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"Thank you Weebees for my furry pretty photo and for thinking of me on my special day"

Sex: Female
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Boo kitty hanging out with mom and watching TV. Miss you my sweet non-feral kitty girl

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"Boo kitty hanging out with mom and watching TV. Miss you my sweet non-feral kitty girl"

My Boo Kitty I miss you sweet girl

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"My Boo Kitty I miss you sweet girl"

My Pretty Booboo angel Thank you Anna and mom, I love this pretty picture of my angel.

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"My Pretty Booboo angel Thank you Anna and mom, I love this pretty picture of my angel."

My Boo Kitty I love you and miss you sweet girl. She loved time with mom

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"My Boo Kitty I love you and miss you sweet girl. She loved time with mom"

Thank you Manytoes and family for my DDP love the spring flowers.

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"Thank you Manytoes and family for my DDP love the spring flowers."

Just chillin and watching mom while she works

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"Just chillin and watching mom while she works"

Chillin on the furry top of the kitty castle.

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"Chillin on the furry top of the kitty castle."

I love being outside in the safety of our little enclousre

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"I love being outside in the safety of our little enclousre"

still putting away all thanksgiving stuff! oh what a job!

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"still putting away all thanksgiving stuff! oh what a job!"

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the boo girl, silly girl kitty,booboo kitty

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Gotcha Date:
June 28th 2008

June 8th 2006

kitty pad lock an outside fence, playtime, loves to "clean off counters"

kitty attacks, being picked up or loved before she ask for it

Favorite Toy:
straws, loves an small light weigh object to play with straws are her favorite

Favorite Nap Spot:
on moma and dads bed and anywhere other kitties cannot find her easily

she can turn her paw just the right way to make a little palm to hold tiny things in it.


Arrival Story:
I went to the local high kill shelter to locate a kitty after my kitty of over 18 years had to be sent to the bridge because of CRF. At the shelter the attendant told me the adoptable cats were in the back and that I would have to pass the feral cat cage to get there "so just turn your head and try not to cry" she said. Well as I passed the feral cats a beautiful white kitty with perfect green eyes reached out to me as I was about to pass the cages. Really she reached out after I said "oooh look at you you look like my skids" with tears in my voice (skids was only gone for 20 days)I talked to her for a minute then went to the back to see all the adoptable kittens and cats. I kept looking back to the ferals and she was looking in the direction of the adoptable cat area. I went back to the attendant to ask her about the ferals and she said we do not adopt them out they are wild and are put down as they come in (!) so I began to fight for her life :) when I said well there seems to be one kitty in the feral cage that should not be there. We went back together to the feral kitties and I showed her "my kitty" booboo also reached out to the attendant as she reached toward the cage and she said well maybe she got put in the wrong cage (!) sometimes strays that are not wild are so scared when they are caught that they seem feral and get put in with the wild kitties. I was told I could not adopt her because she was labeled feral and unadoptable, but that she would talk to her boss and if I came back at closing before they stared the "after hours labor" :( she would let me know if they could remove her from the feral status. WOW I went back and took her off death row just hours before they would have put her down if I had not gotten there. She was so loving on the way home and all week end and the next week we too her to the dr. for a check up and to have her spayed. Her vet check revealed fleas, earmites and maybe worms (the life of a street kitty) so he fixed all that then he spayed her and determined her age to be about two years. When she came home after the surgery she was very diffent than before, she really acted like a feral, not wanting to be loved on or held and running from us if we acted like we were going to pet her then growling if we caught her and loved on her, however she never tried to scratch or attack us. It was 8 - 10 weeks before she had become more like her presurgery self she still growls someitmes when we pet her (even if she comes to us for luvin)She has come to really love us more than she loves other kittes she will give us "eye blinks" sometimes called "cat kisses" and if no other kittes are near she loves to lay near moma but will not fight them for her time with me, so I am very protective of her around the others.

All kitty luvin is on her terms and she will let us know if its ok to luv or pet her, even if she ask for luvin she sometimes shys away as we reach toward her, I think she might have been hurt by someone before she found us. She doesn't talk much and when she does the cry is very low and her bottem lip quivers but her growls are clear. I believe she must be the kitty that my skids tapped on the shoulder and told her to reach for me that day. I read about that legend earlier on this site. Booboo has a lot of the same personality traits of skids and she looks almost jut like her just minor differences only a mom would know. Sometimes when she has had enough luving she growls and runs off, my skids used to slap us real good before she ran off after she had enough luvin. We are so glad she is with us, she also deals with some breathing issues the vet said is probably alergies they don't seem to bother her much now days but she weezes sometimes when she takes a deep breath and sometime when she is awake it sounds like she is snoring. Vet also said there might have been some kind of damage done to her throat before we got her and so air might be slightly constricted. The damage might be to her "voice box" She has done this ever since we got her sometimes worse than others, I think season change and stress affect her. She doenst let it get her down or stop her from eating thank God.**** Update on March 17th 2012 my Boo kitty Boo was diagnosed with what looked liked FIP or a cancer most likely it was FIP the wet form, she had fluid on her tummy. We had to help her to the bridge on March 19.

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living the good life

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Life of a not so feral kitty

Rainbow bridge birthdays

June 9th 2014 11:10 pm
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Hello kitties and humans we miss you all very much and look forward to the days we can come back and have time to play. Mom was very happy to see my friends thinking of me and her on my birthday, her dad and my dad (mom's husband) have both been real sick with Cancer now my dad is recovering well, but her dad is still not well, the doctors tell him it is terminal... :(
So mom doesn't get as much play time but she does still make time for play and quality time with those kitties that are there and they sure do miss mom when she has to go check on her dad. She tells them "I will be back in 2 (or 3 or 4) get ups" Seems they might really know the term get ups they all look up at her when she says that now as if they know this is the last night with her for few days, she always comes back to them and they are so glad to see her when she gets home.
Have a wonderful day we love yall and thanks for loving us.
Boo kitty (angel)


rainbow bridge day and lonely times for the kitties at home

March 24th 2014 8:38 pm
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Thanks to all my wonderful friends for thinking of mom and I today on the anniversary of my crossing. It was the day after mom's birthday that I had to go, we spent her birthday together that year but mom was so so she knew it was the last day she would see me on this side of the bridge.

WE have been NIA from catsster for so long we do pop in and cruise thru the activities every now and then but mom has been really tied up with some family health issues and so she is traveling a lot and when she is not traveling she is at the dr's or the hospital with a family member. My grandma and grandpa both have health issues and the dr's tell grandpa his cancer is terminal :( grand ma broke her leg and my dad (mom's hubby) is battling a cancer too he has surgery this week and it is a long time he will be sleeping while the dr's work on him. Mom will be staying with him so the kitties there are left in the hands of a cat caregiver misses them when she has to be away.
This too shall pass and it will get better we appreciate your purrs and prayers.
Thanks for showing us so much love on the RB day and thanks for the rossies, cards, letters and photos


Update on my Blizz and DDP!!!

September 17th 2013 5:17 pm
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Wow I got a diary pick, I do not say much on catster these days so it was very nice to see I got some spotlight time. Mom finds it is easier to "talk" for me for so long she just couldn't do it, it was too hard.
Time does help to make it easier but some days..... sigh.

In other news Blizz is doing so much better!!!! His dad thinks he might have gotten a bad can of cat food (the can was a little dented) but all is well with him again now. SO glad my sweet mancat is all better.

Thanks for celebrating my DDP honors with us today it was so good to hear from every kitty.

booboo angel and mom

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