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I have a year and 6 month old cat Lucky, he was a very inquisitive cat and got into everything and wasn't ever bothered?

He had never seen a frisbee before but he has seen different things and has never been this afraid of an object before not even the vacuum. I did…

ASKED BY Member 1164341 on 4/9/13
TAGGED nervousanxiousjumpy IN Fears & Phobias

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Mama's boy kitten meows and "talks" a lot?

One of the kittens I recently adopted (along with the mama) has always been sort of a "mama's boy" and scaredy cat, but now that he's a bit older…

ASKED BY Member 1140346 on 12/20/12
TAGGED fear, scared, anxiety, nervous, separation IN Other Behavior & Training

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MY cat licks himself until he bleeds. Help?

Please help. For as long as I've had my cat he's been a licker. He's 5 years old. He is almost always cleaning himself. Granted, cats are suppose to…

ASKED BY Member 1142316 on 11/26/12
TAGGED skin, bleeding, nervoushabit, licking, grooming IN Skin Problems


Does anyone know of something that I can give to my 10 yr old grey tabby to help ease her anxiety?

She was first in our family,and has always been the Queen B. We have since added other kitties,and she has handled them all very well.Until…

ASKED BY Kevin on 10/21/12
TAGGED nervous, anxious, older IN Health & Wellness

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How do you encourage a 2 year old cat to be less afraid?

My cat Dream icicle (nick named DC) is a 2 year old, not neutered male. He has this tendency to startle easily. He can be lying next to you and the…

ASKED BY Member 1130009 on 9/9/12
TAGGED scaredcat, nervouscat, lessafrad IN Behavior & Training

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What should I do about my old cat hiding since I brought a new cat home?

I just brought home a new male cat about six months old. I have two female cats already who grew up together, they are two years old. I did a slow…

ASKED BY Member 1121771 on 7/21/12
TAGGED newcat, oldcat, hiding, nervous IN Health & Wellness

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What can I do to help my cat relax and return to using the litter box?

Hello! My cat, Stu has developed quite the attitude in the past few months. She is just over a year old now. She refuses to use the litter box when…

ASKED BY Member 1071038 on 11/15/11
TAGGED litterbox, socialization, growling, nervous, tense IN Socialization

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