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My cat is still looking for the laser dot-any way to fix this?

I read the post on the laser pointers a few hours too late, after opening the laser pointer that came in the care package for my recent adopted…

ASKED BY Member 1235679 on 10/14/14
TAGGED laserpointer, play IN Health & Wellness


Can someone help me out please? Am I a chocolate point or a seal point?

I was told I was a chocolate point (as it says on my profile), but I'm quite darker than just a milk chocolate (maybe I'm a dark chocolate?) Anyway…

ASKED BY Abbey on 12/12/13
TAGGED siamese, chocolatepoint, sealpoint, siamesecats, pointcoloration IN Siamese

Two kittens not sure of names

Hello, I just joined Catster and I'm about to bring home two adorable Siamese kitten rescues. What breed are they?

Hello, I just joined Catser and I'm about to bring home two adorable Siamese kitten rescues. I have attached a photo of my new kittens. They will…

ASKED BY Two kittens not sure of names on 10/14/13
TAGGED siamese, point, type IN Breeds

In Memory Of Nila P

Still Blue Eyes?

MY cousin's friend's neighborer's cat got pregnant when someone broke into the house and she got out through the window. She had three kittens, and…

ASKED BY In Memory Of Nila P on 8/1/13
TAGGED blueeyes, pointed IN Other Kittens

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What is this strange pressure point just under their ears, near the neck/jaw?

Two of my cats are brothers, and they both are susceptible to a pressure point just under their ears, near the neck/jaw. All i need to do is touch…

ASKED BY Member 1157452 on 2/28/13
TAGGED pressurepoint, scratch IN Scratching


I need help my cat loving peeps. Im coming to grips with Clyde being a regular household breed but ..…

I still believe he's a certain breed that I cant figure out. At first I thought Persian Himalayan mix then someone said maybe mainecoon since he has…

ASKED BY Clyde on 1/5/13
TAGGED help, breed, color, kitten, chocolate, point, smoke, mainecoon, domesticmedhair, smoke IN Breeds

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Medium hair flamed point & blue eyes?

any idea what breed/mix my cat could be. He looks like a ragdoll/ragamuffin or even a maine coone/siamese mix... He is around 14lbs, medium long…

ASKED BY Member 1102743 on 3/28/12
TAGGED breed, mediumhair, blueeyes, flamepoint IN Answers

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Can you help me identify my new kitten's breed(s)?

This is Pele a 10 week old snugglufagus! We just adopted her from a local non profit, and she's such a doll. I'm asking about this only out of…

ASKED BY Member 1082457 on 1/6/12
TAGGED breed, identify, himalayan, bluelynxpoint, cute IN Kittens

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