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What is the process of kitten eye color changes?

Ok so I hi guys! I'm new and have just adopted a kitten that is now between 8-10 weeks old. He weighs 2 lbs. Anyways, when I got him they said he…

ASKED BY Member 1242436 on 2/15/15
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I need help with de-fleaing my two eighteen week old kittens URGENTLY?

My kittens are eighteen weeks old and I need help de-fleaing them,I need to know what things to use and how to use them,they love to scratch and…

ASKED BY Member 1133290 on 9/28/12
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My male cat loves boxes & something spooked him with his. Now he meows in fear & acts scared all the time. He is not the?

Our vet thought he might have heard something outside that scared him but it wasn't that it was something with his box. This has been going on for…

ASKED BY Member 1119726 on 7/9/12
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What can I do to help my cat relax and return to using the litter box?

Hello! My cat, Stu has developed quite the attitude in the past few months. She is just over a year old now. She refuses to use the litter box when…

ASKED BY Member 1071038 on 11/15/11
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Can I use human eye drops for my kitten's eye?Cause my kitten has some kind of problem. PLEASE READ THE DETAILS. For mor?

My mom said to use it cause we have more delicate eyes. But I'm not sure. My kittens eye is also having lots of slimy stuff in its eye's and its…

ASKED BY Member 548419 on 6/30/09
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Is there any over the counter medicine for kittens with weepy eyes?

My nieghbor has a 10 week old kitten, and it has runny eyes that seem to close up and have to be wiped and cleaned often.He does not have the money to…

ASKED BY Member 637568 on 6/30/08
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