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I have a 7 yr old Maine Coon rescue cat who sprays DAILY. A breeder used him for 5 years to breed,then dumped him?

I have a neutered rescue cat who sprays daily. He originally belonged to a breeder who used him for 5 years, then got rid of him,giving him to a pet…

ASKED BY Member 1141154 on 11/17/12
TAGGED spraying, scared, socialized, urine, marking IN Behavior & Training

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How do you draw out an unsocialized but attention craving 5 y/o neutered cat?

We just got back a cat that family members had technically stolen from us, and he is so shy now. He is afraid of coming out from the bathroom. He…

ASKED BY Member 996230 on 7/9/10
TAGGED shy, afraid, unsocialized, possiblyabused IN Socialization