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Can I give my kitties anything to help keep their teeth clean in transition?

Hi! Just starting to incorporate more wet and dehydrated raw into my kitties' diet. Main goal to go all raw within the year. Slow process especially…

ASKED BY Member 1249431 on 7/18/15
TAGGED teeth, tartar, wetfood IN Other Food & Nutrition


What is a budget friendly grain free wet cat food, for a kitten about to move to an all wet diet?

Right now I am feeding my boys a mixture of Natural Balance Ultra Dry, and Natural Balance Ultra Wet cat food, due to some loose stool, I am looking…

ASKED BY Charles on 2/16/15
TAGGED food, wet, nutrition IN Food & Nutrition

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Can't Afford Wet Food and Picky Kitty?

I have had my lovely kitty since she was 7 months old. She is now about 3 and has always been on dry food. She is on Blue Buffalo Indoor dry food…

ASKED BY Member 1221022 on 8/2/14
TAGGED wetfood, vs, dryfood, budgets, picky IN Other Food & Nutrition


A grain-free wet food Zeus will love?

Hello Catsters! Zeus is 8 years old and new to fussiness. We switched him to a grain-free diet a year ago when we switched ourselves (his health…

ASKED BY Zeus on 3/30/14
TAGGED grainfree, grainfree, wetfood, refusingfood IN Pet Food

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How do I put my healthy 11 month old kitty on a healthy diet? I don't know the caloric amount for a teaspoon of wet food?

Please help: my healthy 11-month old needs to lose some weight. I am giving her the proper amount of dry food for her diet, but 1) I have no idea…

ASKED BY Member 1217112 on 3/20/14
TAGGED diet, wetfood, dryfood, cat IN Food & Nutrition


Safest raw meats to feed instead of wet canned food?

What are the safest raw meats to feed cats instead of canned wet food? This would be a supplement to dry food. Our cat gets 2 small wet meals a day…

ASKED BY Mo on 2/22/14
TAGGED food, wet, wetfood, feeding, supplement, raw, feeding IN Food & Nutrition


Does my Kitten eat too much?

I just adopted little Artemis not even a week ago, and as far as I and his previous owner have determined, he is about 6 weeks old. He's very playful…

ASKED BY Artemis on 7/6/13
TAGGED overeating, kitten, adopted, help, food, wetfood IN Other Food & Nutrition

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