Changing the credit card on my account?

I need to change the credit card on my Catster Plus account but can't find anywhere on the site on how to do this. Help! I went to my account page…

ASKED BY Pedro on 7/11/12
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How do I retrieve my posts?

How do I retrieve my posts? I am searching for a question/comment/answer I posted regarding Goose and traveling on a plane a few weeks back. I…

ASKED BY Goose on 4/4/11
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I have not been able to log in for a couple weeks. I click the log in at the top of the page and nothing. I use Firefox?

When I click either the "Log In" words at the top of the page, it does absolutely nothing. I have a feeling it is because I use the Mozilla Firefox…

ASKED BY Rocky on 1/27/11
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♥ Socko ♥

Do you need CatsterPlus to have background music for your profile?

My human wants there to be nature music on my profile but doesn't know how. She also does not know if you need CatsterPlus to do this or not.

ASKED BY ♥ Socko ♥ on 9/6/10
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Mr. Big (Angel)

How do I make a rainbow bridge for my dead cat?

My old cat Mr. Big passed away a few months ago and it's really sad. However, I would like to create a rainbow bridge for him. Please help.

ASKED BY Mr. Big (Angel) on 8/28/10
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♥ Socko ♥

Is it possible to make a special wallpaper for your cat without upgrading to CatsterPlus?

I want to give my kitten Socko a cool tiger stripes wallpaper, and possibly some other kind of wallpaper for my other two cats. However, I'm not on…

ASKED BY ♥ Socko ♥ on 8/22/10
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Guest Member Since

I can't find where to fill the hometown info?

I cant find anywhere on my account where to fill out hometown? I looked under every link I can, even "Human Profile" and there is no option to fill…

ASKED BY Member 1001301 on 8/20/10
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