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Meow, Meow, Meow, Mommy is Back!

July 2nd 2006 10:05 am
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Meow, Meow Feline Friends,

My mommy just got back from staying overnight with her friend Mark. She even came home with some stuff for me. Mommy said that she and Mark walked around the Arboredum (sp?) and saw a whole bunch of cool animals. She said they saw a couple of cranes real close and some turtles, frogs, a family of ducks, and a deer in one of the ponds. Sounds real cool. Then she told me about how they went to a pet store called Mad Cats. They had a whole bunch of really cool animals toys there. Mark bought me a catnip carrot and this green triangular catnip toy. I was so excited when mommy came home, not only to see her but because my new toys are so cool. It's very good quality catnip that they are made of. Mommy said that Sam, Molly, and Nicki (Mark's dogs) really liked the gifts I gave them. I gave them each placemats for their food bowls and some dog treats. Then she told me that she took a walk with each of the dogs this morning while she was waiting for Mark to wake up. Speaking of walks, I hope the weather is ok this afternoon so that mommy can take me for a stroller ride.

Not much else is new here. I'm sitting infront of mommy's tv watching something about lions on Animal Planet. I'm just so happy she is home. Grandma and Grandpa came over this morning and fed me and cleaned my litter which was very nice. When I heard the door open a second time today though, I got really excited. I just meowed at the top of my lungs because I knew it was mommy.

Anyway, I'll meow with all you cats later.



Grandma visited me today!

July 3rd 2006 4:45 pm
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Meow, Meow,

Today was just a purr-fect day. Mommy let me into her room first thing in the morning and I gave her a whole bunch of kisses. Then she let me roam around her house and sit by the patio door to watch chipmunks.

Later on Grandma came over. Mommy got a picture of me with her which I just posted in my Catster Plus scrapbook along with a bunch of other new pictures on pages 3 and 4. Then mommy and grandma took me for a stroller ride near the lake. It was real fun. We saw this cute little doggy that had to come up right near my stroller and check me out. I was very good and didn't hiss. It seemed like a really nice little dog anyway. Then mommy went off and did a bunch of things with grandma after that and I played in my room with my toys for a while.

Mommy just got home a while ago and helped me scan my pictures and post them on Catster. I also had mail today - a cute little Hello Kitty card from my friend Rocky Ann thanking me for the HK blanket I sent her. She also included a cute picture of herself and some HK band-aids for mommy if she ever cut herself. It's sure nice to have such good kitty friends.

I've had a long day and am tired. I'll meow with all you kitties later.



Happy 4th of July

July 4th 2006 5:16 pm
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First of all I just wanted to wish all of you kitties a very happy 4th of July. Also I would like to wish my buddy Violet a meowy Happy 7th Birthday.

I had a pretty good day. Grandma and Grandpa came over and I went for a stroll with them and mommy near the lake again. Grandma, Grandpa, and mommy all took turns pushing me. I wore my little flag shirt that said Proud To Be An American and mommy put a couple little flags on my stroller. One lady that was out driving in the neighborhood waived at us.

Later on I'm probably going to watch the Macey's 4th of July Fireworks on tv. Fireworks are very pretty. I could just do without the loud noise.

All you kitties have a meowy good evening and I'll meow with you tomorrow night.

Wet, sandpapery kisses,



Back to the old routine again.

July 5th 2006 5:26 pm
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My mommy had to go back to work today. I got up real early with her. She cleaned my litter box and gave me fresh food and water. Then I layed by the patio door and watched for chipmunks. Lo and behold, one of my little buddies came around. I had such an excited look on my face.

Mommy came home from work this afternoon a little tired. Also it didn't help that she got really sunburnt yesterday at the parade. So we didn't end up going for a stroll. Mommy said maybe this weekend. That way she'll have a couple days for her arms to heal. This time she'll remember her sunscreen.

Right now I'm laying on my mommy's bedroom floor telling her what to type in my diary and I'm watching Rockstar.

Have a meowy nice evening kitties.



Happy Thursday!

July 6th 2006 4:37 pm
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Today was a pretty interesting day. Mommy got me out of bed, fed me and cleaned my litterbox. Then I went downstairs and watched for chipmunks again. My little buddy was hanging out on the patio again. He/She was standing right on the patio table looking right at me.

Mommy came home from work this evening and had some chicken tenders from Arby's with her. They looked just delicious and were. Mommy broke off a little corner of one for me to taste. After she was done eating, she went through her mail or my mail. She basically received junk mail, but I had a package from my good friend Rocky Ann in Cali. It was a cute little Hello Kitty brush. I just loved it. Mommy used it right away on my fur. I can always use brushes as I need to have my fur brushed so I don't end up with those nasty hairballs. Then mommy called grandma and talked to her for a while. It turned out that my grandma has a broken foot. She messed it up on a piece of cement that was sticking up on the walkway into her workplace. I do hope her foot gets better soon. I couldn't imagine having an ouwy paw and not being able to run around and play as usual.

After mommy finished talking to grandma, she took me upstairs with her. Now I'm just hanging out on my catnip blanket on her computer desk. A couple minutes ago I was just going through my mommy's garbage can and I noticed an interesting object in there. It turns out that object is a straw. I always wondered what those things were that mommy drinks her soda out of. They sure make good cat toys too. However, mommy ended up taking it along with the garbage can away from me and putting it in her closet as she didn't want me to chew up the straw and swallow some of it. She wouldn't want to have to take me to the vet and I wouldn't want to have to go there if I ended up swallowing something I shouldn't.

There you have it kitties, my Thursday. I'll meow with you all later.



The Weekend Is Here!

July 7th 2006 5:05 pm
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I had just the purr-fect start to my weekend. I got up and went downstairs. I layed by the patio door and once again my little chipmunk buddy was there looking at me. Then my mommy decides to have some leftover 4th of July cake and I'm just dying for some. Mommy gave in and gave me a couple little pieces of it. It was very yummy. I already know what kinda cake I want for my birthday next year. I'm going to ask my mommy for a yellow Hello Kitty cake with white frosting. Mommy said she saw one at Pick N' Save a while ago.

Mommy left for work and put me in my room with all my fun toys. I really love my HK palace. I love to go in there and hide sometimes. Usually mommy has to rearrange my blanket in there each morning because I moved it around.

In the evening, mommy came home with some yummy smelling food from Dairy Queen. Of course, I jumped up onto the table and begged her for some. She ended up breaking off a couple pieces of her hamburger and giving me a couple of fries. Probably not the best for me, but I just loved it.

My mommy talked to grandmaw tonight and she went to the doctor today for her foot and she got a little sandle like thing to wear on her foot to help it heal faster. It sounds like something I'd find very interesting. I hope it works well, so that grandmaw's foot can heal quickly and she can go for stroller rides with me when she visits mommy and I.

That's all folks!

Wet, sandpapery kisses



My Busy Saturday!

July 8th 2006 5:32 pm
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Meow Kitties,

It's Colleen here. I've had quite a busy day. First mommy let me come into her bedroom and immediately I jumped up on her bed and started giving her kisses. Then I decided to see if I could get away with playing with the garbage can. Well I learned my answer to that right away - no.

Later on mommy decided to take me for about an hour long stroll. We went around near Little Muskego Lake. One guy noticed me in my stroller and commented on how cute I was. Then we went over to the Animal Doctor to pick up my cat food and visit with the other kitties. All my buddies were hiding today. They must have just been tired. We also heard a kitty crying there. My mommy commented to one of the staff there that someone didn't sound very happy. They told my mommy that it was a little kitten who was just declawed and was anxious to go home. Poor baby, I'm glad my mommy opted not to have me declawed. I've been a good cat anyway as far as my claws go. I have plenty of appropriate cat toys to scratch at. My big problem was my mouth when mommy first got me. I loved to chew on things.

Some of you might know that my grandmaw broke her foot at work lately. Well we had a talk this morning and decided it would be nice to get her a Get Well present so mommy ran over to this place called Cookies By Design and bought my grandmaw a little cookie arrangement in a cup - Garfield themed. One of the cookies was a Garfield dressed as a doctor, a Pookie, and a medicine bottle that said Rx cookies. From what mommy told me grandmaw just loved it.

Later on my mommy had to put me back in my room with my toys because she was going to Summerfest. She said she had alot of fun there watching bands, shopping, and watching a Skateboarding/BMX demo. She also came home with some tatoos - fake. Mommy would never get a real tatoo as she is terrified of needles which sounds silly for someone her age, but she's told me that she's had some traumatic experiences with needles as a child. Anyway, one of mommy's tatoos was a little kitty near her ankle which I thought was really cute and I had to sniff it and the other one was the two little Sobe lizards. Sobe was giving out free tatoos, fortune cookies, and samples of their products according to what mommy has told me. She also came home with a present from me for my grandmaw, her birthday is Aug. 22 which I won't say what it is just incase grandmaw is reading this. Also she bought a little frame for herself that says I Love My Cat. How sweet that she thought of me while at Summerfest! I only wish I could have been there with her, but she told me that there were many things they announced that you couldn't bring into the grounds - strollers and pets being two of them. Also they mentioned something about contraband. I wonder if I would have came and tried to bring in some nip if I would have gotten into trouble - wait thats right, catnip is legal. I guess us cats are safe. I guess they are referring to some of the funny stuff humans try to smuggle in. Anyway, catnip or no catnip it sure sounds like it would have been fun if they would have allowed pets and strollers. Mommy could have just pushed me around.

Right now I'm watching some Dog Show on Animal Planet. Doggies are ok, but I sure wish Animal Planet would have some Cat Shows once in a while. We're very interesting to look at and there are so many different beautiful breeds of us.

Anyway, I'm going to get back to watching the dogs. I'll meow with you all later.

Wet, sandpapery kisses,



A Purr-fect Sunday

July 9th 2006 4:42 pm
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Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow,Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow,Meow, Meow, Meow,Meow, Meow, Meow,

Well you kitties get the idea. It's Colleen here imitating the cats in the Meow Mix commercials. Just wanted to see how all you kitties are doing and give you an update on my day.

First mommy let me out of my room and I jumped onto her bed and covered her face in kitty kisses. Then mommy finally got out of bed, fed me, and cleaned my litter box. I was a happy cat.

Later on Mommy took me for a stroll near the lake again. We saw a couple people who said hi. I saw several birdies fly over and plenty of humans out on their boats. We came home and mommy had some errands to run so she put in my Cat Sitter DVD. I love watching it, especially the gerbils and rats.

When mommy came home she helped me wrap my birthday gift for grandmaw. I really liked to stand on the wrapping paper and play with it. I really wasn't a whole lot of help to mommy.

At around 2:30 mommy went over to grandmaw and grandpaws just to visit with them and have dinner.

When mommy arrived home, I was very hungry and meowing for dinner. She fed me dinner and we called grandmaw just so mommy could say she got home fine and I even got to talk to her. She thanked me for the Garfield Cookie arrangement I gave her again. I said meow back (cat for your welcome).

Now I'm hanging out with mommy in her bedroom and she has something on Animal Planet about Red Pandas. They are awful cute.

Until next time. Meow with you all later.



What a Purr-fect Day To Go Outside!

July 10th 2006 5:08 pm
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What a purr-fect day it is today. This morning I sat near the patio door and saw my buddy the chipmunk. Then mommy had to eat her last piece of 4th of July cake and of course I begged for a taste so mommy gave in. It was delicious as always. Then mommy had to go to work.

Later on mommy came home from work a little earlier than usual. It turned out that she had to call a plumber because her hot water heater was leaking. I did enjoy getting out of my room and getting to spend time with mommy. Of course when the plumber came I had to follow him and mommy downstairs to see what was going on. Mommy ended up picking me up as she thought I might try to get in the plumber's way.

After the plumber left, mommy started the grill to make some ribs. Of course I tried to sneak out onto the patio and mommy had to pick me up and bring me in the house. I actually tried it again, but with the same results. Mommy ended up putting me back in my room. Once the ribs were done, she actually gave me some. She cut off a special portion and cooked some with out barbeque sauce just for me. So she gave me some rib meat and some mac and cheese. I ate it all up.

After mommy was done doing super dishes, she decided to take me out for a stroll. We went down the block a ways and back. When we were going past the Tot Lot, a little doggie got all excited and started barking at me in my stroller. That dog just must have been jealous because I had a stroller and he didn't. Then we saw a father and daughter walking a dog and some other friendly people.

Now I'm back home. I just finished eating my cat food - Merrick's Turducken and I am tired now. All that fresh air and food did it for me.

I'm going to continue resting and I'll meow with all you kitties later.



Gloomy Tuesday

July 11th 2006 4:50 pm
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It's been raining this afternoon so you all know what that means. No stroller ride.

Mommy came home with some baby items tonight and no they weren't for me. She tells me they are for this guy and his wife at work. Next month they will be adding a human baby boy to their family. They already have two kitties. I know I'll have fun helping mommy wrap the gifts later.

Later on mommy ordered a pizza. I ate a little of the crust and a piece of pineapple. It's pretty good for human food.

That's all I have for now. I have to let mommy get back to finishing her supper.

Meow with you later,


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