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My old friend has had two seizures?

My 17 y/o cat has had two seizures in the last week and a half. After the first one he seemed pretty normal, but today he had a second one and he…

ASKED BY Member 1237859 on 11/22/14
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Austin Valentino loving memory

I am suffering from the loss of my beloved cat and my question is How can my cat be his normal happy self and then the v?

Austin was 16 years and 10 months old and has been diabetic for 6 years. He was totally stabilized on his insulin and he has been doing perfectly…

ASKED BY Austin Valentino loving memory on 12/7/13
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My cat just came out the litter box and began frothing and shaking uncontrollably. whats wrong with her?

I plan to see a vet tomorrow morning

ASKED BY Member 1147438 on 12/30/12
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My cat has constant muscle spasms, and no one knows why?

He has been having full body spams for a month now. He's had x-rays, bloodwork, and epilepsy medication. Nothing has shown up, and nothing has helped…

ASKED BY Member 1111714 on 5/20/12
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Baby Charlotte

What causes seizures in cats?

The vet found nothing wrong with Baby Charlotte, but she has a seizure about every six months. They generally last about ten seconds and she seems…

ASKED BY Baby Charlotte on 6/28/11
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What are some type of seizures?

my himalayan cat female 11 yrs she was laying next to me and I went to pick her up and her body seemed to be stiff and locked up her face went down to…

ASKED BY Member 996300 on 7/9/10
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Is it possible that my cat ever fully recover from the seizures she has had or will these effects be permanent?

My cat recently had a seizure. It lasted for at least 5 minutes. I took her to the vet and they did some neurological tests on her and drew blood…

ASKED BY Member 898063 on 10/7/09
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Kinky Norma

Does anybody else have epilepsy?

I am a year and 4 months old. A few months ago I started having awful episodes my mom and the vet determined were seizures. They said I have…

ASKED BY Kinky Norma on 8/19/08
TAGGED epilepsy, seizures, phenobarbital IN Alternative Treatments

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