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One of my cats, the oldest, Buster, started freaking out and meowing randomly earlier tonight. He'd wander around, meow?

This has never happened before and my whole family finds it extremely odd and somewhat frightening. He seems to wlk into the bedroom and sniff the…

ASKED BY Member 1247611 on 6/4/15
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Confused by crazy rescued kitten behavior? Is my cat bipolar?

I rescued and 11 week old 3lb kitten from a condemned house 3 days ago. Today I took it to a vet and found that it has an upper respiratory infection…

ASKED BY Member 1239818 on 12/29/14
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My cat would put a sock in her mouth and carry it near me while meowing horribly only during my 4 pregnancies. Curious?

She never had her own litter and wasn't taken from her litter too soon. She would also guard their crib until they were older and meow horribly if…

ASKED BY Member 1228204 on 6/6/14
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My 6 mo. old kitten was once very affectionate and now won't come near me. He was neutered 2 wks ago. What should i do?

Lincoln was the most affectionate cat ever, constantly kneading and licking and purring. Now he won't even sleep on my bed!

ASKED BY Lincoln on 7/1/08
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