They drank motor oil...I need help?

First of all I need to say this I'm talking about dogs and little 5 wk old puppies. Ok now I was over at my friends house and I noticed she had 3…

ASKED BY Bijou on 8/18/10
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Diablo (Didi)

Question to all gardeners with outdoor cats yours or neighbors). What keeps me out but won't hurt my puppy sister?

Ok... I'm one of 4 cats, 2 of which goes outside. My Papa has this garden you see, and since papa wasn't using this garden these past few months, I as…

ASKED BY Diablo (Didi) on 3/21/09
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Guest Member Since

I have a 9 month old pitt who when he was born had a big brother cat. That kitty has since passed so i jus got a new?

kitten that is 12 weeks old. My question is this: my puppy approaches the kitty with tail wagging and ears back, he dosen't show his teeth or growl…

ASKED BY Member 759797 on 10/27/08
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