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My cat got peed on by a stray cat and is covered in turd! what do i do?

My cat went outside when I wasnt home. when i got back she was hiding under a box in the backyard with a bigger male cat standing over her, she was…

ASKED BY Member 1243498 on 3/8/15
TAGGED cat, stray, feral, urinate, outdoors IN Other Behavior & Training

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I have a 6 month old kitten with nerve damage to her bladder and anus from a tail injury (tail was amputated)?

We have seen two vets, the first said there was nothing we could do, I'd just have to live with it. The second said that we could try Proin, a…

ASKED BY Member 1232108 on 1/6/15
TAGGED injury, tail, nervedamage, kitten, urinary, urinate IN Health & Wellness

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I'm thinking of rescuing a male cat from the shelter, but our Grandmother believes the cat here now will spray?

Our Grandma has the notion that if the only other cat in the house 'Duchess' even gets a whiff of a new cat-she'll start urinating all around the…

ASKED BY Member 1143329 on 12/2/12
TAGGED cat, male, seperation, introduction, female, urinate, adoption, help IN Bringing Your Pet Home


My cat prefers to urinate in the bathroom sink instead of using her litter box. Does anyone know why?

I have 2 female cats, both spayed. Each has their own litter box. I remove waste from the litter boxes twice a day and change the entire litter box…

ASKED BY Roxy on 5/22/12
TAGGED urinate, kittylitter, litterboxes IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Cat will urinate but not defecate in litter box?

ASKED BY Member 1081273 on 1/1/12
TAGGED urinatenotdefecateinlitterbox IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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14 year old indoor cat won't stop peeing on the carpet?

14 YO, male indoor cat, no claws, just started to pee in the house. Just on carpets, unstairs and down. He still uses his litter box. I scoop…

ASKED BY Member 1003194 on 9/5/10
TAGGED pee, male, urinate, carpet IN Behavior & Training

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One of my cats is peeing the cat bed?

we have two female cats- both 8 months old and spayed. one of them likes to pee outside the litter box. She usually goes in the box. Her favorite…

ASKED BY Member 930642 on 12/15/09
TAGGED pee, urinate, cat, bed IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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