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The Floof Report

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January 24th 2011 2:41 pm
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OMC! OMC! OMC!! I cannot beweive it! I'm so excited I can't sit still. Even momma can barely type she's so happy right now. I am cat of the week here on the bestest and most fun website ever. Oh kitties, we love you all so furry much and you make us so very, very happy. We have so much fun! You know what? I'm thinking up a few fun games to play. I've got some ideas so when we do them, we might put them right in the Catster plus fun section so everyone can do it. We have to do something to break up the winter blah blahs.

I was about to write a diary consisting of GRUMBLE GRUMBLE GRUMBLE, POOP, POOP, POOP. For any of you that don't know what I'm talking about you've clearly never read Hazel Lucy's diary or Newman & Inky's diaries. But now I don't have to! I'm still in shock. What an honor! Catster said it was because they were celebrating floof and they picked ME! And the funny thing is that just this morning, momma changed my diary to be named "The Floof Report". What a coinkidink! Orrrr is it? Hmmmm! Plus we just followed one of our absolute favorite kitties, Kally Kat, who was cat of the week last week. She's a pawsome friend, one of the best! Jeez I can't think of anything to say right now. I'm sandpaper tongue tied. Maybe one night this week we'll have a pajama pawty to celebrate. Would anyone come to that?

Well, gotta go and get some treats and get brushed. I have to look my spiffiest for some new photos! Thanks again everyfur and to Catster as well for making my dreams come true! I'm in Catster heaven.

Luv Finney, Super Floof of the week



January 23rd 2011 4:25 pm
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Oh this winter stuff stinks. It's so cold here we cannot beweive it. It's supposed to go down to -25 tonight! BRRRRR! Mother nature is not being too nice right now. Oh did you guys see all those little hearts fluttering around on my page? They look like buggies and I keep swatting at them to try and eat them. Moths are my favorite lunch. I can't seem to catch these and it's really perplexing. Right now I'm dictating this to my typist (momma) while I'm cuddled up on my snowman blanky in my warm beddy. I'm right next to the heater too. We've been cuddling on mom's bed at night, all three of us. She turns on the electric blanket and we lay on top of the fleece bwanky. Yes, all this cuddling is great and fun and all but we can't even see out of our windows. They're all frosted up! We keep asking mom for a new tower like River & Simone have. That's actually the very same one we were gonna get. I don't know if mom can do it but she's going to try hard. We need something new to amuse us, we get bored so darned easy. Mom's been trying to play more with us lately but she's been sick and her sinuses are bothering her. So every time she gets going running around with the string, WHOOSH, she gets dizzy. Lacey is a pain in the tookus! I think we're going to rename her GLUE. She might as well be strapped to mom's leg it's ridiculous. All I can hear all day is mom saying "Lacey get off me already, I can't walk!" She's tripped mom a couple of times already. And when she's not doing that, she's yacking her brains out whining. Sigh. Why can't she just be good like I am? Mom gives her tons of attention and still she has to get greedy about it.

Last night we went downstairs to see grammy and grampy and they couldn't believe how big I am. They said I had a growth spurt for sure because I'm a bear! ROOOAAARRRR!! MOL. I don't sound anything like that. I'm a big boy with a little meow. I sound like this "beewoo beewoo". Weird huh? But I sure can pound on momma's bedroom door in the morning! POW POW POW POW, get up momma, NOW! Grammy is crazy, it's going to be so cold tomorrow morning and she insists on going out to do grocery shopping. She's nuts. Momma told her she was going to steal her car keys and hide them. Those two are really stubborn, my grampy and grammy! Momma says the roles are reversed. They're her kids now and she's the adult. SAYS WHO!!!??? WE'RE the boss momma and don't you ever forget it. MOL!

2 feet of snow coming on Wednesday. I will never be able to see out my windows again. Although the weather man says now he doesn't know at all what it's going to do. Where can I get a job like that? Where I can say anything I want and still get paid for it whether I'm right or wrong? Wouldn't you guys like to see me doing the weather reports? I think that would be very Kewl.

This is Finney McFluffer Nutter, with your Floof report for tonight
Stay warm and stay in da house!!!!


Say it isn't so! Not more snow!!!!!

January 17th 2011 2:59 pm
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OMC! We're still hardly able to see outside with the huge piles of snow from last week and tomorrow we're getting 10 more inches and another storm on Friday. Where are we going to put all this snow? That means momma will be back outside shoveling while our neighbor does the snow blowing and momma hasn't been feeling good lately. She's got a bad bug and this isn't the time for her to push herself. But with grammy and grampy being in their 80s she doesn't have much choice. She doesn't want stubborn grampy trying anything because he almost passes out every time. Sheesh! Where is spring! We're all bored!!!

So I guess that means we'll be hearing all the snow plows and snow blowers going tomorrow and Wednesday again. Momma better hurry up and get out there to fill the bird feeder. You won't be able to see it before long. Last storm, the winds were 50 mph and all the birdies were at the feeder! Go figure. Oh well, nothing else much going on except that it's freezing here, went below zero last night. We're so thankful we have warm beddies and a warm house.

Me and Lacey have been keeping momma company while she's in bed resting. We're getting good at taking care of her. She was watching us sleep next to her last night and we heard her say that it was her favorite thing to see us cuddling her and each other on her bed. Me and Lacey give each other lots of baths and kissies.

Well, stay warm and safe everyone and we're purring for all kitties that they have a safe and warm place to go. Oh and this is Martin Luther King day too so we are continuing our purring for peace! Thanks to all of you who wrote in my diary for that entry. It was so fantastic to see how many of you joined in. Maybe we should do a regular group purr for peace or something? Hmmm, maybe!

So long and we might have more snowy pictures for you tomorrow!
Luv Finney


Purrr hard for a better world

January 9th 2011 6:29 pm
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As one of my momma's constant bookends on the couch or bed, I sit there with her and Lacey and watch tv. Sometimes we watch cartoons, sometimes we watch paranormal shows, oooooooh we like spooky stuff. Sometimes we watch shows momma recorded on DVR. But sometimes we watch the news and a lot of times we see stuff that is just so upsetting. I'm not quite sure exactly what's going on a lot of the times but me and Lacey know enough that it's really bad because momma will put her hands up in front of her mouth, shake her head back and forth and make that "oh no" or "gasp" sound. She made that sound yesterday for sure.

When we watch the news we always look for the good stories and we do see at least one every night believe it or not. Someone ran into a burning building and saved a family. Someone anominously donated money to very needy people or someone that's in trouble or sick. Seeing young kids who are doing amazing volunteer work and bring us so much hope that the human race isn't completely hopeless. Lots of good stuff.

But then we see this other stuff. People every day running around with guns shooting other people, blowing things up, child abuse, animal abuse, on and on. I have to say that I'm really glad I'm a kitty and I'm especially glad that me and Lacey have a momma that loves us so much she'd do anything for us. We love our furriends on Catster and their pawents because they are so super nice to us AND to each other that it makes my momma very happy. She feels a lot of love through the compuper and it's something that really helps keep her from getting too discouraged.

I wouldn't want to be a hooman. It looks hard! Why do hoomans have to make life so difficult? We kitties know what it's all about. Devotion, love, connecting to each other's souls, forgiveness, small things that make us happy throughout the day. Why can't hoomans live like we do? To us it's so simple!

1) Live in the moment - the here and now. Don't dwell on the past and the future isn't here yet.

2) We take about 10 minutes to forgive & forget, if that. It takes too much energy to harp on stupid stuff. We kitties just swat each other a couple of times, sniff each other and kiss and make up. Again, simple.

3) We animals only do what we HAVE to do. We kill either to survive or to eat. That's it. (well most of us do, there's some aminals that are a little off if you know what I mean. I guess like some hoomans).

4) It doesn't take a whole lot to make us happy. Food, a place to poop and pee, some playtime, a warm bed and LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE AND AFFECTION. We don't care what you look like! As long as there is love in your heart and we get a piece of that.

5) Most of the time, even if we don't like each other, we can co-habitate! I mean gosh, I've even seen videos on this here compuper of really strange stuff like a crow and a cat being best friends for years! And hoomans call us dumb animals! HAH! I don't think so.

Please everyfur and their pawents. Join me, Lacey, angel Alex, angel Moufasa and my momma in purring hard for a better, more loving world. We all need it bad! There's so many wonderful hoomans out there but there's so many bad ones. And there's too many of the good ones getting hurt. It's just too much. We have to change things and soon!

Thanks for listening, we love you all furry, furry much!
Finney, Lacey, angels Alex & Moufasa and momma Lisa


The ghost of Moufasa

December 27th 2010 4:09 pm
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Well, we had one heck of a snow storm here in the northeast! Wow! We didn't get it as bad in our city, only 9 inches but we've had hurricane force winds constantly since last night and they're still blowing strong. So did you know that during a bad storm the electrical energy in the atmosphere makes it easier for ghosties to come through and visit us? Yup! It's true! They can feed off all that energy and pay us some nice visits like Alex sometimes does.

Well today we've been hearing, seeing and SMELLING Mouffey around here. And he was one stinky boy when he went poop! He didn't even live upstairs here with us but we could smell him through the stairs. P-E-W! Earlier today momma could swear she heard Mouffey's very distinctive "REROW?" a couple of times. Then when momma was downstairs giving Midnight her treats, Middy kept looking around her and then running in back of the chair the way she used to do to get away from Mouffey being a pain in her behind!

Then when Mouffey's momma got home from work, we could all smell in the hallway like Mouffey had gone poop and it was coming up the stairs like it used to. Maybe that's his way of saying "HA HA! You can't see me! I can do whatever I want now!" MOL. I don't know but sheesh! Stinko and it was NOT Midnight. In fact, we looked and there wasn't even any poop in her box down there. There's no poop in our box because momma had just scooped it and put it outside.

Whoa, we're being visited by the ghost of very recent past! Us kitties can see spirits ya know. Much easier than hoomans do. Oh Mouffey, my momma really misses you and so does your momma. It was a hard Christmas without you. Everyone missed you. Please come and visit us again soon!

Luv cousin Finney

P.S. Momma would like me to thank all of you who wished her a happy birthday. We gave her lots of slobbery kissies!


Merry Catmus everyone!

December 23rd 2010 9:42 am
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Hi everybody! We just want to wish you all a very Merry Catmus and we hope that Santa Paws brings you lots of goodies and prezzies. Mom doesn't like this time of year so much because her birthday is the day AFTER Catmus! She hates it. She says nobody ever remembers her birthday. She says she doesn't care about prezzies at all, just that her birthday comes and goes and nobody ever remembers to say happy birthday. Plus here in New Hampshire you have to get your car registered and inspected on your birthday and it's never fun for mom to have to spend lots of money on her car. She hasn't been able to give prezzies in quite awhile because it's so expensive to do that here. They raised something called taxes on it a year ago and boy oh boy was mommy mad!

So me and Lacey are cooking up something fun for momma's birthday. We have some ideas although they might be more fun for us than for her. Any ideas on what we can do for her? Lately we like to cuddle on the couch with her and watch TV at night, like bookends. My favorite thing to do is while she's trying to take a nap, I scratch on her mattress until she gets out of bed. She doesn't like that at all and yells at the top of her lungs...FIIIINNNNNEEEGAANNNNNN!!! STOP IT! MOL. Oh mommy. I'm sorry I'm such a brat but it's just something I was born with.

Lacey, well she's been meowing her brains out over nothing all the time. Stupid winter is so boring, we're kinda driving mommy cuckoo. She does open the windows a crack when she can though. That way we can watch the birds huddling at the bird feeder. Yesterday it snowed all day, nothing stuck, it was too fluffy and dry. But it was fun watching it fly around the windows. Well, nothing else exciting going on around here.

If you have any ideas on what me and Lacey can do for our momma's birthday, let us know! We're open to suggestions. Have a happy Catmus and enjoy your visit from Santa Paws and all your prezzies! We can't wait to see pictures of all of you playing with them!

Luv Finney


Nippy videos!

December 18th 2010 4:28 pm
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Hi everyone, momma put up a new video on my page and a different one on Lacey's page of us playing with the nippy prezzies that River & Simone gave us. We really enjoyed them as you can see. Nippy nip nip, nom nom nom.

Hope you all have a furry great Christmas and we want to thank you all for the purrs, headbonks and hugs we've received for losing out dear Moufasa. This Power of the Purrchain thing REALLY works! My momma is feeling better, still having her moments but doing better than earlier this week. Two of momma's old and dear friends came over and snatched her up yesterday. They went out to lunch and to a movie and I think they had a really good time because momma came home smiling and said she had a lot of fun. Just what the kitty doctor ordered!

She's been extra kissy wissy with me and Lacey this week and we've been making sure to cuddle with her on the bed or couch as much as possible. Oh those kitty sandpaper kisses can really do hoomans a world of good. We have magic spit! MOL! She said she wants to suck in each and every moment she can with us because life doesn't warn you before it throws you a curve ball.

So thank you all again because all this Catster love really made a big difference and is helping to heal my momma's broken heart.

Luv Finney

Don't forget to watch our videos!


New kitty riddle - Answer

December 5th 2010 7:08 am
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Okay everyone! We know you're pawing to know the answer to the new kitty riddle. Sorry we didn't tell you yesterday but momma was a little tied up. No, really, we tied her up and made her tell us where this darned kitty was!, MOL.

We had some GREAT guesses to this and we had so much fun that momma said she's going to try and think of another one and next time she'll give out zealies or something as a prize.

Okay, so it's not a stuffed animal (great answer BTW), it's not done in photoshop (which momma said why didn't she think of that), it's not in the brush and it's not a video. Momma said she can't believe nobody guessed it! She thought for sure someone would get it right away!

Okay, ready? Drumroll...............IT'S IN THE VACUUM CLEANER! Remember, sometimes we can hear it and sometimes we can't, it's both of our fur combined and it's a whole other kitty. I personally hate the vacuum cleaner so no wonder I don't want to find this other kitty. But thank goodness it's not a REAL new kitty! Phew! We can't afford to feed a new kitty and like I said, me and Lacey are tight!

So that's the silly answer but it sure was fun hearing all the guesses and having everyone play! Do you want us to do this game again? If so, let us know! (course that means momma has to put on her thinking cap and think of a new one, oh the pressure!). MOL.

I'm going to patrol the house now and make sure there's no new kitty. Now I'm paranoid.

Luv Finney, Lacey, angel Alex and momma!


new kitty?

December 2nd 2010 7:55 am
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Momma keeps saying we have a whole new kitty in the house! Now, I don't know how I feel about that. Me and Lacey are pretty tight! This might really be a problem. But it doesn't make sense anyways because I look and look everywheres and I don't see no new kitty! What is she talking about? I think she's seeing miragees or something. I don't hear or smell a new kitty. Where could it be? We're not buying extra food, no new litter box, I'm confused.

She said it looks just like me and Lacey put together. I must admit, that's got to be one heck of a gorgeous kitty if I do say so myself! Extra floofy too considering we're both VERY poofy floofy! Lacey is very protective and growls at anybody new coming in and I haven't heard her growling or anything. I don't want to share my momma but I can't find this little bugger anyways! It must be very tiny, maybe it shrunk or maybe it's a kitty from another world? I can't figure it out. Anybody have any ideas where this kitty is and how come we can't see it?



November 29th 2010 6:48 am
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OMG OMG OMG! We're back online and not a minute too soon. Momma was ready to drive over to the internet company and pull somebody over here! She called them last night and originally they said they'd be here today then last night they said maybe Tuesday. Momma said "UH UH! You're coming first thing tomorrow morning or we're calling another provider". Go momma, go momma go momma! MOL. She had enough! She was working on a new page for the website, the B12 page which is super important. She was frustrated because she couldn't do her research, etc. AND we missed all you guys bad!!!!!! Even though it was only 4 days, it was a LONG 4 days. Pretty sad but we'll say it, "Hi, my name is Finnegan. And I'm a Catster addict". MOL.

Phew, silly thing to get upset over but we don't like feeling like that at all where we can't communicate with anybody. Especially you guys! So if we missed anything, anybody's birthday, anniversary, whatever...sorry about that! We'll try to catch up but momma's now got 100 emails to go through! Yikes! Well, we had her all to ourselves for 4 glorious days. Not anymore! Bye bye mommy! She's gone back to cyberland. See ya mom!

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