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I got a kitten that's about 8 weeks old. I found her laying on the ground, her eyes were caped up, ants were on her butt?

I've had her for a week and two days now. She's getting stronger all the time but she still hasn't started walking on her back legs. She moves them at…

ASKED BY Member 1176785 on 6/23/13
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My cat did something weird?

My cat did something weird. She had been sleeping under the bed, when she came out I picked her up and put her on my bed, but she seemed paralyzed…

ASKED BY Member 1088213 on 5/27/12
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Should I get Nibs neutered?

I have both Zimmy and Gir neutered, and this has been a "debate" with the fiance for a little bit of time. We are both talking about the pro's and…

ASKED BY Nibs ~*~Rainbow Bridge~*~ on 3/29/09
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Nibs ~*~Rainbow Bridge~*~

Shaving a kitty's nether region?

i know i have been asking alot of questions, but you guys are amazing with the help you give :) now onto my question, Nibs is paralyzed in his back…

ASKED BY Nibs ~*~Rainbow Bridge~*~ on 3/27/09
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We have a cat who was paralyzed after an enema was performed by our Veterinary service. Has anyone ever heard of this?

She's been that way for over 2 years now and Vets have said it's a neurological problem. Scottie can move her feet, but can't stand or walk.

ASKED BY Shamrock on 3/31/08
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