A grain-free wet food Zeus will love?

Hello Catsters! Zeus is 8 years old and new to fussiness. We switched him to a grain-free diet a year ago when we switched ourselves (his health…

ASKED BY Zeus 2 weeks, 2 days ago
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Guest Member Since

How do I put my healthy 11 month old kitty on a healthy diet? I don't know the caloric amount for a teaspoon of wet food?

Please help: my healthy 11-month old needs to lose some weight. I am giving her the proper amount of dry food for her diet, but 1) I have no idea…

ASKED BY Member 1217112 3 weeks, 5 days ago
TAGGED diet, wetfood, dryfood, cat IN Food & Nutrition


Safest raw meats to feed instead of wet canned food?

What are the safest raw meats to feed cats instead of canned wet food? This would be a supplement to dry food. Our cat gets 2 small wet meals a day…

ASKED BY Mo on 2/22/14
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Does my Kitten eat too much?

I just adopted little Artemis not even a week ago, and as far as I and his previous owner have determined, he is about 6 weeks old. He's very playful…

ASKED BY Artemis on 7/6/13
TAGGED overeating, kitten, adopted, help, food, wetfood IN Other Food & Nutrition


Clark is a seven month old kitten. And he looooves to cuddle. He kneads and sometimes gets my arm all wet when he kneads?

He usually kneads and licks? my arm and the soace where my arm meets the rest of me. His kneading doesn't hurt because I trim his claws. And his…

ASKED BY Clark on 6/18/13
TAGGED kneading, licking, wet, cuddle IN Kittens


What should I feed my 8 week old kitten I rescued?

I am currently feeding Kiki Meow Mix for kittens and little cans of wet food. Is that nutritional for a kitten? She's really skinny so I'm trying to…

ASKED BY Kiki on 6/16/13
TAGGED food, skinny, hungry, meowmix, wetfood IN Pet Food

JB Paws

How much wet cat food should I feed my cat a day?

I'm switching my cat over to wet cat food. I need to know how much I should give him a day so that he stays on a healthy diet, is full, and healthy.

ASKED BY JB Paws on 5/10/13
TAGGED wetcatfood, diet, healthy IN Food & Nutrition


My cat hates wet food, but I heard that cats NEED it. Is this true? If so, what can I do to get it into her diet?

My 2 year old Kara hates wet food of any kind that I have tried. But she will eat almost any dry food I put in front of her. I try to read labels…

ASKED BY Kara on 5/9/13
TAGGED food, wet, dry, diet, health IN Pet Food

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