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I have a six month old blind cat and have been having a really hard time litter training her?

She uses the litter box sometimes but usually does her business on my floor. I use a litter called Cat Attracts that suppose to help her find the…

ASKED BY Member 1208811 on 1/10/14
TAGGED litter, litterbox, blind, blindcat, specialneeds, training IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Advice on Taking Care of Newborn Runt Kitten?

In need of some advice! My family has just had a mama cat (her first litter) give birth yesterday to a litter of 8 kittens. All the kitten are very…

ASKED BY Member 1170108 on 5/13/13
TAGGED runt, kittens, advice, help, specialneeds, kitten IN Kittens

Buzz n Bucky ADOPTED!!!! :-)

I need to add the email address for our adoption coordinator for a cat...what is the html coding?

Hello, Caster, I need the html coding for inserting a email address on a Catster page so that queries o Bucky n Buzz can go directly to the…

ASKED BY Buzz n Bucky ADOPTED!!!! :-) on 5/30/08
TAGGED specialneedsadoption IN Shelters & Rescue