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I'm the Wussy Pussy

Girls weekend in the mountains

April 29th 2013 9:30 am
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After my little adventure at the barn, I was ready to get to the cabin and relax and that's exactly what I did! The ride wasn't bad cause I was zoned out most of the way and I was still a little groggy when we got there so I napped for a while. Mom cut the grass and her friend Nancy kept me company on the sofa. She's mom's friend who would come and check on me when I have to stay home while mom and dad are gone. She loves cats and I really like her a lot:) Anyway, Friday and part of Saturday was just nice and relaxing with me enjoying being at the cabin. Saturday evening brought something new. Friday night and Saturday morning every time mom would let the dogs out I would run to the door and try to go out with them. Well, mom took this to mean that I wanted to go outside and I guess I could see where she might get that impression, so she took me outside on the patio when her and Nancy were sitting my the fire pit. It was nice outside and mom and Nancy were making smores so that's why they had the fire, but even though it was nice, that didn't mean I wanted to be outside. I looked around for about a nano second then I started crying for mom to let me in. I tried the door, but no luck. Then I looked at the window, but no good there either. Echo came to see if she could help, but she can't open the door or window so she was of no use to me. Mom kept telling me that I was fine and to enjoy the fresh air. Ah mom, I can do that from inside sitting on the window sill. I guess she started to feel bad for me cause I would cry from time to time and kept reaching for the door so she finally let me in. Maybe one day I'll let to hang with everyone on the patio, but it wasn't Saturday!

The rest of my weekend was relaxing. I did my usual of sitting and watching TV with everyone and looking out the big window and watching the birds. We actually have a bird nest right by the front door and I can see them flying in and out. I love it!

Sunday on the way home we made a stop at some place called Red Rabbit. Everyone got some burgers and fries and I just chilled in my carrier. Mom as a pix for me. I was pretty out of it from my pill and I look like it. Mom did offer me a piece of burger, but I don't like any food except my dry catfood. I know, I'm weird.

After we got home I'm suppose to go to my crate or the bedroom, but I've been sneaking under the chair in the living room. I love being able to go in other rooms and I kind of get spoiled at the cabin. When dad came upstairs he saw me, but he didn't make me leave. I did hear him tell mom that I was under the chair and that if I potty anywhere other than my litterbox it's back to solitary for me. It looks like dad may be giving me another chance so I better not blow it! Once I knew I wasn't going to get in trouble, I jumped up on the chair for my nap. Mom found me there and she took a picture. I'm sure she'll post that one too.

So, as you can see from my two posts, I had some excitement this past weekend. Mom says we're going back in a couple weeks and I'll be looking forward to it and I'm going to be on my best behavior at home and prove to dad that I'm a good cat:)


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