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How effective is the distemper vaccine?

About 3 weeks ago I adopted a kitten that unfortunately ended up having distemper and only lived for a few days once brought home. He was kept in a…

ASKED BY Member 1231039 on 8/4/14
TAGGED parvo, distemper, vaccine, parvovirus IN Vaccinations

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My kitten had his first vaccine but isn't eating?

My kitten got his first vaccine and I know that within the first 24 hours it's normal that they don't have much of an appetite. He got his first…

ASKED BY Member 1203933 on 12/11/13
TAGGED vaccine, food, appetite, kitten IN Vaccinations

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Fur clumping/bump after vaccines... normal or not?

My 4 year old black, outdoor cat recently (3-4 weeks ago) got his annual vaccines. He requires 2 extra for being an outdoor cat and he received the…

ASKED BY Member 1192791 on 10/3/13
TAGGED vaccinations, vaccines, clumping, pain, fur, tumor IN Vaccinations

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4 month old kitten acting very calm, sleepy and uninterested after vaccinations, dewormer and ear drops. Is this normal?

Hi all. My 4 month old kitten has been acting very sleepy, calm and uninterested in the things she typically enjoys. She is usually a very active…

ASKED BY Member 1154878 on 2/12/13
TAGGED kitten, vaccines, behavior, calm, sleepy, dewormed, uninterested IN Health & Wellness

Pangur Bán

My kitten mystified the entire staff at the emergency vet. Has anyone seen or experienced these neurological symptoms?

I have two kittens, 14 weeks old, who were given to me by a friend's neighbor. Their parents and siblings are healthy. The boy, Pangur Bán, is the…

ASKED BY Pangur Bán on 10/30/12
TAGGED distemper, cerebellarhypoplasia, vaccine, neurologic, neurology IN Health & Wellness

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What to expect at the vet's office?

I rescued to cats (sisters from different litters) about a year apart. I didn't have an ABUNDANCE of money at the time, but I knew that my house…

ASKED BY Member 1129039 on 9/3/12
TAGGED vet, vaccine, health, checkup, wellness, price IN Vaccinations

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Which vaccines does my "formerly" stray 1 month old kitten need?

I found my kitten in an alley about 2 months ago and she was 4 or 5 weeks old then. She hasn't had any vaccines yet just her ears cleaned and a bath…

ASKED BY Member 1128268 on 8/29/12
TAGGED vaccines, prices, vets IN Medications

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