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If only River could type....

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A new discovery

April 6th 2012 3:02 pm
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Hi there kitties,

Now, sisfur says I'm being stupids for posting this because I should have known the whole time, but I don't thinks so, so I'm doing it anyways! I have made a new discovery kitties. A glorious discovery I did not know existed until very recently. Did you kitties know that mommies... have laps? No really! I'm serious! They do! glorious laps that you can lounge across and keep them still because they loves you so much and don't want to move you if you look really comfy when your both sitting on the sofa. I had NO idea mommies had laps! Seriously! NONE! Sisfur says of course mommies have laps, they've had laps forever and that on a side note our mommy's lap is hers and only hers and I better stay away, but I just can't. After daddy goes to bed sisfur usually goes with him now for snuggles and warms and I stay up with mommy who likes to write at night. Well, it was around this time I made the discovery of mommy laps and I will never doubt the power of the lap again, how amazing. You just flop yourself across it and there you go, no more moving mommies! My mommy just looks at me and 'awwwwwwws' and then says she couldn't possibly move cause I never sleep on her lap! We now do this every night. Daddy doesn't believe us cause I'm not a lap cat in the slightest, but it's true! I just can't get enough mommy lap!

On a side note, I just heard mommy on the phone with someone. Evidently lots of people complained about our vet having 6 month appointments so they switched to only informing people on a yearly basis about check ups, mommy was just on the phone saying, "No, I think 6 months is better for my kitties, Tuesday? The 10th? At 10am? We'll be there. Thank you." Does this mean what I think it means? Why do I have to go every 6 months when the other kitties only go once a year?!? That's not fairs!



April 2nd 2012 11:34 pm
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Hehehehe kitties, I'm so sorry but I just gots to say APRIL FOOLS to everyone! Me and my tuxie Doppelganger buddies all played a super duper trick on every fur this year! Now don't be mads, it was awfully funny!

This year for April Fools me and a bunch of the guys switched profile pictures to see if anyone would notice! For the first half of the day, I was my buddy Luke, my exact twin except for the nose fuzzies, but I think I found a picture that hid that pretty well don't you? Well, Luke sure got a lot of compliments as me! hehehe! I guess Luke must be the handsome doppelganger huh? Don't worry, I'm not a jealous mancat, since Luke is my twin, him getting called handsomes means I'm handsomes!

Then, a little after 5, I decided to switch it up and be the amorphous April Fools kitty and become Zach, cause we all know Zach is a night owl ladies man. Let me tell you, is it fun to be Zach at night! hehehe! Now, I couldn't get the pic to the profile picture spot cause my picture loader page crashed, but I did get it to the number 2 spot and I still had a good time being Zach.

After a whole day of being switched up, only one kitty caught us! Mr Tate noticed a 'River impurrrrsonator' in one of my pictures! Clever clever Tate! Must be those cuppy cakes! I hope you all gets a good laugh when you find out, I'll keep the picture up for a few days so you can all check out the comparisons between me and my doppelganger buddies!



You are one lucky mommy...

March 22nd 2012 2:19 pm
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Ok, the nom nomers, have gotten out of control. There are too many of them! What's up with this? Mommy has to refill the nom nomers dish 3 or 4 times a day, there are just too many of them, but mommy and daddy claim they never see them. How could they not see them, I let them know EVERY TIME one shows up. I'm always there watching. Anyways, this has started to bug me a little, after all, this is MY house and MY mommy and MY daddy and MY sisfur and most importantly MY NOM NOMS! These strays gotta stop stepping on my River toes like they own the place, so I've taken to spraying the front door!

Or at least, I think I am. Mommy and daddy keep laughing at me cause I'm doing the tail shaking and the spraying motion, but it's not working. What? Why isn't it working? I GOTS to let those strays know this is MY house. Why can't I spray? Why isn't it working? Why are my parents laughing at me every time I do it.

Sheesh... mommy and daddy have no idea how lucky they are that I'm not actually doing anything, I would have made the whole house reek of River Cat by now if I was, but lucky for them, I'm not really doing anything. Lucky parents. Sheesh.

Anybody else got this problem with too many nom nomers? How do you get your parents to stop feeding them so they all go away? Anyone else do the spraying dance but not actually spray? AND how do I get my parents to stop laughing at me and take me seriously? Do you think I should ACTUALLY spray the door? Would they stop laughing then? I'm a serious mancat and I should be taken seriously!

P.S. We're still working on that quiz, it might be a little while, it's a lot of work! As always, if you don't mind us using your pictures and want to be included in the game, please let us know before we have to go around asking anyone!



March 19th 2012 12:14 pm
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Hello kitties all!

Well, after a long weekend my mommy has finally gotten off her lazy behinds and mailed all the prizes! CONCATS to all the winners!

I just ran across the keyboard and messed up this diary entry for mommy! hehehe! Just helping out where ever I can mom!

Oh, and just so you all know, we ARE going to host a second 'guess the catster kitty' game! If we can use your pictures, please let us know, otherwise we'll be coming around to ask you all for your permission! We've already heard from a few great kitties, and some we just kinda assume we can cause we've asked so many times and they always tell us yes and 'stop asking' hehehe! So, if you want to be in the game, let us know in the comments! We'll see how many kitties we can get in!


And the winners are...

March 12th 2012 5:38 pm
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Well, we've learned a few things about mommy today, mainly, takes her a long time to get stuff done! sheesh! On the up hand side, here's a video we just made of me and mommy picking the winner! That's right! I picked the winner myself out of mommy's favorite hat! hehehe! Daddy filmed it for us... and sister interrupted! I think that's why her company is called "interrupting cat movie reviews" hehehe!

We'll here's a link to the video so you can all see first place!

And the winner is...

CONCATS to our first place winner! You get first pick of the toys that are up for grabs!

BUT as I promised, I was going to pick 4 winners! Sorry, only got the grand prize on tape, that was a lot of work to do! hehehe! However the 3 runners up are...
Tristan (1191601)
Griswold (1205607)
and Miranda (1177713)

You kitties get your prizes after the first place winner picks! Don't worry, they'll be plenty of catnip for every fur!

Thank you so much to EVERY kitty who played! I had a lot of fun and I wish you all could have won! Wouldn't that have been pawsome? I think so! Don't worry though, if you didn't win this time, we're pretty sure we're going to hold a second 'name the catster kitty' contest this year! So hold on a few days for us to start putting that together and you'll get a second chance to win! HOORAY!!!

Oh! And by the way, don't forget to check out the shop!
Happy River Dances
Without my etsy shop, this would be possible! hehehe!


Contest Over - Time for Winners!

March 12th 2012 12:48 pm
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Hello kitties!

Well, when all was said and done, we got 20 kitties to play our cool game! And we think that's pretty great! Now, we have decided to pick 4 winners from that bundle! Here's what you are getting to help clear out our stock
We have 4 patriotic mice left over from last 4th of July (we'll be making new ones for this year!)
3 small cotton pillows
3 small flannel pillows
3 large fleece pillows

That's what we'll be breaking down to give to the winners! First winner gets first pick ok? HOORAYS!

Now first, the answers to the questions...

1)What rescue group were me and sisfur adopted from?
Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary in Sacramento CA They are the best and I sure am one happy tail!

2)What was the major appliance I fell off and got stuck behind the first day in my new home?
The Washing Machine (Although in all fairness I did get stuck behind the microwave too!)

3)Although not a fan of body washes or lotions, I do insist on trying to groom one beauty product off my mommy. What is it?
I groom mommy's hair when she gets it dyed! I hate that dye! STINKY STINKY STINKY!

4)Sisfur is infamous for munching whiskers, which does she go for; eyebrows or cheeks?
My beautiful eyebrows! She's always munching my eyebrows! I gots no eyebrows because sisfur is always MUNCHING them!

5)Where have I taken to sleeping at night as the new would-be Alpha Kitty?
On the pillow, with my head RIGHT on top of mommy's head! No mommies moving while I'm sleeping!

Bonus Question: Which Catster kitty was the first to suggest the future name for our etsy shop Happy River Dances Catnip Company?
ALOT of kitties thought this was Finney, and that does seem like a good guess, but it was actually my doppelganger Luke! He was the first kitty to suggest calling the shop "Happy River Dances" months before we even thought of opening one! He's a pretty smart dude!

You kitties had some really great answers though, we loved reading them! Especially the place I was adopted from, those were some great sounding shelters! I also liked your suggestions for things mommy could put on her skin the in the future. Tuna lotion, milk baths, chicken perfume! NOM NOM NOM! MOMMY! Go to the beauty salon and ask if you can get some TUNA spray! YUMMY! I also like the vision of me being stuck behind a coffee maker and a can opener! hehehe! You kitties really did great! Now, here are the 20 kitties who entered, we'll be making the drawing in a WEE bit, gotta go do more laundry (I won't fall off again! Promise!) and we have to write up all the names for the drawing, mommy is hoping to video tape me picking the winner! (We'll see how well that goes!) If you submitted answers and aren't on the list, let me know ASAP! I'll be back in a little bit! Don't worry kitties, the winner is coming today! Remember, family members could enter, but only one winner a family ok? HOORAYS!

Oh yeah... thanks for the DDP pick! That's super neato! And check out sisfur's diary today, we're trying to see if anyone is interested in playing that big 'name the catster kitty' game we did last year again! We're taking a survey over there!

1. Zeeke
2. Simon
3. Minko
4. Zach
5. Griswold
6. Jezebel
7. Monster
8. Tao
9. Da Tabbies - (Let's call this one Tuna)
10. Tristan
11. Luke
12. Orange Ruffy
13. Tiny Mighty MoeMoe
14. Fearless
15. Meep
16. Da Tabbies - (And we'll call this one Daisy!)
17. Ingen
18. Skylar
19. Miranda Ua Cellaigh
20. Blizzard


Contest still running!

March 9th 2012 7:56 pm
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Hi there kitties!

I wanted to give as many kitties as I could the chance to enter my contest, so I'm keeping it open through the weekend! Ok? HOORAYS! The more kitties enter, the more toys I'll give away, so in the end, everybody wins!

So far I have the following kitties entered in the drawing...
Da Tabbies
and Orange Ruffy

I've decided family members can enter if you want but only one family member can win, so if Zach and Griswold BOTH win, only one gets a prize and we'll do another drawing, sound fair every kitty? I hope so, I don't want to be unfair, but I want everyone to play! I'm loving some of the joke answers so far, those are the best! They are really making me laugh!

So remember kitties, there's still time to enter! Just answer these five questions (and a bonus question) and you're entered for a drawing. If you don't know the answers, make it up! The more I MOL the happier I am! Getting the questions right or wrong doesn't matter, just answer all 5 and you are entered in the drawing which will probably take place on Monday so as many furs as possible have a chance to enter! Good luck everybody!

1)What rescue group were me and sisfur adopted from?

2)What was the major appliance I fell off and got stuck behind the first day in my new home?

3)Although not a fan of body washes or lotions, I do insist on trying to groom one beauty product off my mommy. What is it?

4)Sisfur is infamous for munching whiskers, which does she go for; eyebrows or cheeks?

5)Where have I taken to sleeping at night as the new would-be Alpha Kitty?

Bonus Question: Which Catster kitty was the first to suggest the future name for our etsy shop Happy River Dances Catnip Company?


CONTEST!!! (and a cute story first)

March 7th 2012 3:06 pm
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Hi kitties,

Ok this is really cutes so I have to share it first! Ok, so last night mommy got a head cold. Serves her right for giving me a bath right? She decided to take a hot bath really late at night with lots of bubbles. Now, I love bubble baths, you can play with them! Also, I guard bathrooms when people are in there, you can't let anything get your peoples while they are in the bathroom right?

Since I had all those traumatic memories of my own bath, I decided to run in and check on her every few minutes to make sure she was ok and not being forced against her will to bathe. I kept jumping up on the side of the tub and checking out the bubbles, then it dawned on me, she must be lonely in there. All by herself, no bath friend. When I get a bath, she sits with me so we aren't alone, no one was with mommy. She needed a friend. I promptly ran off and came back with a little yellow mouse toy in my mouth and hopped up on the side of the tub and plunked it in. Mommy just stared at me with this look of... well... I'd have to say it was "thank you River ever so much that's exactly what I always wanted you are a true Prince!"

Feeling mighty proud of myself I went to go get her another one. When I came back she had put the first mouse on the side of the tub, so I plunked him back in and threw in the red one I had found. All in all, I brought her three mice, and I think she really appreciated it! hehehe!

Ok, now for the contest!

There are 5 questions and 1 bonus question that could be found on my catster page or in my diary but don't worry if you don't know them. Make a guess. You don't have to get all 6 questions right to win anything. Any guesses (especially really funny guesses) will get you entered in the contest! We're going to do a drawing for some catnip toys, I'll post pictures of which ones later. The contest will stay open for at least a couple of days, no set end time in site yet, and then based on how many people enter, we'll decide how many drawings to do! Have some fun with it kitties and win some catnips while we restock our shop! Since getting the answers right isn't a precondition to winning you can post your answers in the comments or paw mail them to us, either way you chose is fine! Remember, answer ALL questions though, even if you don't know the answer, make something up! If you can't get it right, at least be funnies! hehehe! I think that's the River Cat philosophy of life!

1)What rescue group were me and sisfur adopted from?

2)What was the major appliance I fell off and got stuck behind the first day in my new home?

3)Although not a fan of body washes or lotions, I do insist on trying to groom one beauty product off my mommy. What is it?

4)Sisfur is infamous for munching whiskers, which does she go for; eyebrows or cheeks?

5)Where have I taken to sleeping at night as the new would-be Alpha Kitty?

Bonus Question: Which Catster kitty was the first to suggest the future name for our etsy shop Happy River Dances Catnip Company?


River gets a bath - and Hosts a contest!

March 6th 2012 4:24 pm
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It's true kitties, I don't know why I even act surprised anymore, these baths are so common for me. My parents are always telling me that I've become stinky and throwing me in the tub. That's right... THROWING! I'm practically a drowned River. And by drowned River I mean mommy sits in the tub with me and holds me while daddy slowly dumps warm water down my back and then when it's over mommy picks me up and passes me to daddy who hugs me in warm towels they just pulled out of the dryer and sits in the sun with me until I'm ready to go... but you get the point. Drowning!

Well, I didn't want to spend too much time talking about that, just wanted to let you know how I suffered so you would all understand and give my mommy the cranky eye for the next couple of days for me, you know, until the fluffy kitty smell rubs off and I smell like a MANCAT again!

Now, about the contest! So the other day mommy and me were fishing through our kitty toy supply, and while our shop has been doing pretty well, we still have a pretty big back log of toys that haven't sold and we'd like to make fresh ones with new patterns, so we're thinking of giving some of them away. We have some old holiday prints and some other things, none of them are older than a year and they are all still great! I should know... I stole some! hehehe! So we are going to hold a really quick contest to give away some of these toys! That's right, giving away toys is ALMOST as much fun as playing with them in my mind, and since the shop has done pretty well, we can give away some without worrying about the cost! HOORAY! I'll post a diary entry later tonight or tomorrow and it will have 3 questions about River Cats (and maybe Moe Toes) to answer! Just answer the three questions, and you'll be entered for the toys! Depending on how many kitties enter depends on how many winners there will be, so stay tuned kitties!


DDP thanks

February 23rd 2012 8:53 pm
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Hi kitties!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent me nice thanks yous and prezzies and pictures when I was a DDP on the 19th! You kitties are the bestest! Sorry, with Mardis Gras and everything, we just fell behind, I really am very appreciative of everything you guys do for me when I gets a special honor, it makes me feel like one mighty special River cat!

Oh yeah... one quick question kitties. Is it good when your mommy repeats your name over and over again while shaking her head and sighing cause my mommy's been doing a lot of that recently, especially about all those darn lollipops. I just don't get it. Didn't she want me to play with my cat toys? Weren't they cat toys? I think they were cat toys. They were definitely cat toys! Weren't they?

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