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My neutered cat is acting strangely, like he's not neutered?

I have 2 male cats. 1 is one yr and nine months old (neutered), the other is 4 months (non neutered). My neutered cat got fixed when he was 7 mnths…

ASKED BY Member 1229872 3 days, 20 hours ago
TAGGED neuter, notneuter, behavior IN Behavior & Training

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Is it a snowshoe?

6 months ago I adoppted a cat but i never knew what breed it is. Recently I discovered the description of the Snowshoe breed. My cat fits in all the…

ASKED BY Member 1229288 2 weeks, 5 days ago
TAGGED breed, snowshoe IN Breeds

♥ Daisy Green ♥

Two of my cat's codes disappeared and when I try to re enter them for the designed backgrounds ect that we had before, t?

two of my cat's codes disappeared and when I try to re enter them for the designed backgrounds ect that we had before, they keep disappearing, odd why…

ASKED BY ♥ Daisy Green ♥ on 6/24/14
TAGGED codesdontstayinnow IN The Catster Website

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Having hard time weaning 31 day old kitten. Currently on KMR 2nd stage. Gobbles down from bottle. Wont eat from bowl?

Orphaned from 2 days old. Has been eating from bottle without problem but seems oblivious to bowl. Teeth are in, eyes are open, very alert, follows…

ASKED BY Member 1228020 on 6/4/14
TAGGED wonteatfrombowl, difficultyweaning, wonteliminateonown, dayoldkitten IN Food & Nutrition

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How long does kitten stay homesick?

New kitten brought home today. Seems very stressed, not eating. How long does stress behavior last, and how long before I should seek medical help…

ASKED BY Member 1227702 on 5/30/14
TAGGED newkitten, noteating IN Bringing Your Pet Home


What is this minor ear birth defect?

I would like to adopt a blue-silver tabby Turkish Angora kitten with a minor birth defect which causes his ears to appear notched or tipped. Please…

ASKED BY Annabelle on 5/8/14
TAGGED ears, notched, birthdefect, tippedears IN Other Health & Wellness


What are the brown spots on my cat's nose?

She has a pink nose and now small brown spots appear and disappear. My Vet did not explain it when I showed it to her. Should I be worried as her…

ASKED BY Dusty on 4/15/14
TAGGED brownspotsoncatsnose IN Health & Wellness

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