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Fido the sweetie cat!

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I'm almost never sick!!

July 10th 2012 2:08 am
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I have a very mild cold that me, Boogie and Tiski caught from Hondo. Allie already sent me lovies and sent my siblings chicken soup 'cause they don't get her lovies :)

We're on Clavamox and mom said she's stressin' over giving 4 of us pills. Tiski and Boogie aren't too bad, I'm ok for the most part, but Hondo is a tough one. Mom has to chase him and "trick" him to take meds.

I am just stuffed up but was advised and given pills to ensure it doesn't get worse. Poor Hondo, he's a mess but he'll be ok. Mom is just watching Tiski and Boogs the most 'cause Tiski can't afford an UTI (due to his heart issues) and Boogie is always battling boogies, so mom's stressin'.


10 days+ and counting

June 23rd 2012 11:27 am
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So I'm a DDP today and again, wouldn't have known had it not been for Buddie!! He's always looking out for friends!

Catster hasn't been working for 10+ days in regards to notifications about DDP's. Are they aware of this? And if so, what will be done to fix this glitch?

It's been very hot everywhere and supposed to hopefully cool down a bit. Although, 5 degrees doesn't feel like much. I'll continue to stay inside like I always do, look cute, and get pampered.

Tomorrow Dad has another cycling race. Go Dad!!


Catster is still broken!

June 18th 2012 10:23 am
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Had it not been for Buddie's message to me, I wouldn't have known I was a DDP today!! I think HE should start working for Catster :) MOL!

Ooooooooo I'm a DDP!!

Yesterday was Father's Day and dad grilled chicken outside for dinner. Mom had marinaded it over night in Olive Garden's dressing (which you can buy at their restaurant). Turned out yummy! Although I didn't want it :)

Dad finally goes back to work today after getting his wisdom taken out.


DDP but NO notification???

June 9th 2012 11:43 am
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Weird! Mom had no idea I was a DDP along with DDP Piggie Boogie 'cause we never got an email like we normally do!

And mom was up at 4am so her phone never dinged either! Weird huh?

Thanks for the pawmails, concats and rosette friends!!! Mom is growing catnip but she's worried she over watered during the initial watering... She has killed a cactus before :) I hope it works!


A month since?!

June 8th 2012 8:09 pm
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Geeze, it's been a month since I last strolled?!? That's terrible!! Unfortunately the weather is heating up so I don't think I'll be strolling soon.

Daddy is going to be off work for an entire WEEK 'cause he's getting 2 wisdom teeth pulled and the extra one behind one wisdom tooth. He had 2 taken out while he was in the Military but the others at that time hadn't poked through.

Mom is trying to figure out what to feed dad since he eats a lot. She says apple sauce, Tomato soup and spaghetti O's only go so far! I would suggest our moist food but I think Boogie would have a problem with that.



May 5th 2012 5:31 pm
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I had a blast strolling with Porkers! He's a front seat hog but that's ok, I don't mind the back, even if I'm sitting the wrong way :)

Porkers told me that Tiski was strolling with him but mom and dad had to turn the stroller around as Tiski had a Tiskitude!!!

Normally Tiski and Porks stroll together, sometimes with me, but my main strolling buddie is Boogs. Since he was being smacked by Tiski, he was not in the mood to stroll.

*sigh* brothers!!



April 15th 2012 11:26 am
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Wow it's been a long time since I've been a DDP 'cause my chubby brother Boogie tends to get all the honors :)

Thanks for the pawmails of concats and Smiley Cassanova for the birdie!!

Unfortunately I can't meow long. Mom threw her back out last night and she's not sure how. She was fine, showered late, took the trash out, and that might have been it? She's short and the blue bin is up to her chest, and the trash was HEAVY. So she might have threw it in wrong. So meow's later as she can't sit long!


Captured on canvas!!!

April 7th 2012 11:19 am
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Yup, as Hondo meowed, our entire family is being painted by Catster member mommy Jill Jones. I'm a bit embarrassed that I can't remember who her cats are, but I'm sure we're buds!

Boogie and Tiskers were painted a while back and mom decided to do the rest of the family. We just received Hondo and my picture yesterday and she's about done with Porks, Mittens and ugly dog Ethan! We can't wait!

Mom wants to take a picture of me looking at my picture so you'll have to be patient but I will post a picture of my picture! Get it? MOL!!!!

Mom is thrilled to have us on her wall. She's going to make this the "picture" behind the head board. Awwwwwwwwww

Have a safe Easter!


Bad mommy!!!

February 20th 2012 11:55 pm
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Doesn't she know I'm dreamboat #71c?!?!? She felt so bad that when I DEMANDED she do a diary, she didn't argue!

So mom leaves our office door closed in case the twins chew a cord (yes, they are bad at times). Mom thinks it was 10:30-11:00 pm when she did this...

Note the time of this diary (eastern time): 2:54 am!!!! She heard a "meow" a few times between 11-now, but figured it was me meowing to myself as I do that...

AHEM?!? Mom decided to look for me since she realized she hadn't seen me since dinner. AND THERE I WAS!!

Locked in the office!!! Bad mommy!! I forgive her ONLY 'cause Dad is home for the next two days and he gave me TLC...



Dreamboat #71c!!!

February 9th 2012 11:38 am
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The time has come, when I've earned a new status of being a mancat!!! I'm now an official Dreamboat #71c!! But my wifey Allie already knew that 'cause I've always been her dreamboat :)

Oh my!! Daddy is on a bike ride before work but he will be so excited to hear the news!!! What? You haven't read Samoa's diary yet? Check it out *HERE*

Mom always remembers the time Samoa's mom pointed out that if you look at my face markings, the white portion? It looks like a lady crossing her legs, reading a book. Also, we love how she loves my goatee! That's one of the extra cute things about me :)

Thanks so much Samoa!!!

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