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Cat recently diagnosed with CRF?

I am new to this. I took my cat the the emergency vet last Sunday because he suddenly stopped eating and drinking and started vomiting up foam. They…

ASKED BY Member 1049926 on 7/27/15
TAGGED chronocrenalfailure, crf, hydration IN Illness & Disease

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My cat rubs her nose raw by pushing against the mesh sides of her carrier. How to prevent this from happening?

She tends to get stressed out in the carrier and pushes her head against the sides of the carrier. This makes her nose raw; it even started bleeding a…

ASKED BY Member 1249234 on 7/12/15
TAGGED carrier, travel, nose, bleeding, stress IN Other Behavior & Training


Can my kitty be trained to know when I'm sad?

I struggle with a couple of mental illnesses such as depression and Anxiety and I would like to know if it was possible to train my kitty to know when…

ASKED BY Selina on 7/7/15
TAGGED sad, know, train, kitty, cuddle, calm IN Methods of Training

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Leaving cats home alone on July 4th?

I live alone with 3 cats and I want to go out for fireworks tomorrow night but i'm worried about leaving my 3 cats here terrified. Part of me wants to…

ASKED BY Member 1248882 on 7/3/15
TAGGED fireworks, noise, homealone IN Fears & Phobias

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My female cat keeps squirting her pee right outside litter

My neutered 5 yr old female cat steps inside of her litter box, squats a little and shoots her pee right outside of her litter box. I got so sick and…

ASKED BY Member 1247934 on 6/10/15
TAGGED urine, peeing, annoying, eeww IN Urine Marking & House Soiling


Help! What kind of breed do you guys think he is?

Any guess what kind of breed he is? I was speculating that he might be a Japanese bobtail. He has no tail but there is a bit that is shaped like…

ASKED BY Milky on 6/5/15
TAGGED breed, japanesebobtail, help, male, notail, domesticshorthair, spots, confused, kitten, cat, whatbreed, helpneeded IN Japanese Bobtail

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My cat has developed a small black bump on the top of her nose. Should I be concerned?

A week ago my cat developed a small black bump on the top of her nose, about 2mm in diameter. She seems to be her normal self, no other…

ASKED BY Member 1246947 on 5/20/15
TAGGED bump, nose IN Health & Wellness

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