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How do I stop my cat from waking me up 3 times a night?

My 3 year old male/neutered cat was put on a diet by his Vet 6 months ago for UTIs and Weight Management. For the last 3 months, he has done…

ASKED BY Member 1232144 on 8/17/14
TAGGED sleep, whining, crying, needy IN Behavior & Training

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I adopted a cat 12 days ago and it's not working out so far. He is needy and seems bored with me. He won't let me sleep?

He is 3 years old and came from a family of four that had a second cat. He is now living with just me in my one-bedroom apartment. I work and I am…

ASKED BY Member 1104304 on 4/5/12
TAGGED meowing, sleep, needy IN Noisiness


I think my kitty is depressed?

My kitty Versace (15 months old, male, neutered) has seemed depressed for the last few days. He is normally very active and playful, but it seems…

ASKED BY Versace on 9/12/10
TAGGED depression, clingy, crying, needy, sad, moping, sleepy IN Other Behavior & Training

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Have trouble getting cat to go outside?

I have a very sweet bengal cat mix. He is about 15 weeks old. He really loves being around people, which I think is terrific, but sometimes, I…

ASKED BY Member 894779 on 9/28/09
TAGGED outdoors, outside, needy IN Separation Anxiety

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Our kitten is just too needy?

We adopted our kitten when he was 2 months old from a lady who was going to have him and his brothers put down because she didn't want them and the…

ASKED BY Member 864694 on 8/5/09
TAGGED needy, kittens, crying IN Behavior & Training

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My cat gave birth 5 days ago she seemed liked the perfect mama but i've noticed that she seems to want to stay away from?

she seems to be staying away from her babys a bit to much and shes jumpy like every noise scares her she seems to be eating ok and always needing to…

ASKED BY Member 847130 on 6/18/09
TAGGED jumpie, distant, needy IN Fears & Phobias