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Pet Service cremated my friend's cat without notification so she could have their offered service or viewing?

After having her cat for over 20 years, having her pass away was a very traumatic experience for my friend. To start out with, the service she went…

ASKED BY Member 861864 on 7/29/09
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Is there a way to unblock images from computer?

Ok, I know this is a really weird question that barely has something to do with catster, though I was wondering if anyone would know, but I accidently…

ASKED BY Twister Sam (Always with me) on 7/4/09
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I'm new.. How can I veiw the profiles I made for my cats, the same way another person would view them?

I'm new to catster.. I created profiles for my two cats, but didn't add photos yet.. Anyway, how can I view their profiles (the way they'd look to…

ASKED BY Member 512391 on 10/10/07
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