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Chinchilla breed?

Hi, i can not find the chinchilla breed on here and was wondering what they would be like with my precious ragdoll and my 3 young children. Does…

ASKED BY Member 1224195 on 5/1/14
TAGGED chinchilla, withragdoll, withchildren IN Breeds

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Siamese Himalayan mix? Ragdoll mix?

Hi guys, Recently adopted a rescue kitten. Can you take a look at her photo and let me know what breed she is? Her fur is very soft, does not…

ASKED BY Member 1158718 on 3/10/13
TAGGED siamese, himalayan, mix, ragdoll, breed IN Breeds

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I am a photographer and work most of the days. I am stuck between getting a Ragdoll kitten and a Russian Blue kitten?

I would be able to come home once or twice during the work day depending on my schedule, but other than that, I live in a decent sized apartment and…

ASKED BY Member 1149696 on 1/12/13
TAGGED russianblue, ragdoll, apartment, work, help, breeds, kittens IN Other Kittens

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Is a ragdoll good for me?

No one is in the house for 9h in the day. Im desperate for a cuddily, fluffy cat but my worry is if Ragdolls can be trusted in the house by itself…

ASKED BY Member 1148640 on 1/7/13
TAGGED independent, cuddly, fluffy, cute, lap, kitten, house, desperate, worry, ragdoll, ragdolls, trust, trusted, in, the, itself, im, worried, it, will, scratch, down, about, getting, but, is, this, good, for, me IN Ragdoll

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Which breed is for me? I'd like your opinion :) & Persian/Ragdoll?

I'm looking for a relatively small cat that will be a good cuddle mate for me. I live with my family but I want a cat that will be solely mine, like…

ASKED BY Member 1148504 on 1/6/13
TAGGED persian, ragdoll, britishshorthair, new, kitten, whichbreed, help, opinion, advice, size, friendly, cuddle IN Breeds

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