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I am moving for a month to my male cat to my parents house where my first female cat lives?

So some years ago while I was living w my parents I adopted Luna. Since I left my parents house she got really attached to my dad but no longer care…

ASKED BY Member 1191517 on 11/26/13
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Moving out! Any advice?

My husband and I are moving out to my mom house during the time our house is being build (one year). We have two cute kittens (both male neutered…

ASKED BY Quindim on 7/20/11
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Moving to new house, and introducing new cat. Male and female with different ages?

Hello, My friend and I are moving into a new house in 1 month, I have a 7 year old spayed female. She has a 2 year old neutered male. My cat has lived…

ASKED BY Luna on 3/13/09
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My cat just moved to a new house and hasn't used the litter box yet. How long should I wait?

It's been three days since we moved to a new house, and she's been assigned a new brand of kitty litter, so I'm thinking she might not know it's a…

ASKED BY Member 746906 on 10/4/08
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