Khao Manee Cats

Khao Manees are friendly, outgoing cats that love to interact with people. They get along well with kids and other pets. They are intelligent and playful, and need stimulation to stay happy. Because they are closely related to the Siamese breed, they can be vocal.

Khao Manee

Khao Manee Pictures

  • Khao Manee cat named Esmeralda
  • Khao Manee cat named Kitkat
  • Khao Manee cat named Kittie
  • Khao Manee cat named Odyssey ChaWee of Ayshazen
  • Khao Manee cat named Kitkat
  • Khao Manee cat named Guru
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Ideal Human Companions

    • Families with children
    • Singles with other pets
    • First-time cat owners

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Trademark Traits

    • White coat with blue or odd-colored eyes
    • Active and playful
    • Loves attention
    • Not recognized by any U.S. registries

Things You Should Know

Some Khao Manee are deaf or partially deaf, a characteristic that often comes with a white coat and blue eyes. Khao Manee cats are active cats and need plenty of attention. The breed is considered rare.

Khao Manee History

Khao Manee fanciers consider this breed to be the original royal cat of Siam. The breed was developed in Thailand hundreds of years ago. They were guarded fiercely in Siam, and could only be owned by royalty. It wasn’t until 1999 that individuals of this breed left Thailand. The first were sent to the U.S., in the care of Colleen Freymuth.

Freymuth began a breeding program for the Khao Manee, which is still a rare breed in the U.S. The breed is not yet recognized by any U.S. registries.

The Look of a Khao Manee

All Khao Manees are born with a pure white coat. They have two blue eyes, or one eye that is blue, with the other either green or amber. Their bodies are of medium size and bone structure. They have a wedge-shaped head and ears that are medium to slightly large.