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Newly adopted 1.5 year old cat will not eat. Xray shows all intestines pushed to one side. Anyone experience this?

At the shelter, they told me she had not been eating but had started to eat. Turns out, this was not the case. She has acclimated 100% well to my…

ASKED BY Member 1216182 on 3/15/14
TAGGED anorexicanorexiaanxietynoteatingstomachfoodintestinesnewcatshelter IN Health & Wellness

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One cat hisses till the other attacks. Help?

So my cat and I moved in with my mom and her cat and there's been problems. Her cat will hiss at mine every time she sees her and at first mine…

ASKED BY Member 1208360 on 1/8/14
TAGGED newcats, hissing, attacking, chasing, fighting, females, aggression, cats IN Aggression

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That New cat smell?

I was talked into adopting a cat from an elderly woman. She is a 2 YO spayed tortie female and she is friendly to humans but not other cats. We have…

ASKED BY Member 1190018 on 9/15/13
TAGGED newcatsmell, marking, saferoom IN Adoption & Rescue


My little female 1 year old cat will not accept the new 6 year old large male we just adopted?

Adopted female 6 months ago, very small 1 year old. 3 weeks ago we adopted a large young male and the female will not quit screaming or hissing at…

ASKED BY Hope on 9/8/12
TAGGED catfighting, newcats IN Aggression

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Issues with 'Newish' Cats, Territory, Socialization and Anxiety! Help?

Several months ago, I adopted two new cats from the humane shelter [a boy, a girl]. They have both acclimated very well with my other cat [8-9] but…

ASKED BY Member 1127892 on 8/27/12
TAGGED cat, cats, anxiety, socialization, social, help, adopt, new, newcats, youngcat, oldercat, attacks, attack, avoidance IN Behavior & Training

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I have a 5 year old Abyssinian who is fearful of everyone. I am thinking about getting another cat/kitten?

Any suggestions on whether it would/would not be a good idea? My house is 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1200 sq. ft.

ASKED BY Member 987572 on 5/17/10
TAGGED newcats, existingcats IN Choosing the Right Pet

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How do I get my old cats to get along with the new cat that I have brought into the home?

I have had two cats both Himilayans for the last 10 years. Recently my neighbor pasted away and I took one of her cats. This cat has one eye and…

ASKED BY Member 664253 on 1/28/09
TAGGED cats, socialization, introducingnewcats IN Socialization

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My boyfriend's cat has NEVER been around other animals, but we're about to move in together and I have 3 cats of my own?

I've seen some great advice on introducing new cats on this site, but my situation is a little strange because my bf's cat has never been around other…

ASKED BY Member 293848 on 8/10/08
TAGGED moving, introducingnewcats, lessstressfullmoving IN Car Travel

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