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Please Help! Need advice ASAP! Mother in Law wants to Bring cat! Our cat hates cats?

Our mother in law has a big black declawed (front paws) cat. And my mother in law and sister are moving into our tiny two bedroom until we can get…

ASKED BY Member 1221022 on 5/4/15
TAGGED fight, hate, territorial, bite, scratch, kick, anger, dominant, space, battle IN Behavior & Training

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My cat has developed a habit. He sleeps on anything new. Whether it be a piece of paper on the floor or new shoes?

He's an old cat. 15 years old. Really healthy. No issues. Just losing mobility gradually. If I leave something on the floor its guaranteed hell be…

ASKED BY Member 1212107 on 2/19/14
TAGGED occupyingnewspaces, hoarding, lying IN Other Behavior & Training


How much space to foster a mom+litter in?

I'm looking to foster a litter of kittens with a mom. I have a 13 year old male cat at home already, so I need to figure out how to keep them apart…

ASKED BY Princess on 11/11/13
TAGGED fosterlitter, kittens, fostering, space IN Kittens

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Will a cat adapt to a small apartment?

I am interested in adopting a cat from a rescue but foster parent has a nice size two story house and I live in a 450 sq ft studio. Will the cat go…

ASKED BY Member 1140532 on 11/13/12
TAGGED apartment, small, space IN Other Health & Wellness

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I tried to find the comment section so I could tell you what I wanted if I won the blanket?

The space I found would not let me type in it. If I win, I would like the red, white, and blue made with cotton yarn. These colors will look so good…

ASKED BY Member 1117223 on 7/4/12
TAGGED catblanket, giveaway, commentspace IN Contests and Fun

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10 (or so) year old cat very sick?

He has been vomiting green thin phlem type substance, little spurts of diarrhea which sometimes doesn't even bother to go to the box. He seems…

ASKED BY Member 1109079 on 6/16/12
TAGGED sick, vomit, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargic, dehydrated, lazy, spacedout IN Other Health & Wellness

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My 9yr old Maine coon sleeps at my head every night how do I stop this?

ASKED BY Member 1092514 on 4/12/12
TAGGED sleep, space IN Maine Coon

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How much space does a cat need?

I am thinking about adopting a cat from my local shelter but I do not know if my apartment is big enough. It's only 550 sq. ft. Is this enough room…

ASKED BY Member 1007832 on 10/13/10
TAGGED space IN Health & Wellness

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