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Please help me to take the best care of my Cullen without upsetting him?

Any advice or tips welcome. My cat loves playing outside but he has injured his pelvis/leg and the vet has told me I have to keep him in 1 room…

ASKED BY Member 1259562 on 5/5/16
TAGGED pelvis, legs, cage, immobility, vet, sadcat, depression, anxiety IN Other Behavior & Training


Can my kitty be trained to know when I'm sad?

I struggle with a couple of mental illnesses such as depression and Anxiety and I would like to know if it was possible to train my kitty to know when…

ASKED BY Selina on 7/7/15
TAGGED sad, know, train, kitty, cuddle, calm IN Methods of Training

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I took my 14 yr old cat, Princess, in to the vet's with a slight ear infection. Vet said he cleaned her ear really, rea?

the vet is giving her subcutaneous fluids with B vitamins, an anti-nausea shot, steroid, and this has been 2 or 3 times now, they gave her a small amt…

ASKED BY Member 1247508 on 6/2/15
TAGGED earinfection, tresadermdrops, vestibularissues IN Health & Wellness

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Why won't my cats not be gross about the litter?

32lbs loki male fixed giant sometimes runny poops, cant clean own butt, poops 4+ times a day, leaves poop drops and stamps all over the…

ASKED BY Member 1237806 on 11/21/14
TAGGED pottyproblems, poop, mean, pee, sad IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Is it time to euthanise ?

Im so sad, i rescued a female cat 3 month ago we named her Samanta (we dont know her real age) she was wounded and weak, we took her to our…

ASKED BY Member 1230346 on 7/26/14
TAGGED help, sad, cat, illness, euthanise IN FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)


When is it the right time to euthanize your cat? Is it ever?

My angel's been vomiting constantly for months and even began pooping on the bed though he is has always been very clean. Yesterday he was hiding in…

ASKED BY Miniño on 10/27/13
TAGGED dying, euthanization, moralorimmoral, sad, old, vomiting, zerocatlivesleft IN Health & Wellness

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How do I get over the guilt of having my cat put down.…

My cat (we think 16 or 17) has had problems for the last year or so with bowel control. We watched him for any signs of discomfort but he continued…

ASKED BY Member 1194272 on 10/13/13
TAGGED grief, loss, sadness, death, euthanasia, petloss, needhelp IN Health & Wellness

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I have a one year old domestic short hair who is a very clingy kitty?

Hi there, I have a one year old domestic short hair who is a very clingy kitty! She's constantly following me around the house 'chatting' to me…

ASKED BY Member 1193876 on 10/10/13
TAGGED clingy, meow, behaviour, lonely, sad, cat, cats, moody IN Behavior & Training

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