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"How do you stop a cat from meow loudly in the morning?"?

[From the daughter's point of view] My cat Missy starts meowing very loud at like 5:00am. What should I do?

ASKED BY Member 1094168 on 2/22/12
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I wonder why my kitty keep on meowing when i'm outside and she is inside? the meow sounds so loud and exaggerating to me?

does it mean that she wants me? but when i come to her, she simply ignore me! but when i ask for a kiss, she'll kiss me on the lips by her nose…

ASKED BY Member 1085203 on 1/17/12
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My cat meows and purrs sporadically throught the day and night-especially after we go to bed...and wakes everybody up...including the neighbours..Help me! I need him to be quiet at night?

I let him in my room...on my bed...give him love...water, food, clean litter...and everytime I say any words to him he purrs and meows back...he is…

ASKED BY Member 852389 on 7/6/09
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