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My name is SMOKEY

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April 22nd 2010 11:23 am
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The vet just called mawmy...he said something about no mass, no growths, but then mentioned something about hepatitis and my liver. Then he said something about Baytril, so more antibiotics....he asked Mawmy if she wanted me to stay overnight, and I guess she said no, cause the vet mentioned something about closing at I get to go home. Please keep purring cause the vet really isn't sure what is wrong, just knows what he sees on the ultrasound, that my liver is very dark....Mawmy and I love you all furry much!



April 22nd 2010 6:11 am
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For the WHOLE day! I am having an ultrasound to try to figure out why I am not eating and am lethargic. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your purrs, and mawmy and I ask that you continue. I will update when we know what is happening. We LOVE our Catster family!


Oh dear me...

April 19th 2010 4:28 pm
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I had to go to the vet today...he did an ultrasound and found a kidney no more hard treats or hard food for me (drat). He doubled my dose of stool softener, and sent me home with Daddy. All for now...thanks so much for your purrs and prayers...please keep them coming. HUGS to all kitties on Catster



March 17th 2010 5:15 pm
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Harumph...I had to spend ALL DAY at that place, for them to tell me that my glucose curve was PERFECT! So, we are still not sure where the seizures are coming from, if it IS hypoglycemia, why only at night...and what is causing it? Mawmy and daddy are going to switch my meds around on the weekend, just to is all quite a mystery...please keep those purrs and prayers coming...MUCH LOVE TO ALL OF YOU....WE ARE SO THANKFUL FOR YOUR LOVE, CARE AND CONCERN! Smokey & Joilyn



March 17th 2010 7:15 am
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As Winnie the Pooh would say..mawmy got that dreaded cat carrier out this morning and daddy whisked me off to the vet. I am getting something called a glucose curve, and have to spend the WHOLE DAY at that dreaded place. Mawmy chuckled and said I must be feeling better, as I STRUGGLED NOT to get into the carrier. We will keep all of you updated on my day...AARRGGHH!


Cautious Optimism

March 16th 2010 8:54 am
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Well furriends, I think I am feeling BETTER! After consulting our vet first thing yesterday morning, mawmy has cut back on my caninsulin, and I am going in tomorrow for a glucose curve test. I am on pain medication for my osteo-arthritis and the pinched nerve in my back...and I surprised Mawmy this morning by getting into the cat toy box, and playing with a few toys! It is interesting that when my diabates was under control, I had all these other things wrong with me (unknown to anyone, because I wouldn't tell), and now that all the other things are under control - my diabetes isn't. Thank you all for your purrs and prayers, and ask that you keep them coming! We love you all - always and furever! Smokey & Joilyn



March 14th 2010 12:33 pm
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At 1:30 this head started jerking, my eyes were dilated, and I couldn't walk. Mawmy and daddy waited a few minutes, then applied corn syrup to my gums, and it seemed to bring me around. I ate some dry food, and felt better in about 1/2 hour - it sure scared mawmy and daddy, but the episode wasn't as bad as the first one last week. Please keep those purrs and prayers coming...thanks so much!


I am home from the vet

March 10th 2010 4:42 pm
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Getting old is not for the faint of heart .... that is what my gramma says! The vet found so many things wrong...but I am glad to be home!!!!! First, he thinks it was a seizure I had last we will have to see if some meds help that. The right ventrical in my heart is enlarged...he has no idea why! I have osteo-arthritis in my front knees and ankles, and a degenerative disc in my back - pain meds should help there. I also have some kidney problems.....let's see, can I think of anything else? THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much for your purrs and rosies....please keep purring for me...I don't want any more seizures! Mawmy is furry tired tonight, so individual thank yous will have to wait. We love you all right back!!!!! Smokey & Joilyn


We love you Merlin!

November 6th 2009 4:47 pm
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Our Brusselball Group friend, Merlin passed away yesterday. We will miss him very much. He made us feel so welcome when we joined the group, and in his own quiet way, accepted everyone just as they are. We know you are happy and healthy at the bridge Merlin, and that all the cat angels are showing you around .... but, we miss you. Love to your earth family who miss you so much!


I am a mischevous feline!

September 6th 2009 2:08 pm
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I surprised my mawmy today! We were sitting outside on the back deck, enjoying the morning coolness - and there were some birds and I saw a bunny rabbit through the fence next door. Mawmy just lets me wander on the deck because I am SO well behaved and never offer to run away or anything. Well, this morning, I just decided to walk down the two steps and put my paws on the grass for a few moments. Mawmy couldn't see me, because the table was in the way. Oh, that grass felt SO GOOD on my paws, and there was a very interesting smell...then mawmy couldn't find me and said "Smokey"? And, being the well behaved cat I am, I came up the stairs immediately! First, mawmy was a little cross, but then she laughed and said "Smokey, there is still some mischievous kitten in you yet" and petted me and told me what a good cat I am .... whew, got away with it this time!

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