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Confessions of an Escape Artist -- The Lilly Chronicles

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With the Angels

May 30th 2010 8:53 am
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I tried so hard to get to Mom and to Mother and I yowled but they wouldn't let me by and then they kicked me through the air, but I loved my HuMoms so I kept trying and then I noticed I didn't have a body any more and I had the most beautiful wings. I miss you Morse and I'll visit you flying down often but they've found me now and my little body so full of soul and love is no longer of any use to me. My people are upset. Mother tried to get out of the car to reach me, but they wouldn't let her. Dead via the cruelty and thoughtlessness of man and you know who you are, you cruel ones. Morse, I know you miss me and so do the dogs. Love you so. Give Crow Raven and his new human my love too.


Where are my butterflies????

September 23rd 2009 7:30 am
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We've been off for three weeks plus & we get back & I sit by Mom at the computer to watch my butterflies fall & they're going in a straight line in one little tiny section of the page! Mom read that Catster & Dogster did some updates & that new codes might be needed, but I really hope that she can re-load my falling butterflies because I was really enjoying sitting on the computer table or in her lap & reaching out & wapping at the screen & trying to catch my butterflies. Well, will have to write about my adventures of the last three plus weeks & there have been more than a few, later.

For now prayers for the victims of the flooding in Georgia & prayers for our furiends. We just read Thomasina's entry & meant to go over to Light a Candle & request prayers but that's a good idea: doing an entry & praying & requesting others to pray so God please watch over those whose homes are underwater & who have unsafe drinking water that must be boiled to be safe to drink & keep them from illness. May the angels watch over them & may any trapped be guided to safety. Yes please dear Lord comfort the poor Crawford family who lost their precious two year old son Preston & keep Cooper safe & the parents safe to bring up their dear remaining son who is even more precious to them now I know. Comfort them in their loss & help them. Watch over all the children who are home in the metro Atlanta area today again due to all of the flooding & unsafe conditions & keep them safe from harm while they are out of school. Watch over their parents who still have to go to work if they're able & keep them safe in their travels. Thank you God that we were spared from this terrible flooding from the overload of rain but for those who can may they help the needy & those without roofs over their heads, without food in their mouths now & those who have lost everything. Amen.

God watch over our furiends meower typists who are ill or who have been in accidents. Especially watch over those who are so ill with the flea & tick diseases as our humans are so very good at protecting us from all the dangerous fleas & ticks with meds & sprays & powders & collars & shots & sometimes they forget about themselves when they walk outside in the woods or the grass. so please watch over the human of Dandelion Wine & Magpie who has the very serious Rocky Mountain Spotted fever & help him heal from it & get back to normal & be healthy & happy again. Watch over the human of Shaun & Shane Ladd & family with the Lyme's Disease & may he heal & return to good health. Help Agnes Dad get well soon too & heal the one who was in the serious car wreck. Thank you God for watching over all our furiends.
Purrs & Mreows, Lilly Cat

C@T = Special thanks to Agnes & family for visiting Billie Bob's place for us @ P*I*F & letting them know that our computer was down so that they wouldn't worry about us. Thanks too for contacting Charlie & Lexi & others by paw mail & letting them know our computer was down. We really appreciated it!


Dogster Junction Gangster & 1920's Costume Party & Other- Things

August 25th 2009 8:25 pm
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Will meow about the play weekend with the cats another entry & about certain other things. First we got to go to this funtastic furbulous Roaring Twenties costume party @ Dogster Junction this weekend & look at my costume! Isn't it great & don't I just look absolutely beautiful as Bebe Daniels in that great FEATHER hat & fur coat? Oh, all night I kept expecting the birds to rematerialize from that hat as it just smelled so delicious! The birds would have been such fun to chase around even at the party & just know the guests would have loved it but guess the birds were either already deceased or that the feathers were just sacrificed for my catabulous hat! We had such fun at that costume party too! Bear the beautiful black cat gave out party favors and had wonderfur lobster & other food & we had favors of dish detergent to get furs to slide around & motorcycles to break holes in the wall, but most just preferred to throw meatballs & the bacon wrapped was it sausage balls? Especially at Maxi the dog who started it by picking on Georgie & hitting here with meatballs although she did say she just opened her mouth & ate them! The angel dogs seemed to have such fun flying over Maxi's head & pelting his hard hat & umbrella with meat balls. Don't know why he had on a hard hat & not a costume but Maxi is kind of a strange dog. The costumes were great flapper costumes & some furs drove to the party in their only for the rich luxury cars from that time great old 1920's cars! We had raids by undercover Feds called G Men in those days as Prohibition was raging & liquor couldn't be manufactured or sold & no one could drink it, were supposed to dump it if they had it! Caused the rise of gangsters & organized crime said Mom as they were the suppliers & runners of liquor. We were at a speakeasy which was one of those places in the 20's with the door peep holes & the dancing & jazz & the liquor where people drank openly & feared raids by all kinds of law! We got raided more than once & fur flew as all the furs cat & dog hid out or took off! Just the most fun party!

Will save the cruise & other things for another entry when I meow again. Mom needs some good coffee because it has been a very long day. At least the dogs have gone back to sleep. Okay, now I need to get back to my nap on the table -- yes, Morse has one table & I have the other & Mother isn't even fussing & won't let Mom fuss at us either. The tables are covered for now with sheets and full of boxes so part of the time we're actually hiding out in the boxes of papers & old things they're going through & that's why no one is fussing since they only eat at the kitchen table for now. They say they have lots more things from storage to go through & so we're helping -- in a way....
Sweet dreams & Purrs, Lilly Cat


But Mom, you're a Cat Person!!!!

August 18th 2009 12:29 pm
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Okay so here's what's happening Mom: you just got so caught up in dog world that you forgot that you started out as a cat person, wolf howls aside or maybe you realized you were both but the dogs or one at least got here first & you got so caught up in dog world & all that Dion the CatDog was doing that you just lost the fact that you're a cat person -- and I reminded you of that first. No one wanted me & I drove you nuts at first but just like Crow (Crow Raven) & actually just like Takoda Crow I chose you as my person. I baffled you & took you about a month to get used to me & love me & hurt me that I was such an annoyance to you & that you just tolerated me & looked to the day that you found me a more permanent home a forever home, but the minute Rob borrowed Leah at first really annoying Mother, I knew that I was home. Eventually in a shorter time than it took you to know, Mother knew that I was your cat. She watched the way I jumped to your shoulder & perched like a bird & said Leah is still my cat, but that's your cat -- and I knew I was & that she had accepted me. She accepts that Leah is safe with Rob for now but has made him understand that Leah is not his cat that he is just guarding Leah for her. Mother made Rob promise that he would give Leah back one day. Rob has another Calico & he will come to love her -- very strange little Rex Calico cat not with the huge Rex ears but the ears are growing & with a strange little head. He took her in, gained permission to keep her & she is driving him just wild & nuts because she is the strangest cat he has ever met even stranger than me he says. Yes, I am a baffling strange cat but I am part Rex & part Oriental along with my domestic cat part and so I'm a bizarre one & I trill & I coo & make the strangest cat noises you've ever heard & if you're in the room with me & I feel that I'm not getting enough attention why I just have to yowl & howl & trill at the top of my little cat lungs which are still growing & I will get louder. Then you come & bend down & let me jump up on your shoulder & perch & ride around until I can find a place close to you where I can lay down & I'm fine.

Yes, I chose you as my person Meli Mom & too bad if you had other cats planned for the future because I was determined that you would love me & now you do. My person. I chose. I'm the cat & we like to choose our people & I chose you. Daddy Rob really wasn't satisfactory just couldn't understand but ha! ha! ha! You have one of those inscrutable Rex cats & soon you & your lady love will have an Oriental & I'll have my cat revenge on you Daddy Rob!

Need to go check on Mom -- like to keep an eye on her. Still very jealous of Morse cause Mom just adores that big guy but I'm getting my long tail wrapped around his paw. He's learning to like me more, a little more each day. Crow Raven already adores me, so no problems there. Takoda Crow likes me & he will get to stay at times. Think it really annoys Mom that Mother is deciding things about the cats. Oh, good sleeping weather -- it's just pouring down rain & thundering & lightning so time for a nice cat nap & yes, I actually do sleep sometimes.
Sweet Dreams, Lilly Cat


NO! Not being shut in anywhere! YOWL!

August 13th 2009 3:05 am
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Yowl! Yowl! YOWL! Mreow yowl yowl howl! Let me out of this room! Pawing at door in a panic, hysterical yowl crying! Mewing. Mew Mreow. Mew. Let me out! Clawing door & sticking paws under door trying to pull it open. How did you block the door? Getting paws into door crack from top of tv by door & pawing door a little open only to have it slaw close (tied shut w/ springy panty hose) -- no Mother you don't need a little piece & quiet. I want out! NOW! YOWL! YOWL! Yowling so loud that lady next door comes over missing Meli Mom in the yard to ask if I'm okay & so Mother opens the door to let me out to show her to her. She doesn't come in but I get to go to the door & she pets me & tells me what a pretty little lady cat I am & yes, her cats would be upset too if they had to be locked in a room while someone cleaned the floors. Mother was trying to mop the kitchen floor & I kept playing with the mop & trying to ride it! Whoa was that fun being pushed back & forth across the floor on the mop! Didn't much like the fact that the mop was wet but that ride made it worth it! Neighbor lady told Mother she was outside putting her towels out to dry from her swim exercise class older lady like Mother but maybe older, & putting some trash in the can & she could hear me just yowling my head off in that room & could see me running around & jumping to the air conditioner & clawing at the window and on top of the tv when she stood on back in her yard just pawing & pawing at the door & yowling & mreowling to get out! So she wanted to let Mother know as maybe I needed some water or something. Mother told her no, that I just hated to be locked in anywhere. Lady said so did her cats & they enjoyed pouncing on the mop like it was a game any time she or anyone else mopped her floors so she understood because sure did make it hard to mop with cats getting in the way! Mother went outside & sat on the porch with her & they talked but she put me down & I had free run of the house again. Mom came in & didn't fuss at me too much & Mother & the neighbor lady called what I was doing calling cat 911 & they said really I should save that one for worse emergencies.
YOWL! Lilly Cat


In Costume Already! Robin Hood's Science Fiction Party!!!!

August 7th 2009 1:21 am
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Looking forward to Robin Hood's big Science Fiction party @ Dogster Junction and I'm already in costume & some of the rest of us our due to all the problems some had with their firewalls (probably the same brand won't say which but seems to be so far) & Windows Vista DEP (Data Execution Prevention) not wanting to allow the photos to load up! Treated the photos like they were a threat to the existence of Windows Vista that the operating system might die if the photos got loaded so Mom & others struggled to load photos two separate times separate weeks for parties and cruises and said this time some of the photos would be loaded way in advance so at least so of us could enjoy the party while they struggled to get the rest of us changed into swimsuits or costumes or whatever so I get to wear my lovely vampire costume for at least a day & a half and I'm happy cause Mom says I look very pretty in the costume and others who have seen it said so too! Hoping that King Arthur attends but he says their people are slow with new pics and he has to have a costume or he's not going!

The party is a big Science Fiction themed party @ Dogster Junction. It will be this upcoming Saturday August 8th, 2009 @ 5 p.m. Dogster Time so if you know Robin Hood or know furiends of Robin Hood or are in groups with Robin Hood or want to know Robin Hood the link is below to copy & paste into the address bar and so is the invitation so that you can view it. Science Fiction and says Star Trek, Star Wars, favorite vampire, and any other Science Fiction character so it's a costume party! Yea! It's in the social club @ Dogster Junction & you don't have to join because it will be open for that night, but you could join too and we just joined within the last week, but you don't have to join!

Thomasina is a vampire like me and a very beautiful vampire lady cat but the others are mainly Star Wars & Star Trek characters and Caelian Kian's photo is strange like him, his costume I mean and is very Outer Limits literally.

Mreow Yowls & Zoomies to you, Lilly Cat
Dogster Junction nda13/cute%20cat%20or%20dog%20pics/scifiinvite.jpg

Invita tion to Robin Hood's Big Science Fiction Birthday Bash Costume Party @ Dogster Junction


The Wonderpurr Paw It Forward Pool Party for Lil Sassy

August 6th 2009 1:22 am
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Had such a great time on Sunday & the afternoon fun seemed to end just far too soon! We went to a Pool Party & Cook Out at P*I*F for Lil Sassy who had tried to have one the previous weekend but it didn't work out so she rescheduled for Sunday and it was just great fun! Great friends, food, music and fun in the pool! We splashed around in the pool and played around the pool and it's always so much fun zooming around too! Angel dogs swam and flew overhead and so watched over us and then we got out and ate and there were great things a huge feast but the biggest hit with us cats was some Beer Butt Chicken that Hershey the normal chef / cook at Billie Bob's Fambly Meeting Place where the party was held cooked the night before on the grill and left in the 'frig for us to heat up and it was just purrfect! The other most wonderpurr thing there was the salmon stuffed crab cakes and this shrimp plate with different kinds of shrimp though some of the dogs and cats really raved about the was it triple cheeseburger that Dino made as he made the things that I really liked. Dino the furhusband of Lexi was our Deejay and played bunches of Beach Boys music so if anyone wanted to dance they could. Didn't think I would be dancing but at the end of the night a beautiful big orange tabby named King Arthur asked me to dance! Then he sent me a rose yestfurday with a sweet note! Mom says that I'm too young to date seriously but that I can dance with him at parties so I'm happy.

Well won't purr about what I'm doing here until next entry, but purrs to you and have a very purry meowy day!
Zoomies to you, Lilly Cat

C@T = Forgot to thank the great orange tabby King Arthur for my lovely rose & the sweet note! Can't wait until the next party!


Trillings & Cooings & Mreowings & Murrrings

August 2nd 2009 4:19 am
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My noises don't bother Meli Mom but she does say that I make the strangest sounds of any cat that she has ever had and that she has had some cats in her time that have had very strange meows but nothing like mine and she has never had a cat that is as noisy as me! I can't stand it when I can't find anyone because I love to be near people and other cats and the dogs and if for some reasons the dogs are asleep and Mother is napping but I can't find her and Meli Mom is out of view and the cats rooms doors are closed so that I can't visit them, I go absolutely bonkers nuts crazy mad wild! I can't stand it and I have to trill and coo and yowl and mreow and carry on as loud as I can until someone comes to check on me and then all is right with the world and I have a dog or person to follow around again! This is what drove Daddy Rob mad about me and he didn't understand that if he is in the room and I can't get into the room that locking me out of the room and leaving me in the whole big house just wasn't going to work! Can't stand that either cause I have to know that I can get into any room in the house as well as out of it. So I would mreow and trill and cat coo to get out of the room and he would put me out and lock the door and so I couldn't get in and I would trill and coo and yowl and mreow to get back in and claw the door and try to paw it open and then once I was inside even with him in there he would close the door and the whole ritual would start all over again. He just didn't understand me at all! Meli Mom says she doesn't much understand me either but she does understand that I cannot stand to be closed into or out of anywhere in the house though I have learned to respect Inspector Morse's space and he and I are learning to get along. Well, time to escape into the room with Takoda Crow again because I'm closed out so will cat coo again at you later.
Zoomies to you, Lilly Cat

C@T = Thanks to Edwina (Eddy) & Emily for the lovely great multicolor beach ball which I will bounce off Crow's head if he really bounces a beach ball off me! All in fun of course!


Lilly Kallita

July 19th 2009 3:57 pm
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The kitten's name will be Lilly Kallita (Lilly Kalli) and her nickname will of course be Silly Lilly too! More later but just needed to say that one! Daddy Rob says that it should be a tradition or so he says now to name a Calico female cat something that contains Callie or can have the nickname Callie. She is very definitely a Calico Rex and both her parents were Rex cats though Meli Mom says she doesn't think either one is a Calico (but of course not!), so he has a new zoomie cat to drive him crazy although he says she plays well very well with BabyCat Calliope. HISS! HISS! HISS! Just had to get that out of my system! I'm part Rex (-- my Mother actually was part Rex and part American Shorthair and my Dad was an Oriental) and you didn't get along with me dear my dear! Jealous thing! Okay need to wash and groom for awhile so more meows later.
Lilly Cat

** Yes, both of my parents have been found too! My Mom was feral and whackos let their male Oriental roam around and he bred with my Mom and of course, I am unwanted! OH no not a cat that has a crossbreed feral cat Mom like their cat isn't mainly going feral because they leave him outside so much! They can't stand his constant yowling! **


My New Mom!!!!

July 19th 2009 3:20 pm
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For now we won't go into my breed but Daddy Rob & some of his friends have found the humans of my Daddy Cat and I am a rare sort of cat cross. My Mom was a feral cat and later I will tell you what breeds I am but look at my face and you know I'm not a domestic short hair or American shorthair and I'm a cross of two strange breeds. One of my parents has papers. Don't even think of stealing me! Yes, on my photo it says Mom's new cat. Daddy Rob will be catsitting Leah for awhile. He brought her back to Meli Mom's house and oh my cat Crow went absolutely berserk just hissing and carrying on and having a major catniption hissy fit and so did Leah! Mother will get Leah back for awhile but she says that Crow and Leah had been getting into little tiffs and she will get to see Leah but what the devil has gotten into Crow? We get along just fine. Daddy Rob told Meli Mom he was already going to give me to her because BabyCat and I just couldn't get along permanently and she and Leah have adjusted to each other. No, she is not becoming Daddy Rob's cat but he will catsit her for awhile and bring her over sometimes. He has a new kitten that he truly found and he tracked the owners and they gifted little kitty cat to him and she will be called Lilly something and Silly Lilly instead of me because although I still have the zoomies, I am growing up. Daddy Rob has had this other kitten and just wanted to see if he could find the owners before keeping her and he had zero intention of ever giving her away and I hate her! BabyCat loves her. She is a Calico Rex and her parents have papers, so Daddy Rob's first valuable in a different way cat because she is worth a great deal of money and her humans could have sold her but they're not breeders and she and her brothers & sisters weren't planned -- no, they weren't planning to have their cats spayed or neutered (oh, I know boo! hiss!) because they are Rex cats, but they're not cat breeders. Their pet service (that's a big boo! hiss!) person stole a couple of their kittens and one got away and they think both got away and that they will get the other one back. They're only a few months old these lovely kittens. He was trying to take my name back but then he decided he will choose a new name with Lilly in it and her nickname will be Silly Lilly -- and Meli Mom my new Mom (like I didn't choose her whether she knows it or not and you know often we choose you) has taken to calling me Lilly Cat so my name may be Calia Lilly but I am Lilly Cat and I go through calm stages at Meli Mom's because I just love those dogs! Mom got her camera working again and Mother had taken the battery out of the camera and didn't tell her! But she still missed me riding for brief time periods on Pinto's back by the time she figured out wait is the battery even in this camera? Then she & Mother argued and Mother pointed out her ankle is injured and we won't even go into how she fell in the yard but wasn't her fault or the dogs or the cats or Meli Mom's but just not gonna go there right now. This neighborhood is crazy town is all I have to say about it! Daddy Rob says well at least I've had my shots! Yeah well what's that got to do with it? You know you want to keep me Meli Mom and Daddy Rob will take good care of Leah for Mother until some time in the near future and she visits enough! And wow, you have another cat! Mom is grumbling something about endless shifting around of cats and disrupting households... but she is petting me and I get to perch on her shoulder like a parrot and walk around! I also get to sleep with the Mother person and watch her and sleep on the back of the couch when she takes a nap while watching tv and Meli Mom says she is going to have to figure out how to make me understand that certain places are off limits though I got the message about the stove when she kept spraying me with the water gun! I do NOT like the water gun, but I will save that one all about that stupid water gun and I help Pinto Paint go after it! I am making Dion The CatDog understand too that I will sleep right against her any time I feel like it!
Zoomies to you! Lilly Cat

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