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6wk kit on 0.2ml 2xd, seems allergic - drool, mouth breathing, eyes swollen, etc. Withold dose until I can talk to vet?

I have a 6wk kitten that I got after the SPCA he was at had a fire. We were emergency fosters but have decided to adopt him. The fire was Monday…

ASKED BY Member 1248915 on 7/5/15
TAGGED sixweeks, smokeinhalation, antiinflammatory, clavamox, drooling, sneezing, mouthbreathing, swolleneyes IN Health & Safety

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Black Smoke Show Cat?

I have a black smoke Devon Rex show/breeder cat and I want to know what I can do to keep her coat black, other than trying to keep her out of direct…

ASKED BY Member 1248704 on 6/29/15
TAGGED black, blacksmoke, showingblackcats, showgrooming, maintaincoatcolor IN Grooming

   Toki Wartooth

Does anyone have an opinion on my cat's possible breed(s)?

We found Toki when she was just a 4-week-old kitten, lost and alone, so we really have no idea what her parents might have looked like. Almost a year…

ASKED BY Toki Wartooth on 6/16/14
TAGGED breed, longhair, blacksmoke, tufts IN Breeds

   Toki Wartooth

Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on my cat's possible breed(s)?

She has slightly tufted ears (not on top so much, but inside), tufted paws, long thick fur, and a long fluffy tail. Her paws seems pretty small…

ASKED BY Toki Wartooth on 6/9/14
TAGGED breed, eartufts, pawtufts, longhair, darkbrown, blacksmoke IN Breeds


My pictures aren't all showing up. I uploaded them all the same. Why is this happening? What can I do about it?

The pictures of all my cats didn't show up. I uploaded them all the same. What can I do to get them on here?

ASKED BY Smokey on 2/13/13
TAGGED smokeysbuttpicturewontupload IN The Catster Website


How can I share a picture of my cats butt? Where and how, please?

I had an offer, in my email, to be able to share the picture of my cat's butt. It took me to this website, here at Catster, where I have other…

ASKED BY Smokey on 2/13/13
TAGGED smokeysbutt IN The Catster Website


I need help my cat loving peeps. Im coming to grips with Clyde being a regular household breed but ..…

I still believe he's a certain breed that I cant figure out. At first I thought Persian Himalayan mix then someone said maybe mainecoon since he has…

ASKED BY Clyde on 1/5/13
TAGGED help, breed, color, kitten, chocolate, point, smoke, mainecoon, domesticmedhair, smoke IN Breeds


Secondhand Smoke: Silent Killer Hurts Pets, Too?

Health officials often talk about the dangers of living with a smoker, but few pet parents are aware that our animal companions face similar…

ASKED BY Sabre on 4/24/09
TAGGED secondhandsmoke IN Health & Wellness

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