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The hair at the tip of my cat's tail is really short. Any idea why? See details for more info?

Hi, I have an indoor male cat who is about 4 years old. The tip of his tail, around the last inch, doesn't have regular hair like the rest of him…

ASKED BY Member 1246880 1 week, 2 days ago
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Do some cats with long tails have longer tails than others?

ASKED BY Member 1246823 1 week, 3 days ago
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I have a 6 month old kitten with nerve damage to her bladder and anus from a tail injury (tail was amputated)?

We have seen two vets, the first said there was nothing we could do, I'd just have to live with it. The second said that we could try Proin, a…

ASKED BY Member 1232108 on 1/6/15
TAGGED injury, tail, nervedamage, kitten, urinary, urinate IN Health & Wellness

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Cattail in the cat litter?

I have a Birman (possibly mixed), medium longhair, approx. 9-12 mo. old, adopted 2 mos. ago. I've been using Dr. Elsie's Precious crystal litter for…

ASKED BY Member 1197837 on 11/5/13
TAGGED catlitter, taildragging, litterboxtraining, soiledtail IN Pet Products

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Recently I brought my female cat to the vet because she was acting strange. We later found out that she took an asthma a?

She is a female cat. She is overweight. And she was recently brought to the vet because she had an asthma attack.

ASKED BY Member 1182730 on 7/28/13
TAGGED tail, female IN Health & Wellness

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My cat I missing and has been missing since 15 December 2012 . He is a boy cat 7-9 months . Will he come back . Is this?

My cat Roo is missing . He has been missing since the 15 December . He is 7-9 months old . He was a lovely family cat and was not likely that he would…

ASKED BY Member 1149890 on 1/14/13
TAGGED missing, cat, help, details IN Adoption & Rescue

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Have an abandoned kitten who has a very short broken tail. What would be a good name? I saw on TV's Big Cat Series that?

My kitty's tail is short and broken (I think) and then curves around to cover her privates. Her tail is only about 4 inches long. I need a GREAT name…

ASKED BY Member 1145371 on 12/15/12
TAGGED shorttails, brokentails IN Breeds

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