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From a Red Head's Point Of View

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We're Going To Paris FURance for Valentine's Day

February 6th 2009 10:26 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my, my dear dear special adoring furiend Wilson J Scooter has asked me to Paris FURance for the Valentines Day weekend and when I said meow m'oui, Wilson suggested I may want to take some meowvalous furiends. And that led to me suggesting to Wilson that he invite some of his best buds, and that led to our inviting more meowster furs. And that has led to this:


Will you join us for a furry special Valentine's Day weekend????


Marvelous Meowster News

February 4th 2009 7:52 am
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GUIDO the Italian Kitty, my son, made it to the Bissell Vacuum SEMI FINALS today - oh my red tabbie heart and mature meowster self is beaming big time. I'm just so purrroud of my boy - although he gets a little Catitude at home but he never shows it out in public. Thanks so much my furiends fur your votes - this is just amazing thinking that GUIDO made it to the Week 3 semi finals - with 4 dogs in the top 5. And we heard their sending him a book, some book about Dog Behavior! That's just what the Mighty Meowster needs!!!



Cast a Meowvalous Vote For Guido the Italian Kitty - Vote Before 2/3/09

January 27th 2009 9:18 pm
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He's headed to the Bissell Vacuum Pet of the Year semi finals and if he wins big, GUIDO will donate $10,000 grand purrize to the animal rescue org of his choice. WOW, that's my son!

So Catsters awaken from your catnaps and cast your pawsative vote for GUIDO by Monday Feb 2nd .

I'd be so meowvalously grateful for your GUIDO vote...
Purrs Galore
Guido's Purroud Momma "Baci"


Re-entry To Real Red Tabbie Life

January 21st 2009 6:50 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my - that's 1 "oh my" fur each day I was at the Estate of my dear and extremely terificat furiend, WILSON J SCOOTER

Wilson J Scooter who is the host with the absoluticatical most. Oh sigh... My red tabbie self can barely expuress words cuz I'm so relaxed and refreshed from the 3 day Pawty in the WHINE Country - because Wilson being the host with the absoluticatical most, purrvided Mud Baths and Mahsages with Mahseusses fur us & complimentary 100 Purr Cent Eeeeegypshun cushy cotton bath robes. And my meowster mani and purrpedi are divine, showing off my newly painted red paws - of course the old gal does red to match her meowvalous red tabbie self. I think Hazel Lucy and some of the other gal pals had mani pedis too.

If your 'curious as a cat self' has ever been wondering about Mud Baths - here's Mud Bath Class 101:
the WHINE Country is famous fur it's relaxing and detoxicatifying mud baths - but wouldn't you know when we mature meowsters were mud bathing - the yunguns showed up and slip slided and guided their fur butts and crazy selves to a mud wrestling fight. Mud and more mud everywhere so much that we didn't even know who was who - cuz Napa Valley mud was everywhere - I mean everywhere! Gotta admit at my mature age (hey I'm an Olde Furt) that it was hilarious to watch!

Oh Wilson - you are the Cat's Meow and thanks and more thanks fur bringing we purs together - oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh (yes that's 3 Oh My Goshes) - I think there were 100 of us at your beeYOUtiful Estate.

Kitty Hugs and Purrs Galore to all!


Warm and Wonderful Arrival at Wilson's Estate

January 19th 2009 2:40 pm
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We're here on the Estate and our limo arrived from San Francisco but what a ruckus it was for me to ride with
Yolo who was popping his fuzzy head out of the skylight (while waving his cowboy hat at all the cars we passed). Skeezix and Guido kicked back their lanky legs and used the foot stools in the limo while they caught up on a bunch of biz stuff - they even had their meowster brief cases with them. The ride was beautiful thru the Valley and when we drove into the big arched gates of Wilson's estate, there was our buddy, my dear special furiend Wilson to greet us (I got a kitty kiss!) with trays of Pina Coladas with little plastic monkeys hanging over the glass and the itsy bitsy mouse sized umbrellas in the drink too.

I'm going to find my suite and then Toulouse, Hazel Lucy and Buddie and I will go for a stroll thru those organicat gardens of Wilson's. We heard the mice are everywhere! We're still waiting for our many Catster pals to arrive and it's gamut of guests from the yunguns (Christopher, Oliver & Dewey) to many of our Olde Furt pals (Alex & Freckles) What a day - pinch my paw, am I dreaming? I'm counting the meowments for those 3 meowster massages each day! WOW WOW WOW.

Purrs Galore...


You're Invited to Wilson's Estate in The WHINE Country

January 18th 2009 7:07 pm
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Oh my oh my - my very dear furiend Wilson J Scooter the meowster of the WHINE Country , is hosting a fabucatulous pawty at his winery estate so please come and RSVP as to if you want my very dear furiend (hey he's a transPURRtation mogul) to send his PURReyeVat jet "Air Scooter One" to pick you up, or if your paws want to come via AmCat Train cross country he can arrange that too and if you live close by in CalEYEfurKneeYah (that's what my son GUIDO the Italian Kitty calls it) Wilson can purrvide a new Catilac to come and fetch you. It's all roundtrip feline fare and cat-accomodations are all courtesy of Wilson my furiend and cohost!

From Monday to Wednesday we're going to enjoy Wilson's estate (yes where I recently recovered from my being Ditched and Deserted) and your Catster self will adoracat the vineyards to gaze upon mice, get your paws dusty (I think they call that a Mud Bath in the Napa Valley), and indulge your fabucat self in organicat foods and abundacat fun.

So please join Wilson and Me for a memorable meowster 3 days - and our paws will kick back on Tuesday as we watch history with the Inauguration on his beeeeeg TV screen in the estate's purrsonal sensationalcatically theatre - I've been there - it's a cat chaise for all!

If you want a plane, train or catilac do so at EMAIL WILSON J SCOOTER

And your huuuumans can follow our WHINE Country warm week in the sun fun at:


Furiendship Furever

January 13th 2009 8:34 am
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I'm back in the City by the Bay with my Boys (they're still misbehaving!) and I'm catnapping and dreaming about the magnificent week with Wilson J Scooter in the WHINE Country. I think my dear furiend should open up a C&C - Cat & Catnip Inn because he's the most marvelous host ever.

So many meowmories but on top of the list is seeing Yolo and GUIDO the Italian Kitty rise into the sky in the hot air balloon Sunday morning. If you could have seen my boys' cat eyes you would have laughed your feline self silly. Never ever have I seen GUIDO so stunned - I think it's cuz he wasn't in control because you know, he's Italian and has this catitude to be in control. Nobody's in control in that big colorful balloon! Wilson and I rolled in the dirt and laughed so much over my Boys being high flying cats!

Now we're back to normal abundacatnaps, but GUIDO has his mug in a new contest and I'd be so puhleezed and purroud if you would cast a vote for my boy. He says it's a weekly contest, every Tuesday we have to vote until mid March - we can do that for the Italian Kitty to land on a Bissell Vacuum Box! Wilson and I would toss GUIDO a party in the WHINE Country if he lands this purrmotion job.

Vote for Guido in the BISSELL MVP Photo Contest 2009!

Wishing you a lovely sun filled day,
Purrs Galore


Bocce Ball With The Boys In The WHINE Country

January 11th 2009 9:50 am
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Wilson J Scooter is the bestest meowster pal a red tabbie old furt gal cat could have! This whole rest and renewal week at his WHINE Country estate has been (as GUIDO the Italian Kitty would say ... Fabucatulous!).

Yesterday he had his limo fetch my Boys in San Furancisco, bringing Yolo and GUIDO the Italian Kitty to St. Helena for the weekend. You're curious as a cat to find out what the favorite part of the day was?? Purrobably playing Bocce Ball with catzillions of homemade meatballs. And of course, as normal, my boys misbehaved their paws and ate the meatballs as we played so what happens?? We couldn't finish the game cuz we had no more bocce balls!

My Boys discovered dirt, yes Terra Cotta and kitty mud baths and you know GUIDO being the global meowster star that he is, has his paws exposed to all sorts of things, but he's never raced his Italian paws thru a vineyard or wrestled with Wilson J Scooter (Wilson has ammo head!)! Their 12 'ready to wrestle' paws revved up like table top fans and the dust flew higher than the divine vines.

Saturday evening dinner was kicked back and we were relax-a-cats, having delivered Chinese foods: shrimp chow mein, lovely Lobster noodles, mooshoe meowster pork and purrfect rice boiled in milk Szechawan Cat method. This was a feast for the Iron Tom Cat Chef! Wilson brought out his purrEYEvat Port for he and I as The Boys are too young to indulge in such mature meowster delicious goodies.

Today Wilson is surprising the Boys but I know what's doing (giggles, and tee hee hee). Should I tell? Oh no, my proPURRly raised city self says don't spoil the fun, so you'll just have to travel your paws to WILSON'S DIARY
to see what he's got in store for GUIDO the Italian Kitty and Yolo - The Boys are going to be flying high and mighty today!

Purrs Galore,


Restful Renewal Retreat Week In The WHINE Country

January 9th 2009 9:16 am
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Oh my red tabbie Olde Furt self is feeling like spring has sprung, all because of my restful renewal retreat week in the Napa Valley's WHINE Country with my good furiend Wilson J Scooter. I've got to share some tidbits with you meowsters about this pretty place and you'll be packing your kitty Samso-meownite suitcase and heading north to visit his estate!

We Olde Furts are acting like kittens, prancing our paws thru vineyards, chasing mice (you know I have never been in a garden because I'm a high rise condo cat) so having a little country dust on my paws is exciting. I think they call it a mud bath up here. We've shopped so much in the tiny town of St Helena that the merchants all know us by our furst names now. I had to call Guido to get his MasterCAT Card number (he has huge fee-line of credit) cuz I've spent quite a bit on my own card. And when we're not spa'ing, mousing, shopping and catnapping in the sunny vineyard rays, we're dining! Yes it's true, Wilson and I both are not watching our mature meowster waistlines - hey at our age why bother?

I've nibbled on some lovely organicat goat cheeses and more dining PURRleasures today when Wilson takes me on board a Dining Train in the WHINE Country. The catzine shows it has a glass roof with a big dome that we can get sun rays thru - oh my gosh my red tabbie self is thurrilled. PURRportedly, we'll have a waiter in a white jacket (with no cat hair on his jacket cuz that's how they oPURRate the dining car) and the man in the white jacket will serve us a gorgeous gourmaycat meal. Oh, purrs, I just love the WHINE Country and I adore Wilson too.

You know I've been here resting and renewing for almost a week now to get over my broken engagement. Wilson has restored me but I miss my family, Guido the Italian Kitty and Yolo the Cowboy Kitty. So more mews: Wilson is sending his purrEYEvate car to bring The Boys to his estate this weekend - rumors are flying high that there is a big surprise for them - me too.

Oh to be renewed is a joyous gift at this cold time of the year. Does anybody have a suggestion for a proPURR thank you gift for WIlson? My red tabbie ears are open...

Purrs Galore


Pawsatively Kicked Back In The WHINE Country

January 7th 2009 8:35 pm
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Oh my gosh my red Olde Furt self is having the time of my life in the WHINE Country with my good furiend, the Winery Mogal, Wilson J Scooter. I awakened my little amber eyes this morn in the beeyoutiful suite he has arranged for me in his warm home and then we sipped cat double cream cafe au laits .... and then we meandered thru the vineyards to end up in his PURReyeVat spa - you do know we've all read about the spas and mud baths in Travel & Meowster Leisure mag!

Then after our little Olde Furt bods were relax-a-cattted at the SPA, Wilson cooked me a really nice dinner - Filet Meowmignon with imPURRted nip sauce and a bottle (oh giggles, we actually consumed 2 bottles!) of Cabercat Savignon (do not say SahVeegNay!)

I'm telling you, I think my furiend Wilson is on to something - and he should branch out with developing a nice B&B in the WHINE Country cuz he's got the meowster manners, the class, the catculinary talents and he's just a great all around guy!

Tonight I'm wrapped up in my Very Terry Feline Robe - and we're just sitting around in furont of Wilson's nice fireplace cat chatting - I wish you all could be here with us to enjoy the meowment. He's helping me recover so nicely from my broken engagement ... he says soon it will just be in the history of hysterical meowments book.

Purrrrrrrzzzz and Kitty Hugs

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