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How do I transport a litter of kittens safely in a carrier?

I foster litters of kittens for a local shelter, and lately the strain of carrying the mama cat and 3-6+ growing kittens in one (very large…

ASKED BY Member 1140346 on 11/6/13
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Hey Catster community, I was wondering if anyone knew of any resources to transport owned cats? (Besides planes)?

I recently learned one of my co-workers at the shelter I work at had to leave her cats back home in Maine when she moved here to work. Currently…

ASKED BY Member 1170764 on 5/17/13
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Transporting newborn kittens?

Hi everyone, I responded to an ad where someone is seeking an immediate home for her momma cat & newborn kittens because they are moving. I'd…

ASKED BY Momo (1/2/08 - 8/3/11) on 5/5/11
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Can someone help me find transportation to get"Lola" from Jacksonville,FL to Chattanooga,TN?

Why can I not find "Lola" the siamese on Catster after I said I would like to adopt her? My daughters grew up loving and being loved by our…

ASKED BY Member 648160 on 12/14/08
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