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Your Kitchen Just Got Catty: Nine Cat-Themed Goods We Love

Give your kitchen a feline makeover with modern accessories that are the cat's meow.

 |  May 15th 2012  |   8 Contributions

Do you love cats, and are you looking for a way to bring your feline obsession into every nook and cranny of your home? If so, you're in luck because this collection of ultra-cute and modern cat-themed accessories will tranform any ordinary kitchen into a cat lovers' paradise!

1. Meow for Measuring Cups by One Hundred 80 Degrees

Meow for Measuring Cups

Give your boring old measuring cup the boot in favor of this whimsical set of multicolored kitten-shaped scoops! Much more than just a utilitarian kitchen accessory, this passel of pussycats is meant to be displayed on your counter when you're not busy using it to prepare your next batch of purrfectly sweet treats.

2. Cat Tea Party Pot Mitt by Ulster Weavers


Cat Tea Party Pot Mitt

Tea, cupcakes, and cats? Sounds like a party! Protect your paws from getting burned with this festive pot holder meant for celebrating! 

3. Moody Cats Apron by Em and Sprout

Moody Cats Apron

Is the cook in the mood to be kissed? Let guests know if you are happy, sleepy, grumpy, or lovable with this cheeky kitty apron that expresses your every mood, with nary a hiss or claw in sight.

4. Cat-ula by ModCloth


Whether you're frying eggs or flipping flapjacks, breakfast will never bring so many smiles to the table as when you serve it up with this adorable cat-shaped spatula!

5. Red Cat Mug by Tomato Catshop

Red Cat Mug

There's nothing like curling up with a warm mug and a kitty, so why not match your cup to your cuddly companion? These bold mugs are hand-decorated on fine bone china, and will add a touch of feline class to your next coffeeklatch.

6. Serene Kitty Hand-Printed Flour Sack Tea Towel by FuzzyMug

Serene Kitty Tea Towel

You may not love your cat's habit of cruising your counters, but you won't mind if this gorgeous grape-colored cat is hanging out up there. The pretty kitty adorns a handprinted, eco-friendly handtowel that's purrfect to have around for when your cat knocks over yet another cup.

7. "When the Cat's Away" Six-Piece Cookie Cutter Set by R & M International

"When the Cat's Away" Six Piece Cookie Cutter Set

I know from experience that finding non-Halloween-themed cat cookie cutters can be tricky, which is why I was delighted to come across this six-piece set that's purrfect for making catnip treats ... or cat cookies for peeps! 

8. Paw Me a Cup Tea Set in Kitten by Shinzi Katoh

Paw me a Cup Tea Set

Invite your BFF (human or feline) to share some of your favorite tea, served in this feline fabulous pot. It comes with two cups, along with a bonus black cat for good luck!

9. Cat Kitchen Dish Brush by Boston Warehouse

Cat Kitchen Dish Brush

My cats are good at going on clean-up patrol after dinner is over, but if they really wanted to be helpful, they'd get their paws wet and wash some dishes! Enter some much needed feline assistance in the form of a tuxedo cat dish brush that will have you meowing out loud as you scrub your dirty dishes purrfectly clean. 


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