

And love where you're going.

Photo by adelle roux

Don't let anyone bring you down.

The next time you have to deal with differences, just look at it the way a cat would -- judging each other by what really matters: the content of our hearts.


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