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Chocolat's Adventures

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Catster still broken on Firefox Browser

August 24th 2008 2:27 pm
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Ever an optimist I tried Catster again today to see if they had ever bothered their shirts to fix it so it would work with Firefox - some progress has been made asd I can now see the diary on Catster but still cannot see photos. Well one can always hope. Actually Dogster, though it works, has gotten so messed up and mixed up and takes so long to do anything on I can't use it much either. Too bad as it was really a wonderful thing when they first started.


Feline Friends

April 14th 2007 12:36 pm
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For those nice people who have asked to be friends with Chocolat - my catster page has been broken for some time (Dogster is okay) and I am waiting until it gets fixed so I can see your lovely kitties and then I will reply to your requests. Thank you all for wanting to be friends with Chocolat! She is doing well again - they were eating Iams chicken and gravy when the recall came and both Chocolat and Tigger were ill but now that we are off the food they are well again - poor Chocolat - she must be down to just a couple of lives left!


Chocolat is Well

September 2nd 2006 10:04 am
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I wrote in December that Chocolat was very poorly. She was having a lot of hairball trouble. About three months ago I started her on Purina One Dry Cat Food Hairball formula and she is doing wonderfully - the scratching her back photo is a recent one of her where she has plumped back up. And she has endless energy - I sit in my chair at night and drop the newspaper on the floor as I read the various sections and she goes absolutely ape with it - running and jumping and tearing it to bits. It is quite a mess to clean up but I don't mind as it means she is quite healthy! She has toys but doesn't play with them - her favorite things in the whole world are the newspapers and an empty toilet paper roll! Figures, just like children - buy them a toy and they play with the box!


Feeling Better Now

August 18th 2006 10:32 am
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Purina One has come out with a hairball remedy dry cat food and Chocolat has been on it for about three weeks and is doing wonderfully - her coat is shiny and gorgeous and she is (heaven forbid) getting a little on the chubby side. No more throwing up all the time. She and Alli have sort of made peace. Chocolat has learned not to run when she sees Alli so Alli then just ignors her. Am really glad as Alli is so terrifcally strong I was afraid she would hurt Chocolat if she ever caught up with her.

Posted two new pictures of her.


Update on Chocolat

December 17th 2005 6:59 pm
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Chocolat and Alli are trying to make friends. Alli is the same honey color that Goldie was and Chocolat tries to rub on her and purr but Alli wools her unmercifully with endless puppy energy and will chase her if she runs so Chocolat gets a little tired of it and will slap her.

She has been ill several times this fall - seems to be mostly hairballs (she grooms herself a dozen times a day to get all the dust off and that is not really a good thing) and hairball remedy usually fixes her up but she is getting pretty thin. She is still a picky eater is part of the problem though she has finally deigned to eat Iams canned food which is much better quality food than Fancy Feast was so that is a good thing.

She has switched from the bathroom sink which she used to cool off in the summer to sitting in front of the bathroom heater as it usually about 40 degrees in the house until the wood fire gets going which takes a couple of hours. She just loves that heater and I leave it on just for her.


Loads of Love

June 26th 2005 11:37 am
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Chocolat's dear friend Goldie was put to sleep on the 17th. My darling Emaline, the pot-bellied pig, died suddenly on the 20th and I was digging a grave for her on the 21st. Chocolat came to see what I was doing and discovered Goldie's headstone with her collar hanging on it. She smelled Goldie on the collar and rubbed and rubbed on it, purring at the top of her lungs - she had found her missing buddy!


Chocolat's Patience

April 26th 2005 3:29 pm
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Have added a photo of Chocolat patiently being a pillow for Goldie's nap. Goldie is blind and deaf and Chocolat is very kind and very loving to her. She stayed in this position for nearly an hour one day.


We are well

January 15th 2005 9:42 am
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Chocolat's owl injury has healed and she looks almost normal - I can see that her face is lopsided but only because I know what to look for. I try to keep her in at night but she is very clever about sneaking out sometimes when I open the door to let one of the dogs out in the night. We are under attack by a big flock of pigeons and I am trying to teach her to bother them to leave but she is a little afraid of them.


New Nickname

December 14th 2004 5:48 pm
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My mama just gave me a new nickname. We live in southeast Arizona where the sun is very hot and it makes my black fur very uncomfortable so I roll in the dirt every chance I get. So recently she calls me "dusty roads" - I think she is just mad because I clean the dust off on her kitchen counter about ten times a day so I can look pretty while I am in the house! Now is that nice?


Chocolat's new computer friend

November 11th 2004 10:03 am
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My silly roommate Tigger just became friends with Cassie the cat who has some great computer tricks. It reminded my mama of my computer hi jinx. While I usually like to sleep in the sunny bay window I always hear when mama starts hitting computer keys and have to come out and walk on the keyboard to see what I can make the screen do. My mama bought a drawer for the keyboard that slides under the monitor and slams it shut when she sees me coming so I have to be quick and jump on the keyboard before the drawer shuts. If I am too late I just lay down in front of the computer screen so mama can't see it and when she gets up and goes away and I swipe her chair and sleep there the rest of the day. Who says cats don't rule!

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