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Only The Good Die Young

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Update on Maurice

August 19th 2013 8:06 pm
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I'm sure some of y'all already read his diary and the comments in mine, but Maurice is all better now. Last night before it was time for his sub q fluids, he started eating. Then he got his fluids and when he was done, he went and ate some more! And he held it down on all night!

We talked to the vet this morning - he'd given Maurice an extensive blood test and said all of his numbers were great. And Maurice has been eating and acting like his old self again - we aren't sure what happened. Maybe he ate some plant he wasn't supposed to or had a bad can of cat food - we're not sure, but everyone is very happy and relieved he's back to normal. So thank you so much for your purrs.

I'm doing good, just spending the night snoozing on my ottoman like usual.


Help and Purrs Needed!!!

August 16th 2013 8:32 pm
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My little brofur Maurice is very sick. He has not been able to hold any food down for days now. He's been to the vet and they did an x-ray and didn't see anything. His bloodwork has come back normal, only his liver was slightly elevated.

When he first got sick, he coughed up a hairball and then wouldn't eat. We got worried about him because last year he had a urinary blockage and we know how important it is that he stays hydrated.

He's been getting fluids for the last couple days and has been on an anti-naseual. For the last two days, he has been able to eat a little, but he throws up his food about two hours later. He makes the saddest little meow before he throws up.

We are really confused and scared for him. Has any other cat had anything like this or know what it could be?


Ok, I Admit It

August 11th 2013 8:47 pm
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Ok, I admit it. I kinda like that little Travis. He's warm to snuggle with and his obsessive love for me is flattering. He's obviously a kitten of impeccable taste. I got caught snuggling with him last night, and those humans even got photographic proof. Then I was giving him a bath. Only because he tasted good! I swear, it was not an affection thing. They got a video of that one and are putting it up on my page.

For an obnoxious little kitten, he's pretty tolerable. He just wants to rub himself all over me and is always so happy to see me, so at least he knows how purrfect I am. The humans are now teasing me and saying I am a cougar for liking a younger man. That little goofball needs somebody to take care of him.

He is a little ball of energy though. He gets those dogs running all over the place. He wants me to play with him, but that one ain't gonna happen. I mean, giving him a bath is one thing, I'm not reducing myself to playing with a kitten.

Thanks so much for all the rosettes and gifts and everything for my DDP today. All us kitties have been DDPs lately, I guess Diary Gal must have a crush on Travis.


Why Bother?

August 5th 2013 7:15 pm
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So, I finally really noticed the new little guy Travis. And I still haven't hissed him. And he hasn't hissed me.

I just figured why bother? I lost my meow hissing Maurice and did that make him go away? No, he's still lurking on the back of the couch right now. It didn't do me any good and all it did was make it hard for me to meow for food. And I had to endure the people laughing at my silent meows.

So I'm not even bothering with this one. He don't bother me, and I won't bother him.

Thanks for all the rosettes, gifts, and everything for my DDP. My dog, Whitley is also a DDP today, so it's a party at our house. And Maurice is back to writing, so if your not friends with him, send him a pal request. He's really not that bad, I guess.


Another Little Brother

August 3rd 2013 5:14 pm
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Well pals, it looks like I got me another brother. His name are Travis and dis are his page. I haven't met him yet since I was snoozing in da living room, but I know I smelled something. He's been staying in my oldest girl's room pretty much - she carried him around for a while and let him see everybody.

Maybe he'll give Maurice somebody else to play with. I don't know if Maurice likes him too much yet, he was hissing and not happy about it. MOL MOL! Now he knows how it feels to have another kitten come in. Hee hee!!!! I just hope the new little guy annoys Maurice as much as he annoyed me!


Momma's New Business

August 1st 2013 1:55 pm
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Hi everycat! My momma and my oldest girl have been setting up their new business called Tawdry Terrier. Right now, they are selling handmade nail polish and they are thinking about expanding into bath products and eyeshadows. I think they should have named it something having to do with cats, but they said there already were some makeup and nail polish companies named after cats. Oh well. I kinda like those terriers anyways.

If your momma or somebody you know likes nail polish, they might be interested in checking it out. This is the link to their etsy shop. They are running a giveaway right now where somebody will win 6 polishes. This is the link to their blog which has the giveaway on it.

They also have a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus Page.

Thanks for checking out their business!

I'm doing pretty good, I spent a couple of hours sitting in the window enjoying the sunshine today. It's HOT here today, so I'm happy to enjoy the sun from inside.


Summer Time Napping

July 30th 2013 11:18 pm
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So it is getting to be the warmest part of summer and I am loving it! Of course, I am in the air conditioning where it is never really that warm, but I am loving all those hot sun spots that are popping up all over the place!

The humans put up a bird feeder outside the window in the kitchen. That silly Maurice cat will spend hours staring at those birds. I'd spend hours staring at birds if I had the chance to catch them and decapitate them like I used to do, but it is hard to decapitate birds from behind glass, so I'm not all that interested in them. Maurice though, he loves it.

I'm still doing really good - eating a lot and getting lots of pets and enjoying myself. And being as stinky as I wanna be, hee hee!


A New Treat

July 6th 2013 10:14 pm
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I had a pretty good Fourth. The humans and the dogs went to go see the fireworks. They are shot off on the other side of town, so no noise bothers me. I spent most of the day snoozing in the sun - my idea of a good day!

The other day I discovered a new treat. Thousand Island salad dressing. My momma had eaten a salad and when she wasn't looking, I climbed up on the table she had the bowl on and started licking the dressing that was left. And it was good! I was really going to town on it, but she took it away from me, saying she didn't want me to get sick or something from it. Purrsonally, I think it's a little rude to take away a treat like that. She didn't even want her leftover dressing! The least she could've done was give me some kitty treats to make up for it, but no, she just stole my salad dressing.



June 24th 2013 2:46 pm
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First off, my typist wanted to say thank you to everyone who remembered Charlie's birthday and left gifts on his page. She and my momma have been very sad missin da little guy.

A couple days ago, I got all groomed. I used to hate getting brushed, but I love it now. I really like when the humans use the stripping comb - it is supposed to be for the dogs since they are terriers and have wiry hair, but it is really great at getting out all the old fur. And there was quite a lot of it! I felt really good after I got it down and the people were saying I felt even softer than usual.

Me and Maurice have been getting along better. He still wants to play too much for my liking, but he's been getting the dogs and the humans to play with him more and leaving me alone, which I like.


Missing Charlie

June 7th 2013 12:20 am
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For some reason, both me and my dog pal Whitley have been DDPs for our entries about Charlie. It are kinda sad, because we are not in da celebrating mood. So as much as I'd normally appreciate them, please don't send any rosettes and save your zealies for another time.

I's been missing Charlie. I liked having da little orange dude around - he was real cute. I've been hanging out in his room lately and spending lotsa time with my oldest girl and trying to make her feel a little better. It are hard though. Everyone is just so sad. Maurice keeps looking for him, I don't think he really understands what happened.

It just really stinks because Charlie did not really get a chance. He was da sweetest guy and he deserved a lot better than he got outta life. Yeah, dis year was good. But next year woulda been better - he wouldn't have had to adjust to moving and dealing with all of the new animals and people here. It was like he were a flower that were just starting to blossom and somebody knocked down the flower before anyone got to see it in its full glory. He still wasn't completely comfortable in the living room, but he was starting to come out more and more.

We're all still missing him a lot.

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