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"In my new cat tree."

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Age: 10 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 8 lbs.

A different angle.

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"A different angle."

What are you looking at?

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"What are you looking at?"

My new favorite gift: a small analog travel clock! It

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"My new favorite gift: a small analog travel clock! It's got my nose prints all over it."

Me with my clock.

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"Me with my clock."

Me and my sis.

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"Me and my sis."

Portrait of Minnie Won in Catster Contest

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"Portrait of Minnie Won in Catster Contest"

Love means tolerating your sister

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"Love means tolerating your sister's butt in your face."

Go away, pawparazzi!

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"Go away, pawparazzi!"

Snuggle, snuggle, after toil and trouble.

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"Snuggle, snuggle, after toil and trouble."

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Minnie, Minnie Doll, Angel, Darling, Her Royal Friskiness

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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Gotcha Date:
July 27th 2007

August 20th 2006


Chasing her favorite toy, and being held (in order of importance)

Not getting to go somewhere Penelope is going, and being ignored--also being photographed by the "stalkerazzi" (mom)

Favorite Toy:
Neko Flies Foxifurr

Favorite Nap Spot:
On the couch curled up with Penelope and mom, or next to the heater

Favorite Food:
Friskies Plus Chicken and Tuna

Minuette has figured out how to open my bedroom door (lever handle), and is a natural gymnast as well (backflips and the works)


Arrival Story:
After Bliss' death I needed a new cat with a similar personality (he spoiled me), and after much research on temperments I decided on Tonkinese. Minuette was part of a package deal from a breeder with her sister Penelope, as the two are very close, and I am infinitely grateful she came. She had won lots of ribbons in cat shows before she came to live with me, but underneath the seemingly ideal appearance is a true sweetheart. It's always what's underneath the surface that matters most to me, and she's far more than just a pretty face.

Minuette is not only a glory to hold, but an amazing athlete. When she plays she's like a little tornado, so her sister knows well enough to stay out of the way. While originally Penelope was the one thought of as the therapy cat for my autistic niece, Minuette has been invaluable. She is completely unflappable. The things that would frighten Penelope roll right off of Minuette's back. My niece will sometimes chase her, and then Minuette will chase her right back, to her great delight. She's absolutely incredible: sweet and daring, which is a hard combination to find. She also is surprisingly sensitive, and is usually the first to comfort me if I'm feeling bad. Everytime I sit and play with her she'll come over periodically and give me a nose nudge to connect with me before going back to playing. She's a true sweeetheart with a heart of gold.

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Let Your Frisky Flag Fly

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A Thoroughly Modern Minnie

The Big Day

August 19th 2016 10:30 pm
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Sorry that my mom hasn't been on giving gifties and such for a while: she's been kind of sick from the Lyme treatment she's on and not all that with it. Not to mention suddenly having a flood of election e-mail coming in that she has to field: makes her almost wistful for the days of robocalls. :P Actually she is delightfully surprised Catster community is still around. She is almost scared to sign in each day lest she find the site no longer exists.
But I did want to pipe up because August 20 is a big day for me and my sisfur, one that we didn't think the community would last long enough to celebrate: our 10th birthday! Goodness knows all the health scares we have been through, and the adventures we have, well, adventured, during those 10 years. And goodness knows all of the wonderful friends we have picked up here on Catster! Well worth celebrating, although we remember those we have known on Catster who haven't made it to 10 years old and we are humbled, and give thanks that we have both lived this long.
Sending love to all of our Catster friends on our 10th!
Minnie & Penny


Bus Stop and Other Stuff

November 29th 2015 6:25 pm
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First of all, Mom wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite rituals. Whenever Nana comes downstairs into my territory--my Mom's living area--it's a celebration for me. Nana will come down and sit on the bottom steps and I will head excitedly to what Mom calls the bus stop. It's on top of mom's dresser just inside her bedroom where she has cushy blankets on top. I like to sleep there and get face time with Mom because the top allows me to be at eye level with Mom. The reason Mom calls it the bus stop is that as soon as I get there I will start loudly meowing for Mom to come pick me up and take me over to get love from Nana. Mom doesn't know why I don't just come straight to Nana, but it's my ritual, so I get to have the final say on it. After Mom takes me to Nana I will spend some time exchanging love with Nana--Mom has noticed with Nana I am at the top of my game affection and charm-wise--then at some point I will get down, walk away, and head straight to the bus stop and begin meowing again. This ritual is repeated over and over again until Nana heads back upstairs. If--for any reason--Mom is negligent in coming to pick me up promptly I will settle in on the blanket and refuse to come with Mom. I believe in providing consequences, so if she doesn't play by the rules there's a penalty. Anyway, that's a favorite little ritual that I devised myself.

Another ritual I created is that every time Nana gives Mom shots on the main floor I have to come up and supervise, not to mention get lots of love afterwards. Mom doesn't know how I know when the shot is going to be given--somehow I magically show up as soon as the syringe is being loaded. I thrive on love and attention, and I give as much as I get.

In other news my health has been difficult. Fortunately the IBD seems to be mainly under control, but I still struggle with respiratory problems, which are exacerbated be allergies and my immune system being weak as a result of the Feline Herpes Virus. I had to go on antibiotics for over 8 weeks a month or two ago--I'm off now, thank goodness, but show definite signs of brewing trouble, mainly a very runny nose and sneezing, not to mention being more tired than usual. Because of a stuffy nose my meows sound more like "meowff" which Mom thinks is adorable, but it worries her. To keep my health from sliding downwards Mom keeps her bedroom heated to about 78 degrees as I get very uncomfortable in lower temperatures. Even then I still demand to sleep underneath a blanket. Also, my sense of smell seems to be more acute, because if I catch a whiff of any of my or Mom's body odors on a blanket I will refuse to sleep under it, meaning Mom has to send blankets upstairs to be washed on a regular basis. But it's worth it in her mind because I get so much comfort from the blankets, and when Mom sees me underneath a blanket she calls me her "heavenly bean" as I curl up in a perfect bean shape.


Mom is Out of Order

May 30th 2015 7:51 pm
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If you've noticed that your kitty has not gotten gifties from us on your Gotcha Day or Birthday like you usually do, it's not 'cause we've forgotten you. Mom, who takes care of these things, is on a really intensive medical treatment that has her blitzed most of the time. Thus she can't always make it onto Catster every day to check who has events and send gifts like she usually tries to. The good news is that after 12 weeks of the treatment she will be cured, but she's only on week 3, so it might not be until August 2 that she will be back to herself. In the meantime us kitties won't be getting outdoor time (she sleeps through most of the day--mean mom), though it might not be a bad thing as it seems we have allergies, and we haven't had URI troubles for quite a while since staying indoors. Penny doesn't like it, but I just spend the time Mom's in bed cozied under the covers with her, which is why Mom thinks I'm a very good nurse indeed.

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