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My kitten may have a cold, and I want to know if I can help with the symptoms. Any ideas?

My 3 month old kitten has cold symptoms. He's got a stuffy nose, gunky eyes, and he's sneezing. He's not wheezing, and has a strong appetite still…

ASKED BY Member 1201603 on 11/26/13
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Princess Puss

My cat has a stuffy nose. She reminds me of myself when I have a cold/sinus/allergy problem?

She sounds like she needs to blow her nose. Her lungs sound clear, she's not wheezing. (I often curl up and lay my head on her little chest…

ASKED BY Princess Puss on 12/1/12
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My cat has chronic respiratory infections. Her eye has a clear discharge and she has a runny nose?

I have already taken her to the vet at least twice with this problem. And after a shot of antibiotics, she won't take them any other way, she gets…

ASKED BY Member 352724 on 2/27/10
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My 6 month old cat has a stuffy nose and is sneezing. She doesn't have red or runny eyes. What do I do?

No red or runny eyes Sneezing a lot no coghing breathing through nose heavily I just adopted her Acting normal

ASKED BY Member 784372 on 12/29/08
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