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My Tail of Devotion for Mackenzie

December 28th 2007 6:12 pm
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Can you imagine that this got buried near the bottom of her diary posts? I had to refresh it, just in case the world wasn't sure how much I love my Mackenzie. ~Mama

This might be my tail of devotion for Kenzie, but she is also totally devoted to me. She won't let anyone else get close enough to touch or pet her!

My baby...what do I say? You have been a faithful companion to me, just when I needed one the most. You are indeed a precious gift - and I couldn't have asked for better.

Little did I know that bringing you home would be the easiest part of getting to know you! You were such a stinker when you were little! I was not expecting to having to "child proof" my small space! You definitely made the place interesting. Do you remember when I dropped a piece of thread? I immediately climbed down from my step ladder to pick it up - but you saw it, too, and dove for it. And you ate it. I was furious with you - and didn't know what to do. At the vet's suggestion I gave you hydrogen peroxide; he made me freak out with 'tails' of this thread wrapping itself around your organs and having to do surgery to get it out. But you were so determined not to vomit! After several doses and hours later, you finally hocked it up...and didn't feel like eating for 3 days! I gave you a very stern talking to, saying I couldn't afford this and I didn't want to have to send you back to the shelter - I'm sure that's what did the trick (smile), because we've been inseparable ever since.

You are my loyal guardian. When I sit down, so do you - up against me. When I lay down, you come running. You can read my moods so well. You incessantly hound me to be picked up; when I do, you go dead weight into my chest and lay your head on my shoulder. I love it when you do that. My favorite things you do? You start to purr as soon as I touch you or look at you or speak in your direction - whether you're sleeping or awake, no matter if I'm talking to you or Sebastian. There aren't many times when you aren't thrilled to see me. You remind me of a country song: "I love the way you love me."

You also take such good care of me when I'm not feeling good, and that seems to happen a lot these days. Sometimes I wish you could get up and make me some chicken noodle soup, but then I realize that, even if you could, it would never make it to me. Your counter surfing skills are second to none. Is that your way of making sure I don't get lazy about washing & cleaning the dishes & counters? No matter how horrible I feel, your company and incessant purring is enough to lift my spirits. My bed just isn't as roomy without you plopped in the middle or on the edge of it.

You are an excellent alarm clock. When I forget my alarm clock, you come wake me up at the right time, purring in my ear until I wake up and try to shoo you away because I didn't realize it was you. You'd think that after almost 11 years, I'd remember you wake me up when you feel its time to get up.

Will you ever forgive me for bringing Sebastian home? I know that he annoys you something terrible. I also know that you do love him, even a little bit!

You are so entertaining to watch when you see a plastic grocery bag. I love the zeal you bring into diving into the piles, plowing through them, or trying to hide in one. Despite your advancing age, you still have that kitten spirit within you! I love to watch you play.

What I ever did to be blessed with such a loyal friend is beyond me. You are truly a gift from Heaven. All I know is that I'm proud to say I'm owned by this white furball! You're my baby and no other animal will ever take your place.

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